What do we know about children hospitalized and admitted to intensive care for Covid-19? – Liberation

Question asked by Stéphanie on January 15, Hello, You ask us about the profile of children subject to serious cases of Covid-19. For several weeks, the increase in hospitalizations and intensive care admissions of the youngest has been widely reported in the media, and sometimes used by health authorities as argument in favor of vaccinating … Read more

When vaccinating children, there should be better information for parents

“It is very likely that children who have already had corona once have a smaller chance of becoming seriously ill than children who have not yet had it,” said Bruijning. Vaccinating children The Health Council indicated on Tuesday that even now the omikron variant of the coronavirus is dominant, the makes sense to vaccinate children … Read more

Covid vaccination protects children from multisystem inflammation – ČT24 – Czech Television

MIS-C multisystem inflammatory syndrome is insidious in that it usually occurs after overcoming the covid itself, most often two to six weeks after a mild or asymptomatic infection. It is a rare hyperinflammatory disease characterized by severe conditions requiring hospitalization – it typically affects at least two important organs or organ systems. American study published … Read more

What Ana Rosa Vaz Pönicke, Ricardo Montaner’s first wife, said about the singer’s other children | celebrity | SHOWS

Ricardo Montaner He is the patriarch of one of the most talented and beloved families in Latin America. Recently, Venezuelans have been talking about the marriage of Ricky and Stefania Roitman, who celebrated their union in Argentina, along with 300 guests that included renowned artists such as Sebastian Yatra, Tini and Guayna. MORE INFORMATION: What … Read more

I am a very liberal mother. But children have clear rules, Adele Elbel reveals

“I am a very liberal mother. But I don’t like any kind of education. I give children clear boundaries and rules, because I think it is necessary to lead them and show them the way in life, “introduces Adéla Elbel a little seriously. „At the same time, I’m a big salamier and I don’t deal … Read more

Risk of myocarditis after covid vaccine in children

U.S has already published data on the Adverse effects of the vaccines against him coronavirus Covid-19 in the kids from five to eleven years. The last official report that has been issued reflects that 98 percent of the notifications received correspond to events of mild character. Refering to myocarditis as a consequence of the vaccine, … Read more

Parents beware! It is seen in children who have survived the Kovid…

class=”medyanet-inline-adv”> Parosmia, which is defined as a disorder of different odors and generally poor perception, is a side effect seen in adults with Covid. However food It is possible that this situation may not be noticed in children who are thought to be chosen. The University of East Anglia and the non-governmental organization Fifth Sense … Read more

‘Vaccination of children aged five to eleven also useful at Omikron’

Even in the current epidemiological situation in which the Omikron variant is dominant, it is useful to vaccinate children aged 5 to 11 years. This applies especially to children who have not yet had corona. Vaccination protects them against the risk of MIS-C, a serious inflammatory reaction in the vital organs. The Health Council writes … Read more

Thus Denmark separated the Inuit children from their families- Corriere.it

The failed social experiment of the former colonizers who transplanted 22 children: the victims now want compensation Helene Thiesen was 7 years old and her eyes swollen with tears when, aboard the MS Disko ship, she wondered why her mother had decided to send her away that sad day in 1951. I was so heartbroken, … Read more

The anti-abortion positions, the affairs of the Finnish husband, the 4 children: who is Roberta Metsola, the new president of the European parliament

The youngest president of the European Parliament, 43 years just today. Roberta Metsola (her maiden name was Roberta Tedesco Triccas) is a Maltese lawyer of the Partit Nazzjonalista, married to a Finn, Ukko Metsola. Both were candidates for the European Parliament in 2009 and both were not elected. After having worked at the Maltese Representation … Read more