China’s employment situation is severe and new occupations “full-time children” are popular | new occupations | college graduates | international students

The picture shows on September 26, 2020, college graduates gathered at the job fair of Henan University of Science and Technology in Luoyang City, Henan Province. (Zhang Yixi/VCG via Getty Images△) [The Epoch Times, March 18, 2023](Interview and report by Epoch Times reporter Li Yun) The employment situation in China is severe, and a new … Read more

China’s plan becomes clear: some Russian cities are given Chinese names

The meeting of the Chinese leader with Russian President Vladimir Putin will inevitably take place during the discussion of the peace plan prepared by China, the essence of which is the withdrawal of the army from the territories of Ukraine and the preservation of the Kremlin regime. It is obvious that V. Putin will ask … Read more

German railways rely on China’s Huawei for digitization

Last December, DB awarded a contract for the supply of most of the components for its new IP network worth 64 million euros (CZK 1.5 billion) to a company using the technology of the Chinese firm Huawei. The IP network will form the backbone of a new digital infrastructure that will allow state carrier DB … Read more

China’s “three-year defeat”, is the East in danger? | blog post

“If Xi Jinping needs to undergo free democratic elections, will the Chinese people still elect him for re-election?” This is a question from the German “Daily Mirror” about China’s future. “Looking at his performance, it’s unlikely. In the first year he took office, China’s economic growth rate was as high as 7.8%, and then continued … Read more

Samsung consultant before breaking the ice in Japan and South Korea: Accelerate the marginalization of China’s semiconductors-Free Finance and Economics

Global semiconductor production is dominated by countries such as the United States, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea, and China will be isolated. (European News Agency) [Financial Channel/Comprehensive Report]South Korean President Yoon Seok-yue will visit Japan on March 16, laying a solid foundation for the alliance between the two countries, which will make China feel bad. … Read more

Li Qiang, China’s new prime minister at the press conference: the annual economic growth target of 5% needs to be redoubled |

Li Qiang, the new Premier of the State Council of China, held the first premier’s press conference on Monday (13th). He said that the government needs to work harder to achieve the annual economic growth target of 5%. getting bigger. After the National People’s Congress closed on Monday, Li Qiang met with Chinese and foreign … Read more

Li Qiang: China’s new prime minister’s “first show” at the NPC and CPPCC press conference. There are no golden sentences but a message to private enterprises and foreign capital- BBC News 中文

March 13, 2023 image source,Getty Images image captiontext, The 63-year-old Li Qiang is one of the core staff of Xi Jinping’s team. In the early 2000s, when Xi Jinping was in power in Zhejiang, Li Qiang served as its secretary-general. He later ruled Jiangsu and Shanghai. On the morning of March 13, the first press … Read more

China’s new energy vehicles cool down and overcapacity may cause layoffs in the industry | Power battery | China Innovation Aviation | Ningde era

On April 19, 2021, at the International Automobile Industry Exhibition held in Shanghai, a Weilai car was unveiled. (Hector Retamal/AFP via Getty Images) [The Epoch Times, March 12, 2023]In the past two years, China’s new energy vehicle industry has shown signs of cooling down. According to reports, many power battery manufacturers have revealed that there … Read more

Volume II Trade War, US Collaborates with China’s Main Rival in Asia

International Tommy Patrio SorongCNBC Indonesia News Friday, 10/03/2023 21:05 WIB Foto: REUTERS/FLORENCE LO Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The United States (US) is trying to deepen trade relations in the electronics sector with India. This was done as Washington continues to distance itself from Beijing, During a visit to New Delhi on Friday, (10/3/2023) US Commerce … Read more