The First Sighting of Clouds on Planet Jupiter in 3D, Looks Terrifying

Created by scientist and space imaging expert Gerald Eichstadt, he and his team relied on data from the JunoCam spacecraft, a camera that has provided a beautiful array of views of Jupiter since the unmanned spacecraft arrived in orbit of the gas giant in 2016.

Jupiter 3D Image Shows Strange Circular Clouds

Jakarta – Jupiter always looks amazing in camera shots. Images of Jupiter often show the gas giant planet surrounded by swirling clouds and Jupiter’s pretty colored cloud bands. A team of scientists wanted to know what Jupiter’s wild clouds looked like from their depths. So, they created beautiful 3D images with the help of NASA’s … Read more

Clouds of anger are gathering in the hungry Seimas: even the conservatives broke down

Member of the Seimas Rimantė Šalaševičiūtė LNK agreed to show what he brought for lunch. The politician brought herring and potatoes from her garden. “They are organic and a very good breed,” the politician boasted. Remigius Žemaitaitis brags about gourmet packed lunches on Facebook. For such as Paulius Saudargaswho do not bring lunch boxes to … Read more

Black clouds over Chodov. Penalties for aggression? Both the club and the prison are in danger

More than one fan is solving what happened on Saturday (and no, no one cares about the 1:6 result). The described behavior of home officials and fans smacks of a huge mess. The young referee Matyáš Hanzlík faced literal ill will, according to the minutes and witnesses. He caught the blow with his fist, he … Read more

Types of Clouds and Their Characteristics, Important to Know!

Types of clouds and their characteristics are always interesting to study. Understanding the types and characteristics of various clouds, you will know the weather conditions in the near future. Knowledge physics about the cloud is very interesting to discuss. Clouds are collections of visible water particles in the atmosphere. The water particles can be liquid … Read more

Types of Clouds, Characteristics and How They Are Formed

Bandung – Although it looks similar, it turns out that there are very many types of clouds, you know. In fact, these types of clouds can be divided into three distinct categories. Reporting from detikEdu, clouds are made of water droplets or ice crystals that are very small and light so they can survive in … Read more

On Thursday, the air in Latvia will warm up to 18 degrees and the sun will only be obscured by clouds at times

A slow east wind will blow, it will become moderate in South Kurzeme. The maximum air temperature will be +13..+18 degrees. It will be dry weather in Riga on Thursday, the sun will sometimes be covered by clouds. With a slight easterly wind, the air will warm up to +16 degrees. The weather is determined … Read more

On Tuesday, the sun will mix with clouds; The cold record of September 6 was broken in Kurzeme

A slow west, north-west wind will blow, in the morning there will be no wind in places. In Riga, the sun will shine between the clouds, no precipitation is expected and a slow wind will blow. The air will warm up to +15..+16 degrees. The weather is determined by an anticyclone. Atmospheric pressure 1026-1029 hectopascals … Read more

Astronomers Find Sand Clouds in Failed Star Atmosphere

The telescope has directly detected silicate clouds in the atmosphere REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — New observations from the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST) have given us direct confirmation that some alien worlds have rock clouds. The telescope has directly detected silicate clouds in the atmosphere of a brown dwarf—the first time, according to an international team … Read more