Exit code of ethics… enter political motivation… – inside news:

Are we seeing a circus show where some lawyers mock the Mauritian legal system and the public? Anyone found guilty of an offense has the right to a lawyer and to a fair trial. Even those who have committed atrocious crimes, despite public outrage, deserve a defense. Especially when one is well aware of the … Read more

The QR code comes back stronger than ever

An unexpected consequence of the pandemic situation that is going through the whole world has been the return of these small mosaics. Since the invention of QR codes and especially throughout the last decade, we have read or even written claims of the caliber of “QR codes are dead”, “Nobody uses QR codes” or “they … Read more

Microsoft Xbox Gift Card digital code – Anakeles

Description Get an Xbox gift card for games and entertainment on Xbox and Windows. Shop the latest games, map packs, movies, TV, music, apps, and more. * And on Xbox One, buy and download blockbuster games the day they’re available everywhere. Excellent as a gift, allowance, or alternative to a credit card. * Works with … Read more

The implementation of the Blue Code in CDMX COVID hospitals is false: Health

The implementation of the Blue Code in CDMX COVID hospitals is false: Salud REUTERS / Carlos Jasso / File photoRumors indicated that a supposed Blue code It was implemented in the COVID hospitals of Mexico City due to the high demand for beds for critically ill patients who require intubation or a bed with a … Read more

Microsoft Office Professional 2019 Digital Code – Desktop and All InOne

How to buy? 1) Buy your downloadable product 2) We will send you three emails: (1) the purchase confirmation, (2) the ticket, and (3) the unique activation code 3) Follow the code validation instructions sent along with this 4) Enjoy your purchase Keep in mind: Given the nature of this digital product, your purchase is … Read more

Microsoft Says ‘SolarWinds’ Hackers Viewed Internal Code – Nimbus-T Global

Microsoft acknowledged Thursday that attackers who spearheaded a massive hack of government and private computer networks gained access to its internal “source code,” a key building block for its software. But the US tech giant said the attack, which top US officials have attributed to Russian-led hackers, were unable to compromise or modify any of … Read more

SolarWinds attackers managed to gain access to Microsoft code

Microsoft has released additional details about the attack that compromised the infrastructure of SolarWinds which implemented a backdoor on the SolarWinds Orion network infrastructure management platform, which was used on Microsoft’s corporate network. Analysis of the incident showed that the attackers gained access to some Microsoft corporate accounts and during the audit, it was revealed … Read more

Microsoft says that Russian hackers have seen its source code.

An internal investigation reveals that hackers were able to view Microsoft’s source code after the massive SolarWinds cyber attack. Thousands of organizations, including several branches of US government agencies, were affected by a cybersecurity breach by suspected Russian hackers. IT management software SolarWinds Orion was used to launch the cyber attack, and the software is … Read more