‘Option expiration date on the 19th’ Bitcoin bears and bulls, who will laugh… Buying whale BTC even in a sharp decline ‘Attention’: Coin Leaders

After hitting a milestone of $69,000 over the past few days, the cryptocurrency giant, Bitcoin (BTC), has been on a big volatile market, breaking its psychologically important support of $60,000 due to a few bad news. On the 18th (local time), Cointelegraph, a media specializing in cryptocurrencies, said, “On the 12th, the US Securities and … Read more

10 Cryptocurrencies That Are Predicted To Be Profitable To Buy In November 2021

PURWOKERTO PORTAL – Here you can see 10 coin crypto- which is predicted to be profitable to buy on November 2021. Cryptocurrency is already familiar to us and has even dominated in today’s digital era. There are several assets crypto- the most popular and attract investors to invest in various cryptocurrency to expand their portfolio. … Read more

Up to 10 thousand euros if you find this coin: here’s what, PHOTO

Numismatics, i.e. the study of coins and banknotes, has always been one of the hobby more widespread and emblematic worthy of this name, both because money is inevitably used by everyone, but also for the enormous historical, cultural and social value that this type of object in most cases keeps more or less hidden. The … Read more

Analysts say Shiba Inu prices are driven by dealers, billion dollar transactions are in the spotlight

PURWOKERTO PORTAL – Price Shiba Inu has been making moves recently, hitting an all-time high of $0.00008876 last week and breaking into the top ten to leapfrog Dogecoin in the process. However, since then the momentum for the meme coin has slowed considerably, triggering a sell-off that bottomed out at $0.00004264 on Thursday – a … Read more

Elon Musk’s Crypto Coin ‘Dogelon Mars’ Priced Nearly 4,000% This Month

Elon Musk’s Crypto Coin ‘Dogelon Mars’ Priced Nearly 4,000% This Month The meme digital currency named after Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla (NASDAQ:) and SpaceX, rose 3,780% this October. Its name is Dogelon Mars (ELON), with its price surging as high as $0.00000233 on Saturday, its highest level since May 13 after its launch of … Read more

Logitech double 11 carnival big coin up to a discount of NT$1,111!

Whether you are single and want to vent, or want to grab a discount to reward yourself, you have been waiting for a long time! Logitech is now announcing the launch of the “Double 11 Carnival” event, offering a wave of strong discounts and gifts. From October 25th to November 14th, a number of business … Read more

Crazy! Rp. 500 Jasmine Coin Sold for Rp. 100 Million, This Collector Gives Resistance at a Reasonable Price

BANGKAPOS.COM – Money coin Rp. 500 images of jasmine make a scene because they are sold up to hundreds of millions. In response to that, collector money that judged the price was fantastic to provide resistance. It provides a match by offering a more reasonable price. Yes, coins which is often referred to as loose … Read more

“I can’t live my life like this”… Purchasing after taking stocks and coin funds even in their 20s

This article is a Real Estate Email Newsletter. Subscribe to our free real estate newsletter. You can search for Maeburi Letter on Naver. “When I saw seniors who couldn’t buy a house while waiting for an offer, I was afraid that I would become homeless for the rest of my life. I was still far … Read more

Tinder comes with digital coin system to make one-time purchases – IT Pro – News

Tinder will introduce a digital currency in its app that will allow users to make one-time purchases. The coins will be for sale with real money, but they must also be earnable by using the dating app a lot. The new coin system will appear in phases in Australia from the end of August, meldt … Read more