Marrakech hosts the 6th edition next May

The International 7 Cup in Marrakech is the unmissable corporate football event in the world. Since its birth in 2018, the International 7 Cup has welcomed several teams and a large number of players from all over the world who have been able to experience the professional experience for a weekend. In Marrakech, the guests … Read more

Fibromyalgia and chronic pain: the benefits of Pilates

<!– –> <!– –> Not resigning to the chronic pain of fibromyalgia is possible. We talk about it with a Rheumatologist and a Personal trainer, who explain the advantages of regular and targeted exercise Ooday there is a lot of talk about fibromyalgia or fibromyalgia syndrome, a condition chronicle hitting approx 2 million Italiansin prevalence … Read more

Groundbreaking research in the treatment of many diseases, from cancer to chronic depression

Emphasizing that this research has two important results, Prof. Dr. Do not forget, he said that it has now been proven that ‘chronic fatigue syndrome’ is really a ‘disease’ and said, “It means that if there is a disorder in these bacteria, we can fix it. We can find new treatment methods in this sense. … Read more

7 Benefits of Papaya, Powerful Against This Chronic Disease

Papaya fruit illustration. Photo: hellohealthy, JAKARTA – WHO who do not like to eat papaya fruit. Papaya is a fruit that is a favorite of many people. The fact is pawpawas a fruit, is enjoyed for its sweet taste throughout the world. READ ALSO: 5 Benefits of Papaya Seeds, Prevent This Chronic Disease However, … Read more

5 Stages of Chronic Kidney Disease that Trigger Kidney Failure – Kidneys are a pair of organs that function to filter blood and remove toxins from the body through the bladder when you urinate. Kidney disease occurs when this organ doesn’t function normally and loses the ability to filter waste from the blood. This condition then causes toxins to accumulate in the body. If … Read more

“The production studios are understaffed”

How do you view the dynamics of the job market in the field of animation in Morocco compared to other countries? In other words, is there enough supply and demand for skills in the market? Today, the dynamics of employment in this sector is in the start-up phase in Morocco compared to other countries, notably … Read more

Animated film: An industry in search of skills

Since national television channels embarked on the production of animated films, given the enormous potential that this industry holds in several countries, professionals have seen new challenges arise consisting mainly of constraints linked in particular to the lack of resources qualified human. Hence their focus on investment in training in order to have the talents … Read more

This dream which inaugurates the artist

Winner of the “Dream Artist” show broadcast on 2M at the end of 2022, the young photographer Mourad Fedouach inaugurated his very first exhibition “From Douar Shanty to New York”, on Friday March 10 at the American Arts Center in Casablanca. Mourad Fedouach, only 23 years old and from the douar of Sidi Yahya Gharb, … Read more

Ach Couture, all in softness and refinement

Siham Achouba and Fatiha Legmiri, two artists at heart, have always known that they would work with the fabrics, threads, embroidery, colors and patterns to which they have a real passion. Today, with a lot of ambition and goodwill, they gave life, in January, to “Ach Couture”, their brand which offers personalized traditional creations highlighting … Read more

Here, SVT’s reporter donates snot – can solve chronic nasal congestion

After a healthy person rinses snot from their sinuses with a saline solution, the solution is then injected into the nose of the sick patient. The healthy bacterial culture then found in the solution should affect the sick sinuses in a positive way and relieve the patient’s discomfort. In the clip, you see when SVT’s … Read more