Facebook rolls out its Clubhouse competitor around the world

Facebook is launching a big offensive on audio, which is becoming more and more popular. And among the novelties announced by the social network this year, there is Live Audio Rooms, a competitor of Clubhouse which makes it possible to launch audio shows. This feature was introduced in April. But initially, creating audio lounges was … Read more

Clubhouse will allow sharing and promoting content with clips

Clubhouse began testing the creation of 30-second clips to promote the conversations that take place on the platform on social networks. It also introduced a new search bar and anticipated the arrival of the playback of past conversations. Universal Search was introduced this Thursday for both the iOS and Android apps. With it, Clubhouse users … Read more

3.8 billion Facebook and Clubhouse users sell data on the Internet

Darknet was originally created with a noble idea, it was to be a space on the Internet without regulations and state supervision. Initially, it served primarily as an anonymous digital space in countries where there is severe censorship on networks, and it still serves these purposes today. Gradually, however, darknet began to attract criminals who, … Read more

Amazon prepares its own audio chat rooms as Clubhouse

Audiochat rooms, those spaces in which users can participate in a live conversation as if it were a talk or online presentation, have become a priority for many social platforms after the success experienced by Clubhouse in the first months of the year. Amazon could integrate its audiochat service with Twitch Although the euphoria has … Read more

Clubhouse Introduces Support for Spatial Audio

Jakarta: One of Clubhouse’s features is to gather users and allow them to discuss topics online. However, one of the main differences is that instead of typing, users can speak directly. Quotes Engadget, now Clubhouse introduces a number of changes to this feature, promising a better user experience thanks to spatial audio support. This means … Read more

Clubhouse adds spatial audio to app and makes it standard – IT Pro – News

Audio chat app Clubhouse is getting the feature to play conversations with spatial audio. As a result, audio from people will seem to come from a certain place. That should make it easier to distinguish voices. The feature comes first on iOS and later also on Android, meldt Clubhouse. It will become the default way … Read more

Clubhouse Adds Spatial Audio Features to Make Conversations More Realistic | GamingDose

Clubhouse, a social platform for exchanging ideas and chatting. which has been very popular in the past After receiving continued feedback, Clubhouse has accelerated the development of the app to make it more accessible to people on multiple devices. as well as constantly updating the application Hear ye, hear ye 🔊 spAAaAaAatial audio on Clubhouse! … Read more

Like Facebook, Clubhouse is organizing to protect its Afghan users

Cluhouse announce that they have taken measures to ensure the safety of users in Afghanistan, following the entry of the Taliban into Kabul on August 15. Since the Taliban entered Afghanistan on August 15 in Kabul, some social networks have been organizing themselves to protect their users in the country. On Twitter, the head of … Read more

Clubhouse has a giant leak? 3.8 billion numbers to buy on the darknet

Marc Ruef – dealing with online security – noticed that she appeared on one of the darknet forums 3.8 billion numbers to sell. Their source is to be the Clubhouse. Importantly, however, we are talking not only about Clubhouse user numbers. The application synchronizes users’ contacts to make it easier to connect with other people … Read more