A citizen documents a strange behavior of camels during rain • Al Marsad Newspaper

Al-Marsad newspaper: In a video clip, which he shared through the application of short clips “Tik Tok”, a citizen wondered about the secret of the northward direction of camels during the rain. The citizen documented 4 stalls for camels, which contain a large number of camels inside, as they turned their heads to the north. … Read more

Dozens of citizen cards seized in Lisbon clubs in fraud investigation

More than 60 citizen cards were seized on Thursday at two nightlife spaces in Alcântara, Lisbon, as part of an investigation into qualified fraud and computer and document falsification, the PSP reported this Tuesday. In a note, the PSP warned that citizens who frequent nightlife areas must remain “watch out for personal property, especially identification … Read more

foreign citizen stolen from a lynching

Bottles thrown at eye level that shatter, screams and general stampede. This is the scene that was parade in front of the agents of the Nosu of the municipal police in the late afternoon of Sunday 31 July, present with the permanent garrison in viale Gramsci. The agents on the spot immediately requested reinforcements, with … Read more

Filip Kirkorov was told to turn around in Moldova: he did not meet the conditions of a foreign citizen Names

On the night from Thursday to Friday, the famous Russian singer Philip Kirkorov flew to the Moldovan city of Chisinau on a private flight from Istanbul. Before coming to Moldova, he visited the Russian-occupied part of Ukraine, participated in conversations with Russian soldiers, called them “heroes” and held concerts there. After arriving at the Moldovan … Read more

Carfagna leaves the Forza Italia group, goes to Mixed – Politics

Mara Carfagna he leaves the Forza Italia group in the Chamber and passes to Mixed: President Roberto Fico communicated this to the Montecitorio Assembly. The same path was followed during the day by the forceist deputy Rossella Sessa: “I leave the Fi group with political regret and personal suffering: from today I will be in … Read more

The timing of the vote, what the Constitution – Politics provides

The times for calling the elections, for the installation of the new Chambers and therefore for the birth of a new government are rather long and even rigid, because they are marked by the Constitution. This is the reason why, pending Draghi’s decisions and therefore the early end of the legislature, the new executive would … Read more

Florence, shop prevents purchases by a Russian citizen [video]

“We have instructions that do not allow us to sell products to Russian citizens.” This is how the order of one of the Bottega Veneta brand shops in Florence was justified, for having sent away a boy by refusing to serve him due to his Russian citizenship. The episode is causing some media chaos, especially … Read more

Government: 1,300 mayors have signed the appeal to Draghi – Politics

They have arrived with 1,300 statutory auditors who signed the appeal to Mario Draghi to move forward in the name of stability. It is a long list that goes from large cities to small municipalities, with a representation of various political forces and civic lists, including from the center-right. “We Mayors, called every day to … Read more

A video of an Egyptian citizen taking out opium instead of a ticket.. and the Ministry of Interior commented

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" The video shows a security official asking a passenger to show a ticket the trainbefore he was surprised by a piece of opium inside his personal wallet, which made him order his arrest and investigation. This clip was widely circulated among social network activists in EgyptWhich made the Ministry of … Read more