Although he would be closer to Kate, Eric del Castillo reveals why he no longer moved to Los Angeles

the first actor Don Eric del Castillo, 87 years old, has given a lot to talk about in recent weeks, but not because of his projects, but because of his change of life, having moved house and having left behind the one in which he lived for more than two decades Although initially had contemplated … Read more

The end of the ATM is getting closer, here’s the proof!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Economic transactions and digital finance are growing. Bank Indonesia noted that the value of digital banking transactions increased 45.64% (yoy) to Rp 39,841.4 trillion during 2021. The increase is expected to be even greater this year. This increase is inseparable from the behavior of people who prefer to shop online or … Read more

Boris Johnson has never been closer to the abyss. But the most likely outcome is still that he hangs on.

BRUSSELS (Aftenposten): Everyone thinks Boris Johnson is finished as prime minister. But it is not that simple. A cynical game can save him. Goodbye, Downing Street? Boris Johnsons has never been closer to being ousted as British Prime Minister. Foto: Paul Childs, Reuters/ NTB 19. jan. 2022 16:11 Last updated yesterday 18:13 NEWS ANALYSIS: The … Read more

USA: Accused of Conspiracy Against Government. The investigation is getting closer to Trump

The indictment contains the charge of an armed “conspiracy to oppose by force the legal transfer of presidential power in 2020.” and “Take Control of the Capitol” on Jan.6 Congress then voted to approve the election of Joe Biden as president, which spelled the defeat of Trump’s lies that he was “stolen from his victory” … Read more

Copa America brings Messi closer to the title

Perhaps the difficult circumstances that Argentine football star Lionel Messi went through last season with his former club Barcelona were enough to put him outside the nominations for the awards he used to win over the past years. But Messi’s talent and four weeks of brilliance with his country were enough to make the player … Read more

Patients with open uterine cancer one step closer to the benefits of September 9

This article is automatically translated from the original language to your language. Do not hesitate to let us know if it contains translation errors so that we can correct them as soon as possible. Par Erica Hensley | KHN Tammy Kaminski still remembers the taste of benzene, a cancer byproduct that ignites jet fuel. For … Read more

Important development in coronavirus: A gene variant has been discovered! “We’re closer…”

The results of an important research from Poland on the coronavirus epidemic that affected the whole world came. Within the framework of the research led by the University of Bialystok in Poland, an 18-month study was conducted on 1500 Kovid-19 patients. During the study, a gene variant was discovered that can double the risk of … Read more

One gene closer to sorghum

Sangwon Lee, a researcher at Purdue University, prepared an anthracnose sample. Lee is part of a research team working to make sorghum more resilient to improve the food security of millions of people. Credit: Purdue University/Tom Campbell photo Scientists are working to refine the speed, strength, and semi-immunity attributes in important food crops, such as … Read more

Kazakhstan is closer than it seems

Sunny island against the background of the surrounding horrors Kazakhstan has always been a relatively more prosperous country in the Central Asian region than others. There have also been riots in Kazakhstan 30 and ten years ago, but there have been many more coups and massacres in neighboring countries and the people there are also … Read more

Virologist Van Ranst hopeful about omicron: ‘This is closer to the flu’ | Abroad

According to Van Ranst, the corona virus can still cause social disruption, for example in hospitals. ‚ÄúThen you have to close beds and that can be dangerous. That’s where I see the big problem. So you should still try to avoid as many cases as possible and spread them out over time,” Van Ranst told … Read more