Guo Cheng’s new drama “My Name is Liu Jinfeng” is on the air! – China Capital Network

Source title: Guo Cheng’s new drama “My Name is Liu Jinfeng” is on the air! The costume court light comedy “My Name is Liu Jinfeng” starring Guo Cheng was officially launched on Youku Video. The play tells the story of Liu Jinfeng, who was raised in a boudoir alley since he was a child, after … Read more

Not the US, China Will Be the First Country to Bring ‘Gifts’ from Mars to Earth

INDOZONE.ID – Currently China and the United States are competing to explore space, one of which is the planet Mars. On Mars, there are two rovers currently carrying out their missions, namely the Tianwen-1 belonging to China and Perseverance belonging to the United States and Europe via NASA. After more than 1 year on the … Read more

China warns bitcoin will hit zero, but Bank of England more bullish on cryptocurrency

The Chinese government has taken advantage of the violent cryptocurrency market crash to warn crypto investors that bitcoin prices (BTC) “go to zero”. El South China Morning Post reported on Wednesday that the Chinese national news agency Economic Daily had issued a warning about the largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization to further deter citizens from … Read more

[Domestic fans explode]Many Chinese men’s volleyball teams have been diagnosed with the German team’s refusal to play and scolded China

[Domestic fans explode]Many Chinese men’s volleyball teams have been diagnosed with the German team’s refusal to play and scolded China Is it humiliating to refuse to play? At the 2022 World Men’s Volleyball League Quezon Station held in the Philippines, the German men’s volleyball team was originally scheduled to play the Chinese team on Thursday … Read more

Russian and Chinese warships ‘encircle’ Japan, what’s up?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Eight battleships Russia and China reportedly seen sailing around the waters near Japan this week. Japan’s Defense Ministry said its armed forces were closely monitoring the movements of five Russian warships led by the anti-submarine destroyer. This fleet of Russian warships sails through the Tsushima Strait which separates Japan and South … Read more

NATO will indicate China for the first time as a source of concern-

from Foreign editorial staff The upcoming Madrid Alliance Summit, in which the new version of the Strategic Concept will be signed, will address the challenges posed by China Nato for the first time will indicate the China as a cause for concern in the new version of the Strategic Concept which will be signed at … Read more

Wanda Nara reacted picnte after the leak of China Suárez’s song

Wanda Nara gave to talk in the last hours after he posted from his official Twitter account a spicy message after the leak the new song of China Suarez. “Naaaa jajajaj”Mauro Icardi’s wife wrote on her social networks on Wednesday afternoon after LAM released a part of the actress’s upcoming release. It should be remembered … Read more

Dog meat, the Yulin festival in China. The police save 386 animals, but thousands have been slaughtered-

from Alessandro Sala An illegal transport of dogs destined for slaughter in the Chinese city notorious for the fair was intercepted. In all of Asia, 30 million are sacrificed every year to become dishes They were confiscated and, in this way, they were saved from slaughter. I’m 386 dogs intended for slaughterhouse of Yulinthe city … Read more

They filter a new song by La China Suárez with references to Wandagate

Two months after launching as a solo singer, Eugenia la China Suarez works on his second single. This Tuesday they leaked a fragment of what would be the next topic and some phrases caught our attention: do you mean your escandaloso affaire with Mauro Icardi? to the air of LAM (America) Ángel de Brito announced: … Read more

In China you get a free pig when you buy a house | NOW

Desperate after the troubles at real estate giant Evergrande, Chinese home sellers are taking extreme steps to attract buyers. For example, there are companies that accept grain and garlic as means of payment. One company even gives pigs away to anyone who buys a house, writes CNN. The Chinese real estate sector has not been … Read more