The Impact of Climate Change: Aggravating the Spread of Hundreds of Infectious Diseases in the World

loading… Studies say climate change has an impact on 58 percent of infectious diseases in the world. Photo: AFP doc JAKARTA – Don’t underestimate climate change or climate change. Because, the impact is increasingly felt today. Recent research suggests that climate change hazards such as floods, heat waves and droughts exacerbate the spread of hundreds … Read more

Scientists Invent New Techniques To Fight Bacteria-Based Climate Crisis

Shafeer Kalathil, Northumbria University Photocatalyst sheet containing light-absorbing particles and bacteria.—Scientists have created a new technology that can help overcome climate change. Dr Shafeer Kalathil of Northumbria University is one of the academic team behind the project. They use a chemical process that converts sunlight, water, and carbon dioxide into acetate. Also oxygen to … Read more

Extreme Heat Waves Will Happen More Often, Is The World Ready? page all Scientists reveal heat wave extremes are expected to occur more frequently, both in potency and duration because climate change. Scientists fear that the world is not ready to deal with the death toll from the heat wave. Quoted from PhysFriday (08/05/2022) Claudia Tebaldi, an earth scientist at the Energy Department’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory … Read more

Scientists can make jet fuel and diesel from the sun, CO2 and water

The video report at the beginning of this article shows the first device in the world that can produce hydrocarbon fuels such as aviation kerosene, i.e. kerosene, but also diesel from only the sun, carbon dioxide and water. The so-called multifunctional solar tower is the result of an international collaboration of scientists from Europe, mainly … Read more

Siberian forest burns again: ‘World must help put out the fire’

AFP/ Russian Emergencies Ministry NOS News•Wednesday, 11:30•Amended Wednesday, 12:12 Iris de Graaf Correspondent Russia Iris de Graaf Correspondent Russia “Don’t go outside, avoid unnecessary exposure to the toxic air.” The residents of Yakutsk, the capital of the Russian Republic of Sakha, hear this message every day. The Emergency Department again declared a state of emergency … Read more

Already this year, celebrities’ private cars emitted 482 times more carbon dioxide than the average person used to in a year

He recently made a big splash with his private flight Kylie Jenner, who, not caring about the environment, climate change, or air pollution, made a 55-kilometer trip with his own airplane. With this, he alone was responsible for the production of one ton of carbon dioxide in 13 minutes. The profligate way was punctured by … Read more

India’s AstroSat Telescope Helps Observe the Formation of Dwarf Galaxies, Here’s the Result

Dwarf galaxy from India’s AstroSat Telescope (Photo: Ministry of Science & Technology, India) JAKARTA, Recently researchers have been observing a part of the formation of dwarf galaxies. Observations will help explain how a galaxy evolves from a dwarf state to an adult. The scientists describe finding evidence of maturation in such galaxies, in their … Read more

This is the laser beams that are fired at the trees from the International Space Station

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) is building digital tools to combat climate change and deforestation. One of them is the ‘Marco’ website which uses satellite images to highlight the negative impact of forests by monitoring ecosystems. Meanwhile, the other is system of ‘Global Ecosystem Dynamics Research’ (GEDI) of NASA that … Read more