A number of British royal rules that Princess Diana has violated, including wearing an open dress to sending children to school outside the palace

Become a member United Kingdom it’s not easy and not as beautiful as what we usually see in fairy tales, Beauties. There are various traditions to royal rules that are quite strict and must be obeyed. Even the spotlight from the media and the wider community makes the royal family have to pay attention to … Read more

Pfizer is optimistic about having the vaccine in Mexico for children and babies

Carlos Murillo, CEO of Pfizer for Latin America, is confident that the COVID-19 vaccine for children under six months and up to five years, soon this one in Mexico. “I am optimistic that we will also have it in Mexico… Now we are working to obtain authorization for children from six months to five years,” … Read more

Ukrainian refugee Sofiia (22) dumped by text message: ‘I thought we would have children together’ | Abroad

Within two weeks, Sofia had left the house where she was initially offered a bed in Bradford through a British shelter program. She then moved in with Tony with his parents after a heated argument with Lorna, the (ex-) wife of the tattooed Brit. She still takes care of the children of three and six … Read more

Marc-André Grondin wants to be a father present for his two children

This fall, Marc-André Grondin will be back in the series Reasonable doubt alongside Julie Perreault. However, the one who is now the father of two children intends to take the time to fully enjoy his family life. This obviously requires making choices, but the actor approaches this new period of his life with wisdom. • … Read more

We made a huge mistake with our two children

Hollywood actor revealed George Clooney He and his wife, British-Lebanese lawyer Amal Alameddine, made a “fatal mistake” with their twin children. He said he and Amal taught their two children, Ella and Alexander, 5, the Italian language, adding, “We made a huge mistake.” He continued, explaining that they “do not speak Italian”, and therefore, through … Read more

Trafficking in Persons Behind the ‘Father of a Million Children’ Adoption Revealed

Bogor – The story Suhendra (32) had gone viral on social media because of his social action taking care of ‘wasted’ babies. Suhendra, who is known as the ‘Father of a Million Children’, claims to have accommodated 55 babies, on average, from pregnant women without husbands. In a special interview with detik.com for the ‘Character’ … Read more

Warning to all parents, as 1 in 10 children are at risk of a highly contagious, deadly disease

PARENTS have been urged to enroll their children in vital vaccines because they are at risk of contracting a highly contagious disease. Data shows that one in ten children is not aware of their MMR vaccination. These shots help protect the little ones from measles, mumps and rubella. GPs still offer routine vaccinations and warn … Read more

The future of electric cars will be determined by children BNS Press Center

A new global survey has found that children are already driving the electric car revolution, even though they can’t get behind the wheel yet. A survey conducted by ABB, the global leader in electric car charging solutions, revealed that children not only teach their parents about environmental protection, rebuke them for unecological behavior, but also … Read more

Shakira’s lawyer BREAKS the silence after CRUCIAL meeting with Gerard Piqué for custody of their children

A couple of days after the first meeting of Shakira con Gerard Piqué after announcing their separation to touch on the subject of custody his sons where no agreement was reached, the footballer again had an approach, but now with the a lawyer from colombian, Pilar Mañéto move forward on that issue, so the defense … Read more

The Majority of Women Come to the ‘Father of a Million Children’ Pregnant Old-No Husband

Jakarta – The police revealed the condition of the woman who came to ask for help Suhendra (32) alias ‘Father of a Million Children,’ suspect in the criminal case of trafficking in persons in Ciseeng, Kabupaten Bogor, West Java. The majority of those who come are those who are not married. “Yes, (the majority) are … Read more