COA finds new asylum law ‘too complex’ and fears that it will not help quickly enough | inland

01 dec 2022 om 12:17 The Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) finds the asylum law proposed by State Secretary Eric van der Burg (Asylum) too complex and thinks that it will not help with the reception crisis in the short term. That writes Fidelity. Nidos, the guardianship organization for unaccompanied refugee … Read more

Judge gives permission for emergency shelter asylum seekers on cruise ship Velsen-Noord

NOS In cooperation with NH News NOS News•Monday, 16:29 The Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA) is allowed to receive a thousand asylum seekers on a cruise ship in Velsen-Noord. The court in Haarlem has decided that today. Entrepreneurs in the Noord-Holland area wanted to prevent the shelter in preliminary relief proceedings, … Read more

Local politicians want black and white that the Bant application center is cancelled

ANP NOS News•Tuesday, 08:27 Politicians in the Noordoostpolder municipality are not reassured that there really will be no registration center in Bant. It worries them that in the letter from the COA that was sent yesterday, does not state in black and white that Bant is cancelled. “When I read the letter, I don’t see … Read more

State and COA recognize: emergency shelter for asylum seekers below par | Inland

Premium The best of De Telegraaf Door Niels Rigter Yesterday, 15:00 in INTERIOR Chairman of the board Frank Candel and his colleague Sadhia Rafi of the Council for Refugees prior to the summary proceedings in The Hague. Ⓒ ANP/HH The Hague – The State and the COA recognize that the emergency reception for asylum seekers … Read more

Tonight again no forced outdoor sleepers in Ter Apel

ANP NOS News•yesterday, 00:15 Just like last night, no one is forced to sleep outside tonight at the application center for asylum seekers in Ter Apel. This is reported by the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA). Sixty people receive shelter in the waiting rooms of the IND, the Immigration and Naturalization … Read more

Shipping company delivers refugee ship, but it is not coming to Velsen yet

Tallink Group In cooperation with NH News NOS News•Saturday, 12:06 The sea cruise ship Silja Europa is scheduled to depart from Estonia to the Netherlands. The intention is for the ship to dock at the quay in Velsen and to provide shelter for a thousand asylum seekers from 1 September. But the ship is not … Read more