Three out of ten dental clinics will close in 2021 due to the Covid-19 crisis

Related news The Covid-19 pandemic is taking its toll on all sectors, also the odontology. The beginning of this health crisis caused a slowdown in the work of dentists, since during the months of quarantine they could only attend emergencies. The consequences are already beginning to be visible. One of the great chains, Dentix, has … Read more

Prognosis of breast cancer today

Early detection, the study of the genetic factor and advances in treatments are the main keys that bring us closer to a better prognosis in breast cancer, even in advanced stages. It is estimated that more than 32,536 women were diagnosed with breast cancer in 2019, ranking among the most frequent in female health. But, … Read more

Coronavirus in Honduras: the controversial purchase of mobile clinics to face the pandemic (which have taken months to be operational)

Drafting BBC World News 6 hours Image source, Getty Images Caption, The purchase of mobile hospitals promised to “five-fold” the health capacity in Honduras to face the pandemic. What was initially announced as a purchase that would alleviate the need for hospitals to address the covid-19 pandemic in Honduras has become a scandal of mismanagement … Read more

Coronavirus: they expect cases to drop only in December and seek to help private clinics

The Government of Córdoba took note of the delicate financial situation that the private clinics of the province and promised to help them in the middle of a pandemic by coronavirus that still has not found its ceiling of contagions. Last week the private establishments at Aclisa and Caescor made it known to the Ministry … Read more

Older adults turned to the courts to get beds in clinics

On Monday at 8 p.m. Marta’s phone rang and she didn’t take long to answer. Her mother had to be transferred to a hospital or medical center. The call came from the nursing home where the patient who was suffering from cardiac decompensation resides. The emergency service did not take long to put María (90) … Read more

She decompensated, they rejected her in four clinics and in Higa: she returned to the nursing home and died

With that smile that not even Alzheimer’s could erase, René Salas he was getting ready to blow out the candles: in twelve days, yes, in just twelve days his brand-new 91 years would arrive. It was the third celebration that she was going to have as the protagonist in the nursing home where she had … Read more

Hospitals and clinics have so far not made up for their losses –

Hospitals and clinics did not benefit from a catch-up effect after the lifting of the ban on non-urgent procedures and treatments. Their financial loss resulting from the measures to fight the pandemic is between 1.7 and 2.6 billion francs. The hospital association SpitalBenchmark and PwC Switzerland published the figures of their new study on Friday … Read more

Enrique Paris: “Covid-positive people should not vote in the plebiscite”

Enrique Paris has permeated the Ministry of Health with his style. With more or less criticism than its predecessor, it marked a before and after. Although he tells Publimetro that “it has been very exhausting”, he focuses on patients, and on overcoming the health crisis. This, despite the fact that definitions that “bring controversy” can … Read more

How can kidney failure kill people addicted to painkillers? .. A new episode of Walid Clinic’s program

The fourth episode of the Walid Clinic program, which is broadcast on the seventh day television, reveals the danger of analgesics to the general health of the human being and their cause in cases of kidney failure. The fourth episode explains the mechanism caused by the use of painkillers in the occurrence of kidney failure, … Read more

Communicated to Social Work, prepaid medicine companies, clinics and sanatoriums

COVID-19 Best of allPublic hospitals, private clinics and sanitariums and healthcare networks are the ones whothey have the greatest role and the greatest responsibility in the development of the fight against the pandemic and in the care and attention of our beneficiaries. In this sense, this Superintendency has been developing, since the pre-pandemic, an unprecedented … Read more