They find 4 Chinese citizens locked up for more than a week in a closed premises | National

Four Chinese citizens – three men and a woman – were found this Friday, who were locked up for more than a week in a closed premises in Villa Alemana. The Prosecutor’s Office ordered to open the access – sealed with welds – for their rescue, but they found that they had supplies and two … Read more

Danish secret service illegally spied on their citizens: “It’s deeply frightening”

A report uncovered widespread illegal espionage of the population and led to the suspension of three officials. Does the Danish Foreign Defense Intelligence Service, FE, behave like a state within a state, overriding the laws of the Scandinavian kingdom? This is the question asked by “Tilsynet med Efterretningstjenesterne” (TET), FE’s supervisory body, which has just … Read more

After the Pool Party, Thousands of Wuhan Citizens Now Have a Beer Party

WUHAN, – Thousands of people flocked to the beer festival at Wuhan this week in the middle of a pandemic corona virus which is still ongoing. Festival One Wuhan the plan is to run for a week and start last weekend with many festival goers ignoring him physical distancing in the crowd. The festival … Read more

Coronavirus, zero new cases in Bergamo: it is the first time since the beginning of the pandemic | Gori: “Credit to the citizens, keep it up”

22 August 2020 21:24 In the province, one of the most affected by the emergency, new infections had dropped in recent weeks, but had never dropped to zero “For us this is very important news, and the credit goes to the citizens of Bergamo”, the mayor of the city, Giorgio Gori, commented on Twitter. “Let’s … Read more

Photo Facts of the Chinese Ambassador Stepping on Citizens’ Backs

Kiribati – A photo viral show action Ambassador of China for Kiribati one of the Oceania countries, is walking on the backs of citizens. However, it was revealed a number of facts about the photo that had become a debate. As reported from ABC Australia, Wednesday (19/8/2020) Kiribati is known to have terminated relations with … Read more

Eurostat statistics: Swiss people pay 2.347 times more for meat than EU citizens

On average in Europe, the Swiss have to spend the most on meat. Icelanders and Norwegians also pay above average. 1 / 4 Nowhere in Europe do consumers pay nearly as much for meat as in Switzerland. (Archive image) Keystone / DPA central image The Swiss shell out almost two and a half times the … Read more

We may go back to the beginnings of Corona … Strong health warnings to citizens

Dr. Khaled Mujahid, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health, gave several advice to citizens, stressing that vitamins and immunity-raising drugs should not be taken without a doctor, warning against laxity and complacency in following preventive measures, commenting: “He may return us to the beginning and increase injuries and deaths.” “Mujahid”, during a phone call … Read more

Guardiol’s relationship with the Citizens was exhausted. Like his scheme

Undoubtedly, there will be long discussions about whether the favorites from the Barcelona, ​​Real Madrid or Manchester City circuit did not fall out because some of their rivals in the Lisbon tournament, especially the French, had a significantly longer break during the spring and summer than the Spanish, Italian and English clubs. In my opinion, … Read more

World: The United States recommends that its citizens not travel to Peru for the co

Updated 08/15/2020 at 11:54 am Given the statistics and measures related to the coronavirus in Peru, in addition to “crime and terrorism,” the United States Department of State recommended that its citizens not travel to our country. The information was provided by the United States embassy in Lima, through which it was decided that our … Read more

If the Covid-19 Vaccine Proves Effective, the US Will Give Free To All Its Citizens

WASHINGTON DC, – If the vaccine Covid-19 proven effective, United States of America ( AS) will ensure it can be given free to all Americans. This was conveyed by the authorities on Thursday (13/8/2020), while stressing there were no shortcuts to ensure its safety. “We have not relaxed at all on the strict regulations … Read more