Shooting at the Aubiers: “Lionel was a child like the others,” says his parents’ lawyer

“Everything we have imagined is the result of prejudices when it affects certain neighborhoods”, affirms master Yann Herrera, lawyer for the parents of Lionel, death under the bullets during a shooting in the Aubiers district, in Bordeaux, on Saturday January 2. After the arrest of five young people in the days that followed, four of … Read more

Hailee Steinfeld: from child actress to streaming favorite

It was December 2010 and a rookie Hailee Steinfeld was waiting to join Jeff Bridges and brothers Joel and Ethan Coen in promotional events for the acclaimed western. nerves of steel. Her biggest role to date, that of a 14-year-old girl who hires the services of a decadent bailiff to avenge her father’s death, would … Read more

It took Apple 3 years to cut ties with Suyin Electronics, which employed child labor

It seems that the controversy with Apple has no rest, and now we find out that the Cupertino giant knew 3 years before cutting off relations that Suyin Electronics, its supplier of components for MacBooks, employed child labor. This was revealed The Information, who says that Apple found out in 2013 that this Chinese company … Read more

El Niño and La Niña, two phenomena that weigh on the global climate

Both phenomena are related to temperature fluctuations in the central and eastern Pacific Ocean, at the height of the Equator, and associated with changes in the atmosphere, according to the World Meteorological Organization (WMO). The name El Niño, which could refer to the baby Jesus, was used for the first time in the 19th century … Read more

Apple knew Suyin Electronics employed child labor 3 years before severing their relationships

Today we echo the working conditions of the supply chain of the Chinese company Suyin Electronics, which supplied key components for the manufacture of the MacBooks. As revealed The Information, Apple learned in 2013 that this company was employing underage workersDespite telling Suyin to broach the issue or risk losing the business, Apple discovered additional … Read more

A famous actor from ‘El Barco’ is going to be the father of his first child and the fans have become nostalgic – Children

Despite the difficult year we’ve had And while we try to overcome all the challenges that lie ahead, the Kings have already arrived and many have received gifts that have changed their lives. This has been the case for one of the protagonists of our favorite series ‘El Barco’. Javier Hernandez who plays Piti will … Read more

What could the first prize in the El Niño draw could invest in? | My finances section

Once almost all the holidays have passed and the disappointment of not having been lucky with the Christmas Lottery has been assumed, the temptation may arise to seek revenge with El Niño, whose draw is this Wednesday. In the case of winning the top prize, however, have you ever thought about how you would spend … Read more

Concept for education and care in lockdown – bin: “No child and no adolescent must and may not be left behind in this difficult time”

Even in the lockdown, the day-care centers and schools will provide educational and care services. This was underlined by Lower Saxony’s Minister of Culture, Grant Hendrik Tonne, at the presentation this Wednesday. “We have a concept for education and support in lockdown. No child or adolescent must or should be left behind in these difficult … Read more

Children’s clothing that is not too small

AT 23 YEARS OLD, aeronautical engineer Ryan Yasin was researching how to compact the deployable solar panels of a nanosatellite for his master’s thesis. The challenge, explains this Icelandic resident in London, was to fold large carbon fiber structures so that they occupy only a few millimeters. Drawing on the origami technique, with which he … Read more