How to clean your child’s ear in a safe way at home?

I wrote – Omnia Qalawun: Earwax is found in the outer ear canal, and plays an essential role in protecting the eardrum from germs. It also serves as a lining for the ear to protect it from water, as well as resisting the entry of dust and bacteria into the middle ear, which causes infection … Read more

Adani releases own report – clean reputation

Following the serious allegations from Hindenburg Research, the Adani Group released its own 413-page report over the weekend. There, the corporate empire is now quickly trying to clean its reputation from fraud and money laundering. It has not been easy to be named Gautam Adani lately, not since allegations of dirty dealings began to pour … Read more

Harry Kane: We want to win for Conte, and the clean sheet is the weapon for our European qualification

supported Harry KaneTottenham star, coach Antonio Conte after yesterday’s match against Fulham in the Premier League championship. The two teams met in the framework of the twenty-first round of the English Premier League, where they won spurs unanswered goal. “It was a tough game, three points are really important for us after the last two … Read more

Comparison of Adi Satryo’s Statistics at PSIS Semarang and Persik Kediri, Record 2 Clean Sheets

TRIBUNBANYUMAS.COM, SEMARANG – Kiper PSIS Semarang, Adi Satryo sweet debut. Adi Satryo ever in uniform Peach Kediri it logs twice clean sheet in his two debut matches together PSIS. It seems like, Adi Satryo will have different fortunes in PSIS compared to when he was still in uniform Peach Kediri. ‘Give trust, then he will give … Read more

Big Hit and Need to Clean Up

WHILE, – Member of Commission II DPRD Medan, Syaiful Ramadhan, assessed that the release issued by the Ministry of Environment and Forestry of the Republic of Indonesia regarding Medan City being the dirtiest city in Indonesia was a serious blow to Pemko Medan, especially the Medan City Environment Service to improve. It is said, … Read more

How to clean the iPhone charging port easily with something we all have at home

Over time and use, the charging port of our iPhone accumulates dirt. It does so especially when we carry the phone in our pocket and collects the occasional residue both from the same fabric and small particles that accumulate there. Fortunately, we can clean it very easily. Something important, it must be said, well Excessive … Read more

Consumption of the following 5 nutrients is believed to help clean the blood vessels

Hops.ID – there are many factors that cause blood vessels to become clogged, one of which comes from an unclean lifestyle and diet. Blood vessels experience blockages caused by several things including frequent exposure to free radicals and inflammation or inflammation. Often exposed to free radicals and experiencing inflammation will cause a person’s blood vessels … Read more