Brutal crime: He threw him off a cliff because he was gay. The killer was killed after 34 years

She went to friends and disappeared. After 13 years, they found her body and unraveled a terrifying story It turned out that he did not commit suicide. It was a murder and the police managed to catch the killer, despite the abyss for so many years. An Australian court sent him behind bars in May … Read more

Watch how the player jumped off the cliff and missed the rocks, killing him

Moroccan Mourad Lmrabet, a former football player in Dutch club Vitesse Arnhem and a martial arts coach, was killed during a trip he was taking with his wife and two children on the island of Santa Ponsa, in the Spanish city of Malaga. This happened when Mrabet, aged 31, decided to jump from a cliff … Read more

He dives from a 30-meter cliff: former footballer Lamrabatte died

It was supposed to be a display of courage in front of his wife and children. It turned into a tragedy. Former U23 Vitesse player, Dutch of Moroccan origin Mourad Lamrabatte, 31, died when he crashed on a rock after diving more than 30 meters from a cliff while on holiday with his family in … Read more

A gruesome holiday in Mallorca. My father jumped off a cliff to show off and died on the spot

According to the Majorca Daily Bulletin, the man hired a boat for his wife to film the feat. The souvenir video turned out to be a bloodcurdling clip. The victim’s wife and son reportedly received psychological help when local authorities searched for his body using a lifeboat, helicopter, and team of divers.

The Mystery of the World’s Lonely House, Facing a Gorge on the Side of a Steep Cliff

MONTE CRISTALLO, – A house stands alone in the mountains Italyand nicknamed the loneliest house in the world. Mystery shrouded the house for decades, about who owned it, how it was built, and why it was abandoned. Named house Buffa by Perrero it is situated in Monte Cristallo, in the Dolomite Mountains, on the … Read more

Pandaan Toll Cliff in Malang Direction Landslides During Heavy Rain

Jakarta – Cliffs at Tol Pandaan-Malang Km 77 to Km 79 landslide. The landslide occurred at around 15.30 WIB when it was raining heavily. The Head of PJR IV AKP Rahmad confirmed this. He said officers were currently at the scene. “Yes, that’s right. We are still working on this,” said Rahmad as quoted by … Read more

Bus Carrying Student Group Rem Blong, Crashed Cliff in Purbalingga, 1 Killed, 29 Injured – A Kalingga Jaya tourism bus carrying a group of MI Miftahul Arif Kudus students had an accident on Jalur Bayeman, Karangreja District, PurbalinggaCentral Java, Thursday (3/3/2022) at 04.00 WIB. From the official statement from the Purbalingga SAR, the accident on the tourism bus numbered B 7084 KAA in Banyeman Purbalingga occurred at 04.00 … Read more

On a tour to Baturraden, the bus hits a cliff in Bayeman, one dies and 21 is hospitalized

On a tour to Baturraden, the bus hits a cliff in Bayeman, one dies and 21 is hospitalized By: Date Uploaded: Description: On a tour to Baturraden, the bus hits a cliff in Bayeman, one dies and 21 is hospitalized URBALINGGA – A single traffic accident occurred near the Bayeman highway rescue lane, Tlahab … Read more

Masahiro Higashide’s appearance on the cliff is also harsh … The struggle before the release of “Confidence Man JP” | Smart FLASH[光文社週刊誌]

It became clear that he was calling women to the workplace Masahiro Higashide “Confidence Man JP Hero Edition” to be released on January 14th. This work is a popular series in which three scammers play an active role. From 2018 TV dramas to 2019 and 2020movie“Hero Edition” will be the third edition. Major cast Masami … Read more

He accidentally shoots himself and falls into the cliff: a 48-year-old hunter dies

A man died this morning in Colli a Volturno in what appears to be a hunting accident. The incident took place in the early hours of the morning in an inaccessible area and according to preliminary information the deceased hunter would have fallen into a cliff while he was engaged in hunting boar. According to … Read more