Former Russian President Regrets the Low Quality of Current European Leaders, Highlights Zelensky’s Clothing Style

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – Ex Russian President, Dmitry Medvedev provides his latest opinion on the qualities of Europe’s current leaders. According to Medvedev, who is also the former Prime Minister of Russia, the quality of European leaders currently tends to be low. He also regretted the low quality. He considered that the current generation of European politicians … Read more

Hailey Bieber is sued by clothing company for the name of her new line Rhode

Written in CELEBRITIES the 21/6/2022 · 17:08 hs After leaving her health problems behind and supporting her husband, Justin Bieber, with his, Hailey Bieber he has not lost attention to his business. The model launched her new skin care line called Rhode a few days ago. But after a little while, Hailey Bieber is facing … Read more

Amberd Heard attends discount clothing store

Midtime Editorial CDMX / 20.06.2022 09:55:24 The economic crisis is taking its toll on many people, including Amberd Heardsince the actress was captured in a Discount clothing store in Bridgehampton, New York. It should be remembered that Heard lost the lawsuit against her ex-husband, Johnyy Deppto whom you must pay the sum of 10 million … Read more

Clothing, electronics, jewelry: Revenue auctions off items seized at Guarulhos Airport; see how to participate | Economy

This month, the Internal Revenue Service is holding an auction with items seized at Guarulhos Airport, in São Paulo. There are 63 lots with IT products, jewelry, clothing, electronics, bicycles, sports accessories, watches and cell phones. Among them, iPad Mini with a minimum bid of R$100, iPhone XR at R$1,000, Garmin watch at R$400 and … Read more

Vilnius was outraged by higher stuck prices in a well – known clothing store: traders explain the reason Life

Saw increased clothing prices Kristina from Vilnius with her daughter on June 6th. went shopping in the Ozo shopping center. When they went to the Stradivarius store, they bought several items, but when they returned home, the woman paid more attention to the prices of clothes. According to her, new stickers were affixed to the … Read more

PE for a ban on the sale of cars with an internal combustion engine

339 deputies voted for the position, 249 were against, and 24 abstained. Although the regulations regarding the ban on the sale of diesel and petrol cars in EU countries have yet to be discussed and passed by the Council of the European Union, the vote in the EP is seen as the most important step … Read more

Slovakia has its own oil deposits. Where are they located and how much can we extract? – Energy – Economics

Five to six million tons of oil. This is the annual consumption of black gold in Slovakia. And Russia supplies almost everything to us. However, this will probably have to change soon. After 18 months, Slovnaft will be able to produce only 40 percent of its production from the Russian Urals oil blend, which it … Read more

Economists: Oil will soon descend from its peaks

Oil will be significantly more expensive this year and next than originally expected, but will fall from the current high values. Citigroup analysts said this in their updated outlook. Citigroup analysts have raised their estimate of the average price of North Sea Brent oil for next year by $ 16 to $ 75 a barrel. … Read more

The US has allowed the resumption of Venezuelan oil supplies to Europe, writes Reuters – ČT24 – Czech Television

According to sources, the administration of US President Joe Biden hopes that Venezuelan oil will help Europe reduce its dependence on Russia. However, according to one source, Venezuelan oil supplies are not expected to be high and will not have a significant impact on global oil prices. Washington’s agreement to resume Venezuelan oil supplies to … Read more

Anita Abel was humiliated in a clothing store: she was hurt because of her shape in the time of the Neighbors – Hungarian star

Ábel Anita he was only 12 years old when, in 1987, he was given the role of Mülenheim Julcsi in the series Neighbors. The actress-host grew up in front of the audience and was one of the stars of the series that ran until 1999. Abel Anita in the Time of Neighbors Ábel Anita never … Read more