Hobbyist finds one of the UK’s ‘first gold coins’, which could earn him at least $550,000

Published: 17 one 2022 19:11 GMT Currently only 8 coins of this type are known to exist, dating back to the time of King Henry III of England, almost all of them preserved in museums. A man has found an extremely rare specimen of the “first gold coin in history” of the United Kingdom, which … Read more

Currency rates today, Friday, 14-1-2022, in Egyptian banks

settled Exchange Rates Today, Friday 14-1-2022, in banks operating in Egypt against the Egyptian pound, due to the weekly holiday on Friday and Saturday, as the price of each of the dollar In front of the Egyptian pound, at a price of 15.64 pounds for purchase, and 15.74 pounds for sale, and the Saudi riyal … Read more

Food-seeking badger digs up fortune in Roman coins

The treasure was discovered near an animal den in the northern Spanish region of Asturias. The archaeologists spotted the first coins while doing fieldwork with a local guide. Snowed in They think the badger ran out of food last year due to a severe storm accompanied by unprecedented snowfall. As a result, the animal forced … Read more

They sue him after throwing 220 kilos of coins in the house of a former employee

91,500 pennies: the payment to a former employee 2:03 New York, NY (CNN) – There are difficult bosses. Then there are the bosses who dump more than 220 kilos of greasy coins into the driveway of a former employee. The U.S. Department of Labor filed a lawsuit late last month against a Georgia auto repair … Read more

These are the safest cars of 2021. Škoda has two gold coins! – Counseling – Car

In Mladá Boleslav, they have to open champagne. Škoda sent two new models to the crash tests last year, and both were among the best in the Best in Class balance sheet. However, another seven cars were awarded. Photo: Euro NCAP Škoda Enyaq iV – Euro NCAP April 2021 Last year, 33 new car models … Read more

The future of the price of Bitcoin.. Here are the expectations of Goldman Sachs for the next 5 years

New York, USA (CNN)–Goldman Sachs revealed its expectations about the future price of the digital currency Bitcoin, indicating that it sees this currency will witness a strong rise in the coming years. The world’s most valuable cryptocurrency has fallen to about $43,000 after it jumped to a record near $69,000 last November, however, Goldman Sachs … Read more

The price of the euro today, Tuesday 4-1-2022 against the Egyptian pound

The price of the euro fell today, Tuesday 4-1-2022, a noticeable decline against the Egyptian pound in Egyptian banks, recording in the National Bank of Egypt a price of 17.64 pounds for purchase, and 17.80 for sale, compared to the closing price of yesterday was 17.73 pounds for purchase, and 17.91 for sale, and in … Read more

Currency rates today, Sunday 1-2-2022, at the beginning of the new year

Currency rates varied today, Sunday, 2-1-2022, against the Egyptian pound, on the first working day in banks during the new year 2022, as it was proven dollar price At a price of 15.64 pounds for purchase, and 15.74 pounds for sale, the Saudi riyal recorded stability at 4.18 pounds for purchase, and 4.19 pounds for … Read more

Bringing 170 bags of coins from China, “I’ll buy you tea”… ‘Sweating’ from counting money

A man from China brought 170 bags of coins to buy a car, and car dealerships and bank employees sweated as they counted the money. 170 bags of coins brought to buy a car ▶ Click here for a larger view On the 31st, on Chinese internet sites and social media sites such as Baidu, … Read more