Behind the voters with ice cream. The pirates chose an ideologically suitable ice lolly

In the background of the coalition of Pirates with Mayors, freezing boxes are already being tested, in which 120,000 popsicles are about to be distributed around the republic as part of their election campaign. You can also play the article in audio version. The whole event was given the working name “nanuk tour”, the News … Read more

Norwegian debate, Kurt Westergaard | Kurt Westergaard chose freedom of expression when others practiced self-censorship

The West needs heroes like Westergaard, today more than ever. The comments expresses the writer’s opinions. One of today’s heroes of free speech has passed away. He chose to draw caricatures of Muhammad when others chose self-censorship. The price he paid was a life filled with threats, assassination attempts and at times isolation. Kurt Westergaard … Read more

that’s why he chose Inter

Today is a day of interviews for Hakan Calhanoglu who, after answering questions from journalists, was the protagonist of Q&A with the fans on the official Inter profile. Here are his answers: Why he chose Inter: “Choosing Inter was an easy choice, it all happened quickly thanks to the director Ausilio and Mr. Inzaghi” Have … Read more

N. Giffey revealed the details of the conversation with M. Schiller and the reasons why he chose “Žalgiris”

The striker of the German basketball team will take part in the Olympic Games for the first time this month Nielsas Giffey No less waiting for a new career challenge – joining Kaunas “Žalgiris” club. The 30-year-old 201 cm tall German has spent his entire 7-year professional career in the ranks of the ALBA team … Read more

Damien Betular chose Hogwarts castle, from Harry Potter, to decorate his house

In this last time, Damien Betular was put in the center of the scene thanks to his occurrences in MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe). The jury was encouraged to show himself as he is and won the affection of the viewers. Closer and closer to his fans, the pastry chef opened the doors of his privacy. For … Read more

“Because it was a sexual minority story” Actor Kim Seo-hyung revealed the reason why he chose the drama ‘Main’

Keyeast/CGV Art HouseActor Kim Seo-hyung. Poster for the movie ‘Carol’. The reason why actor Kim Seo-hyung decided to appear in the drama ‘Mine’ was a little surprising. It wasn’t the often expected answer. Seohyung Kim news In an interview at the end of the tvN drama ‘Mine’ with others, he said, “The first reason I … Read more

Medieval mystical music – “It was Hildegard who chose me”

– “It was Hildegard who chose me” The Iranian Taghi Akhbari discovered the medieval composer whom he mixed with her tradition with the complicity of Alexandre Traube. Concerts and record. Matthieu Chenal Posted: 06/23/2021, 6:03 PM The Flores Harmonici ensemble during the recording of the “Celestial Symphony” in Bonmont. DR For more than a year, … Read more

How it was and what look Noelia Marzol chose for the first walk with her son Donatello, after the baby’s long hospitalization – Paparazzi Magazine

Noelia Marzol He is radiant and it shows. It is that, after almost a month of hospitalization in the Otamendi Sanatorium, since their baby was born a little earlier than expected and had to stay in neonatology, they finally received a medical discharge. And this week, days away from getting home with Donatello and her … Read more

Zofia Zborowska and Andrzej Wrona chose the name for the baby. Fans are delighted: “It’s beautiful!”

Zofia Zborowska and Andrzej Wrona are expecting a daughter. The couple has already chosen a name for the baby. It turns out that the actress will name her daughter after her grandmother. – Fortunately, Andrzej agreed to this offer – she was glad. Zofia Zborowska soon she will be a mother for the first time. … Read more

UEFA chose a goal from Messi, the best in the Champions League

As if it were a sign of destiny UEFA, aware of the fate of Lionel Messi, chose his last goal for Barcelona, ​​the one he scored against Napoli in the 3-1 round of 16, the best of the 2019-20 Champions League that has just finished and that Bayern Mnich won. The “single goal” of Messi, … Read more