Banxico launches Mennonites commemorative coin to Mexico; it is 20 pesos

The Bank of Mexico informs that today it put into circulation a 20 peso coincommemorating the 100th anniversary of the arrival of the Mennonites in Mexico. What elements does the commemorative 20-peso coin have? this coin it is bimetallic, it has a dodecagonal shapehas a latent image and a microtext as security elements. The obverse … Read more

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, nearly electrocuted a child: “Plug a charger halfway into an outlet then put a coin on the pins”

After completing a few challenges, a 10-year-old child asked Alexa to offer her another one. “Plug a charger halfway into an outlet, then place a coin on the prongs that stick out,” then offers him the voice assistant. Shocked, Kristin Livdahl, the mother of the little girl, quickly shared this misadventure on her Twitter account. … Read more

This is the failed coin of 2008 that is sold today for $90,000 pesos: how to know if I have one and how many there are

The hobby of collecting objects is an interest that is growing every day more in Chileans. It also happens with the Numismaticswhich is specifically about the collection of coinsbanknotes and/or medals that contain some particular characteristic. These pieces, which generally come from printing mistakes, can cost a lot for interested collectors. like this piece, made … Read more

This is the $10 pesos coin that is sold today for $20,000 pesos: how to know if I have one and how many there are

The Numismatics has had quite a striking impact in recent months in Chile. It is increasingly common to see people interested in collecting coins and related objects such as banknotes, among others. One of the reasons for this is that it has been known that a coin of little value today can be bought or … Read more