“The Adriatic coast will be even more attractive”

BRINDISI – “I am sure that these loans will serve to make one of the most beautiful coastal stretches in Italy even more attractive, even more popular and even better known”. The minister for the south and territorial cohesion, Mara Carfagna, speaks in a conference room in the prefecture of Brindisi packed as never before. … Read more

Vongolara sunk, the tragedy half a mile from the coast: the victim is Lauro Mancini

FALCONARA – Lauro Mancini was the name of the 57-year-old from Ancona who died this morning at dawn in the fragic accident at sea in half a mile from the coast, just north of the Api refinery. The clam on which she was fishing, for reasons yet to be ascertained, suddenly overturned. He would go … Read more

Karl Erik Harr exhibits thirty pictures and hopes the ancestors by the coast are remembered in the history books – NRK Trøndelag

– I have had this as a secret to myself. But now people can come and see what I have dreamed, what I have thought about and what I have done to show the life of the heroic people, says artist Karl Erik Harr. Those he calls a heroic people are the ancestors of many … Read more

Chinese and Russian ships off the coast of Japan. A mighty fleet awaits them

May and June 2022 are the times when the Japanese Self-Defense Forces are closely following Russian and Chinese naval maneuvers. The activity of the Russian and Chinese fleets increased significantly during this time, but Japan is not defenseless. Its fleet, despite its pacifist rhetoric, is a real power. On June 12-13, a squadron of Chinese … Read more

A fan stormed Mohamed Ramadan’s yacht on the northern coast.. You won’t believe how the artist reacted with his wife.. Video

Artistic accounts on social networking sites have reproduced a video in which the artist, Mohamed Ramadan, is accompanied by his wife and a group of his friends wandering the yacht on the northern coast. The video shows a fan storming the yacht, swimming in the sea, in order to welcome and take a memorial photo … Read more

Representative of the occupiers: Ukraine fired drilling rigs off the coast of Crimea

Ukraine army annexed by Russia Crimea The Russian occupiers’ embankment on the annexed Ukrainian peninsula, Sergei Aksyonov, said on Monday. Content will continue after the ad Advertising “This morning, the enemy attacked the drilling rigs at Chernomorneftegaz,” Aksjonov told the Telegram website, citing a Crimean-based oil and gas company. There were 12 people on the … Read more

Heat in Belgium: 32°C in Uccle, 19°C in Zeebrugge… How to explain the temperature differences between the coast and the interior of the country?

A record of 32.6 degrees recorded in Uccle , but around 19 degrees in Zeebrugge. Faced with strong heat, the Belgians rushed to the North Sea this Saturday , and they found a bit of freshness there: on the Belgian coast, temperatures fluctuated between 18 and 23 degrees that day. How can these discrepancies be … Read more