Weight training for beginners: 10 essential tips according to the Mayo Clinic in the United States

Doing weights helps build muscle, strengthens bones, improves balance Getty Years ago, it was thought that the Weightlifting was reserved only for bodybuilders and athletes. However, there has been significant research into the medical benefits of weight lifting. Everyone benefits from stronger bones and muscles. Plan to incorporate weight training into your routine, regardless of … Read more

Health prepares vaccines for the “Winter Campaign”

As part of the regular vaccination scheme, the Expanded Immunization Program (PAI) prepares the work strategy for the cold season in our country. In this regard, the arrival of a batch of quadrivalent vaccines against influenza is expected at the end of this month of March. Dr. Héctor Castro, director of the Expanded Immunization Program … Read more

Complete vaccination schemes are vital for our boys and girls

In Paraguay, Article 6 of Law No. 4621/2015 “National Vaccines” establishes that all minors must be immunized, and that parents, representatives, guardians or those in charge of custody of a minor will be responsible for compliance. of this obligation. All the inhabitants of the Republic will be obliged to undergo immunization against diseases preventable by … Read more

[Causes of eczema]Boys have suffered from severe eczema since the age of 1. Chen Jialiang: Intestinal microecological imbalance is an important factor – Hong Kong Economic Daily – TOPick – Health – Doctor’s Clinic

▲ Boys have suffered from severe eczema since the age of 1. Chen Jialiang, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine of CUHK, pointed out that intestinal microecological imbalance is an important factor for many immune system diseases, and eczema is a typical example. Last week, a pair of parents took their five-year-old son to the … Read more

What vaccinations should your sons and daughters have?

Paraguay’s regular scheme contemplates a series of vaccines necessary from an early age, which are available free of charge in vaccination centers for the entire national population. It is the right of the boy and the girl to be immunized against vaccine-preventable diseases and, in turn, it is an obligation of parents or guardians and … Read more

Aurora Ramazzotti: The Swiss maternity clinic is so luxurious

Clinic Sant’Anna Aurora Ramazzotti gives birth to her baby in this Swiss luxury clinic Aurora Ramazzotti will probably give birth to her son in the Sant’Anna clinic in Ticino. This is characterized by luxury and medical expertise. publishedMar 17, 2023 at 9:55 am Aurora Ramazzotti (26) gives birth to her son in Switzerland. Instagram/therealauroragram The … Read more

Discover the 6 most common cholesterol risk factors according to the Mayo Clinic!

Cholesterol, a fatty lipid molecule, is naturally produced by the liver and affects everything from digestive processes to heart health. It can be both good and bad: while small amounts are essential for cell function, excess cholesterol in the bloodstream can lead to serious problems down the road. That’s why it’s so important to understand … Read more

End of reimbursement for breast cancer care, soon an approved clinic in the province of Luxembourg?

This worst-case scenario, with patients having to desert Vivalia to go to the provinces of Liège and Namur, should soon find a favorable outcome. To be approved, a clinic must treat 125 cases per year. “It’s a difficult figure to reach for our rural province. But in Arlon, some years, we reach it. In Libramont, … Read more

Organized the 2nd BDMS Junior Golf Clinic, Jiu Show, Wong Sawing Thep travel around the country

Organized the 2nd BDMS Junior Golf Clinic, Jiu Show, Wong Sawing Thep travel around the country “BDMS Junior Golf Clinic” is back again with Bangkok Dusit Medical Services Public Company Limited or BDMS in collaboration with PPTV HD Channel 36 opening a special class. Training Thai youths who love golf to become a pro in … Read more

Protect your sons and daughters with the measles vaccine

From the Expanded Immunization Program (PAI), they highlight the delicate situation that is presented by the confirmed case of measles in Paraguay and the cases of neighboring countries, for which it is essential to immunize the child population against this highly contagious and dangerous disease. , but preventable by vaccination. Immunization is the world’s safest … Read more