It comes with the chip bubble and the $ 100 billion Intel plant

In addition to major expansions by TSMC and Samsung, Intel is also building huge factories, with some analysts already seeing the chip bubble burst. Intel announced last Friday that it is willing to spend as much as $ 100 billion to spend in Ohio build it the world’s largest chip-making complex. As electronics manufacturers around … Read more

Chips in cars: What should you know about them ….

Today, it is no longer possible to produce a car that does not have a chip in it. Today’s passenger cars cannot do without chips. We find them literally everywhere in the car and they sometimes have unexpectedly important functions. “The chips themselves come in many forms, and the same is true for those used … Read more

There may be interruptions in the production of memory chips

Both Samsung and Micron have warned that shutting down Xi’an due to a coronavirus could cause very serious problems in memory chip manufacturing. According to reports, this year largest The current series of infections in the Xi’an region in China represents a wave of epidemics. As a result, a very strict closure was introduced. Hirdetés … Read more

The power has fallen: the least cars in Germany have been produced this year since 1974 – Magazine – Auto

The decline in car production in Germany will be much more radical this year than in most other countries. Photo: BMW German carmakers are experiencing a large decline in production, especially in domestic factories. (In the photo photo of the BMW plant in Regensburg.) The consulting company AlixPartners estimates that approximately 7.7 million fewer cars … Read more

The chip crisis is pushing automakers to change. BMW will remove touch screens from its models

Despite the current unpleasant droughts on the semiconductor market, the Munich carmaker has so far managed to produce its vehicles for customers in principle without major restrictions. At the end of this year, however, even the premium BMW had to comply with certain restrictions in its equipment, which resulted in a certain reduction in the … Read more

Chip crisis causes first bankruptcy in the German automotive industry

The chip crisis is now claiming the first further victims in the German automotive industry: the supplier group PWK Automotive, whose headquarters are in Krefeld, has filed for insolvency. As the company announced, they have filed for bankruptcy on their own. The company is then not completely subordinated to an insolvency administrator, but should reorganize … Read more

Why are car prices not falling? Dealers are full with the SCT discount, but…

WHY IS THE DISCOUNT ON THE ZERO CAR LIST PRICE NOT REFLECTED IN THE SECOND HAND CAR PRICES? With the health concerns brought by Covid-19, people did not want to use public transportation, and the demand for vehicles was intense. When the vehicle loan interest rates, which were applied below 1 percent per month in … Read more

VW: The chip problem isn’t getting better, quite the contrary! – Magazine – Car

The number of cars that VW has not yet produced this year due to the chip crisis represents a “higher six-digit number”. Analysts estimate that up to five million cars will not be produced globally because of it. Photo: TASR/AP The VW Group did not produce hundreds of thousands of cars this year due to … Read more

Chip manufacturer: The supply situation is not improving, on the contrary – People – Economy

The solution to the semiconductor crisis is in sight, the new European factory will not help solve the situation. Photo: TASR, Matthias Balk German chip maker Infineon says the solution to the semiconductor crisis is in sight. Problems with global chip supply have worsened in some sectors. Current trends, such as teleworking, have contributed to … Read more