Sernac accuses Banco de Chile and BCI of millionaire improper charges to clients | Economy

Sernac estimated that, in the case of BCI, it applied the undue collection in more than 35 thousand cases; and that Banco de Chile did so in at least 20 thousand cases. The National Consumer Service (Sernac) will require the Chile bank and to BCI that return all money improperly collected to defaulting consumers for … Read more

We recognize that we are in crisis; we are facing the clients: Aras Business Group

Faced with more than 400 lawsuits faced by clients due to non-compliance in the payment of income, precautionary assurance of assets by Chihuahua authorities and a suspension of activities by the National Banking and Securities Commission, Aras Business Group he calculates a year to recover and catch up with his users affected by his financial … Read more

Banks take clients of e-shops on courses. They often have no idea

This practice of bankers is confirmed by the experience of the creators of the financial application Patron Go, which tested how dozens of large Czech banks approach the exchange rate. And what was the result? The monitored banks charged a surcharge of three to five percent of the purchase price. “When shopping for about 20 … Read more

The duty to remain silent is the client’s right, says the head of the bar. He turns to Maroš Žilinka

Viliam Karas does not like the fact that the lawyer confiscated the computer with the data of all clients during the search. The President of the Slovak Bar Association (SAK), Viliam Karas, will turn to Prosecutor General Maroš Žilinka to endanger confidentiality by law enforcement agencies (OČTK). SAK spokeswoman Alexandra Donevová informed about it. According … Read more

The hummingbird has fallen, but its owner continues to offer energy. Clients are pushing for uncertain prices

On Thursday, the Energy Regulatory Office warned again that people should not believe in marketing pulls and read contracts with energy suppliers. The regulators warned especially against companies that offer fixation, which they will subsequently change or resign. Armex Energy’s clients, for example, are now complaining about this very situation. Armex Energy supplies energy to … Read more

Hackers stole data of 7 million clients of online broker Robinhood :: News :: RBC Investments

The cybercriminals got hold of the personal data of almost a third of the clients of the online broker Robinhood. The company claims that users of the service did not incur financial losses as a result of theft Фото: Matt Cardy / Getty Images Robinhood Markets, which owns Robinhood, a popular securities trading application for … Read more

Prices for Bohemia Energy clients vary. One of the suppliers is significantly cheaper

For consumers who have lost power supplies from Bohemia Energy and other fallen traders, the automatic transfer to a supplier of last resort (DPI) has been a severe blow. Electricity and gas prices have increased several times a day. Many are in debt because of this, many of them endanger their livelihoods. Five large energy … Read more

“We understand that this is annoying for our customers and we apologize for the inconvenience”

Posted on Tuesday, November 2, 2021 at 11:59 a.m. Nutella lovers may no longer find what they are looking for at Colruyt. And the famous spread is not the only product to be made more and more discreet on the shelves of the supermarket. No need to look for a small jar of Nutella during … Read more