He does not give his mother time to reach the hospital: a child born at home

Happy event on Saturday morning in Zevio, when a little one decided to come to light with a certain “haste”. The woman, in her second pregnancy, was rescued at home by the 118 staff, who arrived by ambulance and helicopter after receiving the request for intervention: there was no time to take her mother to … Read more

After the Viral Child Abuse, the Gresik Police Chief and the Sidayu Police Chief Compactly Apologize

GresikEast Java – Police Chief Gresik AKBP Mochammad Nur Azis apologized to the people of Gresik regarding the statement police chief Sidayu Iptu Khairul Alam who stated that he was related to the case viral man kissing childis not a abuse sexual. The Khairul Police Chief’s controversial statement was conveyed to a number of journalists … Read more

Child pornography, the businessman arrested for exchanging pictures of his underage daughters

A 48-year-old Roman businessman who exchanged images and videos of his youngest daughter to be admitted to an exclusive child pornography group was arrested in the act of crime by the postal police of Rome. With him a 26-year-old young man from Viterbo found in possession of large child pornography material and a 32-year-old Roman … Read more

Epilepsy, recognize the characteristics and syndromes that often occur in children

loading… Epilepsy is a disorder of the nervous system that makes people have seizures for no reason. DOK SINDOnews’ photo JAKARTA – Epilepsy is a disturbance in the system nerves which makes people have seizures for no reason. Not only occurs in adults, epilepsy can also occur children . Quoted from the Hopkins Medicine website, … Read more

The child prodigy boldly admits: (I slept with Adel Imam more than my husband, and this is what he did to me inside the pool) .. That’s how I spoke without being ashamed.!

The Miracle Child.. the icon of Egyptian cinema.. the beautiful screen.. Nicknames given by critics and the public to the star Lebleba, as well as many other nicknames. Lebleba was born on November 14, 1946, in Cairo. Her real name is Nyuchka Manouk Kopelian, and Abu Al-Saud Al-Ebiari called her “Lebleba”. The beginning of her … Read more

Accident in A1 today, a child among the injured: haywire traffic and queue kilometers

The accident occurred at kilometer 183 of the A1 Milan-Naples motorway around 4 am in the section between Modena Sud and Valsamoggia, then closed in both directions. The toll is one dead and six injured, including a child. Involved in the crash a car and two heavy vehicles. At a first reconstruction, one of the … Read more

I wonder who this child grew up to become one of the most famous stars of art.. She got the title of beauty queen, but luck betrayed her and she lost her beauty and her distinctive faint voice in a strange incident?!!

She entered the world of art and acting, through a friendship relationship with the Egyptian director, Youssef Chahine, who introduced her to his former assistant, Khaled Youssef, to participate in the movie “Kalmni Shukran” in 2010 with the Egyptian artist, Ghada Abdel Razek and the Egyptian artist, Amr Abdel Galil. It is Houria Farghali, Houria … Read more

Year-old boy force-fed by his cousin, his mother is hysterical when he sees the child in critical condition

A mother cried hysterically when she saw her son was in critical condition, it was strongly suspected that the 4-year-old boy had been force-fed with methamphetamine by his cousin. SERAMBINEWS.COM, KUALA LUMPUR – A mother cried hysterically when she saw her favorite 4-year-old son in a critical condition. The mother did not expect her son … Read more

Child Elon Musk wants different last name to ‘not be connected to biological father’ | entertainment

The request for the name change was also about the first name of the eighteen-year-old, who is transgender and therefore now wants to be called Vivian. In the petition, she describes the reasons for her request for a new first and last name as her gender identity and “the fact that I no longer want … Read more