In the Pacific, after years, the tables turned. It will bring even more warmth to the world

Show more You can also listen to the article in audio version. The last eight years was hot ones. The World Meteorological Organization ranked them among the eight warmest in the history of measurements in terms of the global average. Climate change caused by emissions is to blame. However, the absolute record has not fallen … Read more

Battery failure confirmed: Latest transmission from NASA spacecraft

After 15 years in space, NASA’s AIM mission is ending. A battery failure makes further communication with the Explorer 90 spacecraft impossible. This had already been announced in 2019 – since then the failure had basically been expected. Let … It was only a matter of time before NASA’s AIM project spacecraft is unable to … Read more

Australia discovered and named more than 600 new plant and animal species | Environment | Vietnam+ (VietnamPlus)

The new species of sea crab, lamarckdromia beagle, was discovered in Australia. (Source: Twitter) On March 20, the Australian Department of Climate Change, Energy, Environment and Water released a Research report. Biological resources Australia (ABRS) has the latest 626 species of animals, native plants New species in the country have been named in 2022. One … Read more

They drill Alaska through and through. At the same time, Biden promised the end

The administration of US President Joe Biden has approved the large but controversial Willow project, which involves the extraction of oil and natural gas in Alaska. Over the next few decades, it is opening up production at three locations on the National Petroleum Reserve in Alaska’s North Slope, with a total of up to 199 … Read more

The second warmest winter in history is coming to an end in Europe

Winter is coming to an end in Europe, which according to scientists will be the second warmest in the history of temperature measurement. Message on Wednesday published European Copernicus Earth Observation Programme. Scientists from the C3S program, which monitors climate change, said the average temperature on the European continent between last December and this February … Read more

We are not slowing down our transition away from fossil fuels to take advantage of higher oil prices

BP’s head of business in the US insisted the company is committed to transitioning away from fossil fuels, even though it plans to increase oil production in the country and slow planned production cuts elsewhere. The company announced scaling back its climate targets last month as it revealed record annual profits in 2022, after oil … Read more

region wants to relocate residents and businesses

NOSThis church in Varengeville-sur-Mer is getting closer and closer to the abyss. NOS News•Wednesday, 7:01 PM Frank Renout correspondent France Frank Renout correspondent France Rock fragments regularly fall down. A campsite moves due to the risk of flooding. Utah Beach, famous for the Allied landings in World War II, has 7,000 cubic meters of sand … Read more

Lunar dust could stop global warming on our planet

Marina Fernandez Meteored Argentina 28 Feb 8 min Throwing moon dust could save us from global warming. Climate change is a fact, and even if zero emissions are achieved from one day to the next, the damage continues, the GHGs already released will continue for many years in the atmosphere, encouraging environmental chaos. Under this … Read more