Did you know that there is a link between your morning coffee and happiness? – Marketeer

The relationship between coffee and happiness goes far beyond what one can imagine. In addition to being one of the most consumed drinks in the world, it has a special connection with emotions. In fact, coffee consumption can help prevent emotional problems, as it stimulates the so-called happiness hormones (noradrenaline, serotonin and dopamine). What would … Read more

Bits&Atoms: AI is even useful for looking for life on Mars

Samsung has been caught cheating photos you take of the moon with your smartphone. Why are they doing that? And is it often cheated? We also talk about the search for life on Mars that is facilitated with AI, about how best to search the internet with ChatGPT and about coffee plantations that have to … Read more

Here is the incredible power of apple and coffee duo

Dietitian Nilay Keçeci stated that consuming an apple every day reduces bad cholesterol. “It has a great effect on lowering LDL cholesterol, especially because of the fiber and antioxidants it contains. Indispensable for weight loss diets, apples are perfect for both weight loss and weight maintenance. Consuming an apple every day with the required amount … Read more

Food basket already costs 235 euros. From cod to onions and coffee, these were the 10 products that most increased in price in the last week

The price of the basket of essential foodstuffs increased again this week – it is the fourth consecutive week of increase -, according to the analysis of DECO Proteste: it reached a record value of practically 235 euros (234.84), an increase of more than 27 % since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, when … Read more

Those who drink a lot of tea and coffee while working will be upset! The repentant warning came: Something was found in it! – LIFE

Scientists found dangerous bacteria by researching the kitchen appliances they use in their offices. Disappointing news has come for those who drink tea throughout their office life. It is known that tea hours made by everyone cause great dangers. Scientific research has confirmed that kitchen utensils contain bacteria that can be spread through feces, which … Read more

Those who try will get rid of all their problems in a snap. Here is the coffee lemon mix

Another formula with countless benefits has emerged. While the coffee lemon cure helps to treat various diseases in the person, it also helps to heal the person in various areas. While coffee itself is a great mind-opening, metabolism-enhancing product, many other benefits emerge when combined with lemon. When consumed by mixing coffee and lemon, see … Read more

Milk protein allergy: young man dies in Spain after drinking coffee with milk

A 17-year-old girl allergic to milk protein died during a diocesan meeting in Manzanares, Spain. Irene suffered a cardiac arrest after drinking a coffee that had milk, last weekend, during a church gathering. The girl was transferred to the General Hospital La Mancha Center, in Alcázar de San Juan, but did not resist. Funeral ceremonies … Read more