Viral 2 women fall from a swing on a cliff, this is what happened

The swing hit a pole before losing control and dropping the passenger. – A video that shows the horrific events experienced by two women while traveling on rides swing viral on social media. In the video uploaded by the Twitter account @sooaratv, Friday (16/7/2021) two women were seen climbing a large swing located above … Read more

Instagramer Sofia Cheung fell off a cliff while taking a selfie

Sofia Cheung and three friends went on a trip to Ha Pak Lai Park, which is famous throughout Hong Kong with picturesque views, cascades and waterfalls. One of the most popular such places is waterfall in Pineapple Mountain Park. It is a place frequented by tourists, especially picturesque at sunset. It is most likely then … Read more

Baia dei Turchi: young couple found dead at sea. “Fallen off the cliff”

The Bay of the Turks (Archive) Otranto, 10 July 2021 – Tragedy at the Bay of the Turks, a well-known tourist destination nearby Otranto (Lecce), in the heart of the Salento. A young woman couple from Cerignola (Foggia), two boys of 27 and 29, was found dead today at sea. There is also a helicopter, … Read more

Kang Won-rae, “I’m on the edge of a cliff due to my own fault for failing to run a bar in Itaewon… I feel more comfortable playing with coloring” – SPOTVNEWS

▲ SourceㅣKang Won-rae SNS [스포티비뉴스=최영선 기자] Clone Kang Won-rae revealed the recent state of being in the picture. Kang Won-rae recently posted on his SNS, “I bought a used autograph pen to satisfy my heart. I used it to color Sun’s picture book and uploaded it to social media. The response was good, so I … Read more

25 years old young man falls from Polignano cliff and dies – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – BARI, AUGUST 29 – A 25-year-old young man from Polignano a Mare died after falling from the cliff of Cala Pozzo Vivo late yesterday evening. Personnel from the 118 and the fire brigade arrived on the spot with the men of the river alpine speleo nucleus (Saf) who recovered the body of the … Read more

Disappeared and found lifeless in the cliff: Simona’s last hours, then the accident

Chianni (Pisa), 23 August 2020 – A hope remained in everyone’s heart: find again Simona Viva. A hope swept away by the terrible news arrived in Palaia and in the hamlet of Forcoli: Simona Bimbi, 46 years old, the missing kindergarten teacher for days in the province of Pisa, was found lifeless in her car … Read more

The young man drowned in the Dalešice dam. He jumped off a cliff and no longer swam away

Police officers from the Hrotovice district department on a police boat immediately set off for the tragedy. Professional firefighters, paramedics and divers also intervened. At the place where the young man was supposed to jump, the depth of the dam reaches several tens of meters, which significantly complicated the divers’ search. I would like to … Read more

Perugia girl died in Mykonos: precipitated from a cliff after an accident

It was to be an unforgettable holiday, turned into tragedy. An 18-year-old Perugian girl died last night in a car accident while she was in Mykonos in Greece. The young woman had arrived on the Greek island with a group of friends. The accident According to a first reconstruction, the vehicle on which the group … Read more

Pokémon GO: how to defeat giovanni, arlo, sierra and cliff in team go rocket event to capture suicune, lapras, pineco and grimer as dark pokemon | PHOTOS | VIDEO | Video game

Don’t be afraid of them. Pokémon GO just premiered the event the Team GO Rocket where our mission will be to rescue the dark pokémon from the clutches of Arlo, Sierra, Cliff and Giovanni. For this we must face legendary Suicune, but with this guide and this list of creatures, everything will be easier for … Read more