Oldest DNA ever analyzed shows Greenland from 2 million years ago

AFP NOS News•Wednesday, 8:36 PM Using DNA, scientists have created a picture of what Greenland must have looked like 2 million years ago. It is the first time that such ancient DNA samples have been successfully analyzed. The findings have been published in the leading scientific journal Nature. These are DNA samples that were obtained … Read more

Glossa: The devils are already rattling their chains, are we in for climate hell?

Is it just scaremongering or should we really be afraid? Climate clocks on Letná are counting down the time to a landmark from which there is no return. Giant clock next to the pendulum on Letná in Prague they are counting down the time from Tuesday evening, which separates us from climatic Armageddon. The authors … Read more

Giant Hole in the Sun’s Atmosphere, Earth Will Be Affected Until Tomorrow

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — A canyon-like hole in the Sun’s atmosphere has reportedly opened and could launch Sun storm high speed into a magnetic field Earth from Thursday (1/12) to Friday (2/12). The hole in the Sun’s crown looks like a giant abyss or valley that runs through the center of the star. The hole … Read more

Scientists Record Hundreds of Thousand Tons of Bacteria Released from Melting Glaciers

Jakarta – Now, every year hundreds of thousands of tons bacteria released into the environment via melting glaciers in northern latitudes. This fact was revealed by a group of research teams through an article in the journal Communications Earth & Environment. Studi tersebut bertajuk “Spatially Consistent Microbial Biomass and Future Cellular Carbon Release from Melting … Read more

Thousands of deaths.. The air of the “old continent” has become the greatest danger

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" References European Environment Agency In a new report to be "Exposure to a higher concentration of fine particles than recommended World Health OrganizationIt led to the premature death of 238,000 people in countries European Union". This number reflects a slight increase from what was recorded in 2019, when fine particles … Read more

‘Leonardo’, the supercomputer at the service of research – Physics & Mathematics

The curtain has risen on ‘Leonardo’, the 240 million euro supercomputer, fourth in the world for speed and computing power. Able to perform over a trillion operations per second, the supercomputer is at the service of research, from physics and astronomy to earth sciences and meteorology, and will allow new applications in cutting-edge sectors, such … Read more