Patriarch Kirill glides on holy water and falls during service – Europe

Patriarch Kirill slips on holy water and falls during the service Russian Patriarch Kirill slipped and fell during a service in the Novorrossiysk church due to the floor wet with holy water. Ukrainska Pravda reports this by publishing the video of the incident, which occurred during the chant “Lord, have mercy”, which was removed from … Read more

Russia. Patriarch of the Russian Church, Cyril, fell during the service. Explains

During the service in Novorossiysk, Patriarch Kirill, the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, slipped and fell to the floor. As he later explained, when water falls on the temple floor, even holy water, the laws of physics work. He assured that the fall had no consequences. – Just because I fell today doesn’t mean … Read more

Two Jesuits massacred in church in Sierra Tarahumara

<!––> The priests Javier Campos SJ (left) and Joaquín Mora – Company of Jesus It wasn’t the first time they had been threatened. Monday evening (the night in Italy), however, the words were followed by “plomo”, as Mexicans call bullets. THE Gesuit Javier Campos Morales and Joaquín César Mora Salazar were murdered by a barrage … Read more

The Reformation, Decoration | German pigs are hanging on the church walls

The comments expresses the writer’s opinions. The sculpture on one wall in Wittenberg’s city church shows a Jewish rabbi holding up his tail and staring into the animal’s intestinal opening. Two other Jews suck milk from the sow’s udder, while a fourth looks happily into the air. The “artwork” dates from the 14th century and … Read more

Abuse in church in the United States

America’s largest Protestant and second largest Christian denomination is facing a scandal of sexual abuse. It appears in a new report conducted by Guidepost Solutions. The church movement is mentioned by The Guardian as one of the most politically powerful religious groups in the country. The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) is a collection of affiliated … Read more

The orchestra of the Kimbanguist Church invites itself to the Philharmonie de Paris

“To sing is to pray twice. » Armand Diangienda, cellist, composer and conductor, devotes himself fully to musique classic based on many ancestral sounds. Initially destined for a career as an aviator, in 1994 he created the Orchester symphonique kimbanguiste de Kinshasa (OSK) in order to promote Congolese musical heritage. « The idea came to … Read more

Unexpected find only increases mystery of Smurfs at church: “Another extra question mark” (Inland)

© Marc Gysens, jvi Ternat – The two Smurfs that were placed on the church of Ternat have been taken away by workers from the municipality. An additional find, meanwhile, only adds to the mystery. Joost Van Liefferinge Thursday, June 9, 2022 at 12:53 pm

Pastor is puzzled: how did two Smurfs end up meters high on the church? (Ternat)

On one pedestal is Papa Smurf, on the other Lolsmurf. — © if Ternat – How do two Smurfs get to be meters high on the church of Ternat? It is a mystery what the pastor is also guessing for the time being. Joost Van Liefferinge Wednesday, June 8, 2022 at 09:58 The Sint-Gertrudiskerk in … Read more

What church holiday June 8, 2022

What Orthodox holiday believers celebrate today and what to do on this date – read in the UNIAN material. Church holiday June 8 / It is known that the holy apostle Carp was one of the seventy, and for many years preached in Thrace. He glorified the faith of Christ, converted pagans to Orthodoxy … Read more

Riga St. Exhibition “Baltic Cinema Climate” on St. Peter’s Church

The fates of films produced in the Baltic national studios – Riga Film Studio, Tallinnfilm and Lithuanian Film Studio – varied widely, from successes that brought their directors and actors recognition throughout the USSR and government awards to censorship bans to show or even destroy the filmed material. . It was not until the Third … Read more