“Russian Civil War Is Inevitable”: Leaked Emails Russian Security Agent Predict Internal Power Struggle

Is there a disagreement between Russian top executives? If we are to believe leaked e-mails from a Russian security agent, yes. The American magazine Newsweek got an insight and read some striking things. “Chaos, civil war, collapse… It is all ahead of us,” predicted one of the interlocutors. Gilles LiesenborghsBron: Newsweek Monday, November 21, 2022 … Read more

The construction of the Tseung Kwan O Cross Bay Bridge has caused suspicion to the Civil Engineering Department: a plan has been made to follow up

The construction of the Tseung Kwan O Cross Bay Bridge has caused suspicion to the Civil Engineering Department: a plan has been made to follow up The Tseung Kwan O Cross-Bay Bridge, which was the first to be tested by the public on Sunday, was found to have construction problems such as untightened screws and … Read more

A civil lawsuit in the US exposes the real estate wealth of Inés Gómez Mont and her husband

Inés Gómez Mont and her husband Victor Manuel Álvarez Puga.social media The Mexican television host Inés Gómez Mont and her husband, the tax lawyer Víctor Manuel Álvarez Puga, have been missing for more than a year fleeing from the Justice of their country, which is looking for them for organized crime and money laundering. Interpol … Read more

By what right do they ring the bells, is this a democracy? This could lead to civil war

© The leader of GERB Boyko Borisov is ready to be co-sponsors with DB and PP for a temporary commission on the rules to discuss the election rules. He announced this at a briefing at the party headquarters. “Both in “We continue the change” (PP) and “Democratic Bulgaria” (DB) there are many valuable and quality … Read more

Veil, kisses and the national team. Iran vs. West ‘Wants Civil War’

Protests in Iran triggered by the death of Mahsa Amini, arrested and killed for not wearing the veil correctly, have entered their third month and have intensified in recent days on the occasion of the commemoration of the 2019 “Bloody November”, triggered then by the increase in the price of fuel. Also on that occasion … Read more

Medvedev warns, we have not yet used the entire arsenal – Last Hour

(ANSA) – ROME, NOVEMBER 12 – “Moscow will continue to take back the Russian territories and for obvious reasons it has not yet used all its arsenal of possible weapons of destruction” in Ukraine. “This is not only for our human kindness”, but “everything has its time”. The former Russian president Dmitri Medvedev writes in … Read more

It is brewing for Republican civil war.

Aftenpodden USA looks at the results from the by-elections. USA correspondent Øystein Kløvstad Langberg and commentator Christina summarize the results from the by-elections in this week’s Aftenpodden USA. The Republicans received the most votes and made new inroads in the Democrats’ most important voter groups. Nevertheless, the conservative wave that the right had dreamed of … Read more

Anthony Ginting jokes about his ideal son-in-law after becoming a civil servant

Saturday, 12 November 2022 – 08:07 WIB VIVA Sport – Indonesian men’s singles badminton, Anthony Sinisuka Gintingexpressed his gratitude for being able to qualify as a Civil Servant (PNS). He also joked about it. Anthony along with a number of other badminton players received a Certificate of Graduate Education (STTP) for CPNS specifically for outstanding … Read more

Anthony Ginting’s First Words After Officially Become a Civil Servant Page all

KOMPAS.com – Indonesian men’s singles badminton, Anthony Sinisuka Gintingtold his story after officially becoming a Civil Servant (PNS). Anthony Ginting together with a number of Indonesian badminton players received appreciation in the form of appointment as civil servants. The Indonesian badminton players who got the opportunity were Anthony Ginting, Hendra Setiawan, Fajar Alfian, Muhammad Ahsan, … Read more