The cholera epidemic in the country took 14 more lives!

910 people were diagnosed with cholera in different parts of the state, 14 people died due to the epidemic. Thus, since January cholera epidemicThe death toll rose to 310. MORE THAN 12 THOUSAND PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DIAGNOSED IN 7 MONTHS Stating that emergency medicine and medical supplies are delivered to the regions where the disease … Read more

An edible and easy-to-store cholera vaccine made from genetically modified rice

– Bowonpat Sakaew / In order to improve the fight against cholera, responsible for tens of thousands of deaths each year, Japanese researchers have designed a new type of edible vaccine, obtained from genetically modified rice. A promising compound Although oral vaccines against cholera already exist, MucoRice-CTB, presented in the journal The Lancet Microbe, … Read more

How is that Yemen is the most awful place in the world, it was NOS on 3

How is that Yemen is the most awful place in the world of NIS 3 Thousands of children, in Yemen on the verge of dying’ Reformatorisch Dagblad’ Unicef’s warning, a famine that threatens millions of children… and The Standard War, famine, and now the corona in Yemen, it is the most awful place in the … Read more