Through Operation Sky Net, Xi Jinping forced 10,000 people who fled to LN to return to China

ILLUSTRATION. The NGO Safeguard Defenders highlighted three tactics approved by China to repatriate its fleeing citizens. REUTERS/Thomas Peter Source: Business Insider | Editor: Barratut Taqiyyah Rafie KONTAN.CO.ID – MADRID. A recent report published by a human rights NGO has detailed methods used by China to force thousands of fugitives to return from other countries. This … Read more

Do not be surprised! China’s New Way Against Omicron, Not Lockdown

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Chinese government advises its citizens to open packages that come from abroad using gloves and masks. This was ordered after the discovery of a case of an Omicron variant transmitted from a document. In a broadcast broadcast CCTV, the authority of the Bamboo Curtain Country said that in a situation … Read more

Slovaks will not cease and pay extra for packages from China. The post office has a new agreement

It was signed at the end of last year. It brings major news to clients. At the end of October, the General Director of Slovenská pošta, Martin Ľupták for Živé.sk statedthat the institution is trying to get Slovaks again facilitated shopping from Chinese stores. The post office therefore agreed with the Czech Post and AliExpress … Read more

In China – a nasty attack on a former Žalgiris player

In a video spread on social networks, you can hear fans repeatedly shouting an insulting word to blacks and an offer not to “get out of China”. A 35-year-old American representing Guangdongo „Southern Tigers“ Liaoning’s Flying Leopards team was attacked last Thursday after a duel. The hatred of the rival team’s fans may have been … Read more

10,000 forced return to China “fox hunting”, dispatched operatives abroad-human rights group-Bloomberg

Through an activity called “fox hunting,” China has forced about 10,000 people who are said to have fled the country to return home by means of kidnapping and pressure on their families.Human rights group Safeguard Defenders announced on the 18thReportPointed out in. According to the report, 9946 people have been deported since China’s President Xi … Read more

Refrigerator pays BRL 20/@ more for Boi China

Photo: Thiago Pereira Heated shipments, and the dispute for raw material in the field, help to keep domestic prices of live cattle at high levels; But until when? Look! The physical market for live cattle recorded predominantly stable prices on Tuesday, 18th, in all livestock markets across the country. Although the industry destined for the … Read more

Omicron variant arrives by post, China disinfects parcels arriving from North America

Packages in a logistics building near Beijing Capital Airport in Shunyi district were found to be contaminated with the Covid-19 virus, prompting health authorities to order emergency closure and testing for all staff. According to local media, Chinese and foreign couriers have promised to strictly follow virus control rules in China, including disinfecting packages and … Read more

Demonstration of power. The most powerful weapon of the US Navy appeared on Guam

The USS Nevada, an Ohio-class nuclear submarine carrying 20 Trident ballistic missiles and dozens of other nuclear warheads, sailed to the Navy’s strategic base on Saturday. It is located about 11.5 thousand kilometers from the west coast of the United States and in the “contact” distance from the Philippines and China. This is the first … Read more

In response to Yao Ming’s visit to China to invite NBA stars: Can I go to the labor camp to watch | Kanter | Boston Team | Beijing Winter Olympics

[The Epoch Times, January 20, 2022](The Epoch Times reporter Lin Yan comprehensive report) American NBA playersKanter(Enes Kanter Freedom) Wednesday (Jan 19) Responds to former NBA playersYao MingThe invitation to visit China, he said that he wanted to visit the real China, “Can I go to the labor camps (labor camps) to see.” KanterA player of … Read more

Taiwan’s Allies Will Be Zero

loading… Pedestrians cross the Taiwan flag in Taipei. Photo/REUTERS BEIJING – Taiwan has found itself with fewer allies in recent years as a number of countries shifted their recognition of the Chinese government, from Taipei to Beijing. The most recent shift occurred last month when Nicaragua recognized China. “It’s a matter of time before Taiwan’s … Read more