CERN paves the way for a clock more accurate than atomic clocks –

An international team working at CERN has taken a decisive step towards the construction of a clock based on the periodic transition between two states of an atomic nucleus. Such a nuclear clock could be more accurate than the best atomic clocks. Scientists achieved an accuracy seven times greater than the most accurate of previous … Read more

The rotating clock head is spooky! I asked the author about the attractiveness of “heteromorphic” –

Mr. MSK with a suspicious atmosphere on the clock head / All imagesMSKprovided by A clock-headed gentleman who attracts people with an eerie atmosphere. Wearing a black suit and black gloves, he looks suspicious as if he came from another world.MSKMr. Miss. The head that rotates sideways is made by myself. The video of the … Read more

Tomitaro Makino, a man who dropped out of elementary school and became a world-famous botanist by studying on his own The life of botanist Tomitaro Makino (1) | JBpress autograph

2023.05.22 The Life of Botanist Tomitaro Makino As is well known, the main character, Mantaro Makino, in the NHK morning TV novel “Ranman” is modeled after the world-famous botanist Dr. Tomitaro Makino. Mantaro Makino, who played the role of Yuurito Mori as a child, Yujin Kobayashi as a boy, and Ryunosuke Kamiki as an adolescent, … Read more

Handheld Control Panel is an ultra-powerful “control center software” specially designed for handhelds, which can easily and instantly adjust power supply, fan, clock and create configuration files (with video) – Computer King Ada

Nowadays, more and more handheld game consoles use the Windows operating system, which also means that there are many changes in the software. Recently, foreign developers have created this “Handheld Control Panel”, which is known as the most powerful game console. Large and best-used control center software, players can easily use the controller on the … Read more

Adjusting sports, eating and medication use to your biological clock

About the episode A new method makes it easier and easier for researchers to determine someone’s biological clock. And that can help us live healthier lives. The idea is that we should adapt sports, eating and medication much more to our individual clocks. Something like melatonin gives a good idea of ​​someone’s biological clock, but … Read more

Is drinking coffee part of your daily routine? Then let your coffee enjoyment match your biological clock!

Coffee, one of the most popular beverages in the world, is frequently consumed not only for its taste but also for its arousing effect, due to the caffeine it contains. Although this effect sometimes comes to the rescue while trying to cultivate and focus on something, sometimes it becomes an obstacle to getting a quality … Read more

AGING: A synthetic genetic clock that extends lifespan

Human lifespan is related to the aging of our individual cells. Three years ago, the team from the University of California at San Diego had deciphered the essential mechanisms of the aging process. 2 distinct pathways taken by cells during aging were then identified. The researchers therefore came up with the idea of ​​genetically manipulating … Read more

Countdown clock LockBit for KNVB stopped: ‘Normally that means…’

Countdown clock LockBit for KNVB stopped: ‘Normally that means…’ Thursday, April 20, 2023 at 07:48 In any case, the KNVB seems to have given itself some time regarding the large data hostage at the union. The hacker collective LockBit’s countdown clock has stopped, which normally means payment has been made by the victim. The leak … Read more

A piece of health treasure! When you chew, it cuts the cough, makes the heart work like a clock – Gallery

Bay leaf has a miraculous effect, especially for respiratory problems. When you chew, it cuts the cough and opens the airways. In addition, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties, it also has a protective effect against respiratory problems such as bronchitis and asthma.

There’s not even a script yet! But actor Henry Cavill’s hopes of becoming the next super agent James Bond have already been shaken, as the clock is ticking…

Photo: AP/SCANPIX British actor Henry Cavill. The hopes of British actor Henry Cavill (Henry Cavill) to become the next heroic Agent 007 – James Bond – are threatened not only by his current most pressing competitor, Aaron Taylor-Johnson (Aaron Taylor-Johnson). That is to say, everything does not look so rosy, judging by the recent comments … Read more