Mixed performance of US stock market indices at the close

Was January 15 2022 10:12 AM A A The US stock market indices recorded mixed performance tonight at the close of trading sessions on the New York Stock Exchange. The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 201.81 points, or 0.6%, to 3591.81 points, while the broader Standard & Poor’s 500 Index increased 3.82, or 0.1%, to … Read more

Covid, what is self-surveillance and what does “close contact” mean

Covid, this is what self-surveillance is and what “close contact” means. The decree-law of 30 December 2021, n. 229, introduced new quarantine rules for the so-called “close contacts” of people who tested positive for Covid. Here are the indications of the circular from the Ministry of Health and the Faq published on the Msal website. … Read more

There is a 1,000 light-year-wide bubble that gives rise to many stars close to our Sun.

About 14 million years ago, a distant star exploded – the first in a series of supernovae that eventually blew a huge bubble of hot gas into our galaxy, the Milky Way. According to what astronomers have discovered, this bubble, about 1,000 light years in diameter, is the birthplace of our Sun and thousands of … Read more

sudden loss knocked down a close friend of Pugacheva

January 15, 2022 15:01 Igor Nikolaev hastened to honor the memory of guitarist Talgat Tukhtamyshev. The sudden loss knocked down a close friend of Alla Pugacheva, Igor Nikolaev. On Friday, January 14, it became known that the guitarist, who attended the wedding of Pugacheva and Kirkorov as a witness, suddenly died of cancer. One of … Read more

TAP: The Brazilian government has already been informed through diplomatic channels that the maintenance company in Brazil is to close

Less than a month after the approval of TAP’s restructuring plan by the European Commission, the Portuguese State and TAP decided to close down the maintenance and engineering company (ME Brasil) in Brazil, purchased from the former Varig in 2006, and which has already generated almost 900 million euros of loss in recent years. The … Read more

Pokimane decides to close transmission after receiving the attack of a bunch of trolls sent by a youtuber » Hero Network

Some of the biggest content creators in the world are constantly in the crosshairs of trolls of the internet who try to ruin this person’s work and experience. One of the most recent cases where someone suffered from this was the streamer Pokimane, who returned to make transmissions in Twitch after receiving a ban for … Read more

Turmoil at the CPAS in Genappe after the hiring of a lawyer … close to the president

The Genappe CPAS experienced some turmoil following the hiring of a lawyer and then the withdrawal of the decision to open the position. The file relating to the hiring of a lawyer for the Public Council for Social Action (CPAS) has created tensions within the municipal authorities in Genappe. In March 2021, the CPAS considers … Read more

what is known about the huge asteroid that will pass close to Earth on January 18

More than a kilometer measures the asteroid that will pass the Earth’s fence next week. Although it is expected to pass far enough, due to its size and proximity to the planet, it meets the requirements to be defined as a Potentially Hazardous Asteroid (PHA) by NASA. In any case, there is no risk that … Read more

The latest and largest iPhone defies fire and passes the most difficult tests (video)

The famous JerryRigEverything YouTube channel recently reviewed a video that showed the capabilities of the iPhone 13 Pro Max to withstand the harshest tests. Among the most difficult tests that the phone underwent was the test of the screen’s ability to resist scratches. After the expert tried to cut the screen with a sharp tool, … Read more

Burgas in the purple zone – students go online

The director of RHI-Burgas Dr. Georgi Pazderov STAFF: BNT Burgas is already in the purple zone. This afternoon, the crisis headquarters will decide whether to close schools in the entire district or only in the municipality of Burgas, the head of the Burgas RHI Dr. Georgi Pazderov told BTV. The planned operations in the hospitals … Read more