They used to only talk about fire while we were children in schools, they took us to the cemetery to sleep in the grave!-Video • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad Newspaper: The journalist and politician, Tawfiq Al-Khalifa, said regarding the call for reconciliation with the Muslim Brotherhood and pardoning some of its preachers who are being tried in the Kingdom. Al-Khalifa explained that there are groups that have committed many crimes in Saudi Arabia, whether communicating with the outside, plotting against internal national security, … Read more

The husband of the woman who killed their children: “Forgive Lindsay, as I did”

He has forgiven her and asks others to do so too. The story is tragic and devastating. Patrick Clancy is the husband of Lindsay, the woman who killed their children by strangling them. The woman then attempted to commit suicide. The family lived in Massachusetts. Lindsay is now in custody amid charges of murder, strangulation, … Read more

Expired vaccines for children: Anti-COVID doses expired in October were ordered to be applied in Guerrero

Written in NATIONAL the 25/1/2023 · 15:58 hs Nurses from the Ciudad Altamirano Health Center and from an ISSSTE clinic in that town decided not to apply the vaccines against COVID-19 that the federal Ministry of Health sent them for children from 5 to 11 years old because they had expired, as revealed on Wednesday … Read more

Contemporary vs Traditional Toys, Which is Better for Children?

Illustration of a kid playing pop it. Photo: Shutterstock Toy become one thing that can not be kept away from child-child. Apart from being a medium of entertainment, certain toys can also stimulate children so that they really support their growth and development. This is why children’s toys are quite important for your little one. … Read more

The kiss was wiped! The video that would show the rudeness that Piqué received from one of his children

Shakira and Gerard Piqué began their love story in 2011 and currently have two children, Milan and Sasha. The tension between the Colombian singer and the former Spanish soccer player continues as crowds follow each movement of both celebrities after their official separation in June 2022.

Dating a broker for 1 month “pregnancy without a condom”! The male star apologizes to his wife: no children will not be together | Entertainment Star News | Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Entertainment Center / Reported by Huang Yunxuan ▲ Chinese actor Song Ningfeng and his wife Zhang Wanting starred in the marriage observation reality show “Goodbye Lover Season 2”. (Picture / Recap from Song Ningfeng Weibo) Song Ningfeng, a Chinese actor who has acted in “Du Lala’s Promotion” and “Qin Shi Mingyue”, recently starred in the … Read more

Change in the vaccination of children and adolescents against pneumococcus

The bacterium can cause ear infections, sinusitis, but also pneumonia or meningitis, among other things. Based on new scientific data, epidemiological developments and the introduction of the PCV15 vaccine on the Belgian market, the Superior Health Council recommends, without preference, the PCV13 and PCV15 vaccines over PCV10. There are more than a hundred kinds (serotypes … Read more