“Bai Fern” was very embarrassed when listening to “Mr. Naphat”, opened his mind and ended the way for friends to postpone a new step (clip).

“When you called, I had the opportunity to say and confess many things. The way everyone has heard So this is the starting point for us to talk. open up We are grateful to him for giving us such honor.” Is it the end of friends? “Fern said it was another good step. It has … Read more

He kissed his mother’s head and gave her his shirt. A clip of the Moroccan national team’s star shakes the communication sites

styled His colleague Ashraf HakimiAnd in a beautiful shot, Moroccan national team player Sofiane Boufal went to the stands to kiss his mother’s head and gift her his shirt after the end of the match against Canada, on Thursday evening, which ended with the victory of the precious “Atlas Lions” and their qualification for the … Read more

Viral net Odol, a very pontoon girl, can speak 8 languages. She met the host and asked, How old are you? Push to answer I’m fine! (watch clip)

It became a parody topic and went viral. “G”Influencers, female net idols, go on a show to discuss, not argue, clash. “Daikin” Boyfriend from the case by Ji went to complain to the Pavena Foundation, claiming that she was physically abused 18 times by her boyfriend, even when she was pregnant. Before being exposed by … Read more

Miscommunication! “GWM” clarifies repair cost ORA GOOD CAT 600,000 baht l Million Marketing l 29-11-65

Miscommunication! “GWM” clarifies the repair cost of ORA GOOD CAT 600,000 baht l Money Marketing l 29-11-65 Great Wall Motors or GWM clarifies the cost of repairing the ORA GOOD CAT battery cover at 600,000 baht. It is a miscommunication. Sorry, ready to inform the new price #ORAGoodCat #GWM #Greatwall #EV battery #Great Wall Motors … Read more

Foreign fans dig a clip of sweet chicks pulling the hair of Baifern. Is this a normal thing in Thailand?

Drama foreign fans! Digging up a clip of Wan Jeab, a famous manager pretending to pull Baifern Pimchanok’s hair, very confused..is this normal in Thailand? It has become a drama issue for netizens to debate again. Recently (November 29, 2022), the Family Entertainment Online program on Channel 3 reported that there was a foreign fan … Read more

Dad started “Dam” reveals the response clip. after being criticized she is not a woman How do you think your father will look at you?

Latest (26 Nov. 2022) “Phatradanai Dam” has responded in a beautiful way after receiving a comment from a netizen who criticized him “She’s not a woman. How do you think your father will look at you?” At this event, the dam has revealed a clip of Father showing Hom Nueng Ford. along with the answer … Read more

Continue to win gold after the minutes of the Fed meeting signal a delay in raising interest rates I 25 Nov ’22

– “Continue to win gold After the minutes of the Fed meeting, signaling a slowdown in interest rates, “with Khun Warut Rungkham, Director of Analysis, YLG Bullion and Futures Company #YLG #InvestGold #Gold #TNNWEALTH #TNNChannel16 . Follow the news Stocks and Line Investments • Line @TNNWEALTH : https://bit.ly/3tCKmiD ——————————————————————— Follow TNN Wealth through different channels. … Read more

Mustache twitching “Eagle” US military base in Syria was attacked | TNN, late night news | 26 Nov ’22

US military base in Syria hit by missile attack But it does not damage the lives of US soldiers. The Chinese leader sent a message ready to cooperate with North Korea in all dimensions. Channel to follow news station TNN Channel 16 https://www.tnnthailand.com https://tv.trueid.net/live/tnn16 https://www.youtube.com/c/tnn16 https://www.facebook .com/TNNthailand/ https://www.facebook.com/TNN16LIVE/ https://twitter.com/tnnthailand https://www.instagram.com/tnn_online/ https://www.tiktok.com/@tnnonline Line @TNNONLINE or click … Read more

vocational student Put on a table cloth and walk to the mall. Found a security guard holding a megaphone to chase away, saying it was not suitable, apologized (with clip)

vocational student Put a table to walk in the mall. Found a security guard holding a megaphone to chase away, saying it’s not suitable. The department store agent apologized. On November 24, a Facebook user “Pluem M” posted a message, a female friend who was a student wearing a sarong and went to buy products … Read more

A leaked video.. Hossam Habib’s father publishes a clip of his son and Sherine and deletes it

11:56 p.m Wednesday, November 23, 2022 I wrote – Bahira Fouda: Engineer Hussein Habib was forced to delete a video clip that he posted on his Facebook account, bringing together his son, singer Hossam Habib, and his wife, artist Sherine Abdel Wahab, after their return. And it showed in the video that the person who … Read more