G-20 wants to create legal framework for stable coins

Source: Wit Olszweski | Shutterstock G-20 publishes report on global stable currencies (GSC) and reaffirms cooperation with the World Bank, IMF, among others. New regulatory framework for stablecoins will be implemented in early 2022. The G-20 Financial Stability Board (FSB) has published a report with its recommendations for regulating and monitoring stablecoins. The document was … Read more

The best cheap teams to start in FIFA 21 FUT: 5 templates between 25K and 45K coins

We offer you five of the best cheap templates for FIFA 21 FUT that collect the best players from the major leagues, and that you should hurry to make before they go up in price. It’s nothing it’s simple start playing FIFA Ultimate Team in FIFA 21 Since at the beginning we have very few … Read more

Monero, Zcash, Dash see> 10% increase … This is what drives the growth of privacy coins

Privacy coins like Currency, Script, ZCash everyone has noticed an interesting increase in the last 24 hours. An increase, which for all intents and purposes can be traced to the latest Justice Department report. memorandum. The memo in question spoke of adding a back door to everything digital so that government authorities / law enforcement … Read more

7 FIFA 21 teams between 25K and 500K coins with which you will sweep in FUT CHAMPIONS

We offer you seven templates of up to 500,000 coins that will help you win many games during FUT Champions and thus obtain a multitude of rewards. The weekend is approaching, and with this we must already have a team in mind to be able to participate in the Ultimate Team Weekend League, a competition … Read more

Top 5 Cheapest and Cheapest Forwards You Can Sign In FIFA 21 FUT For Less Than 5K Coins

We offer you a list of the best cheap and proven strikers that you can sign for FIFA 21 FUT for very few coins, ideal to start the competition and that will be a real reference for the coming months. One of the most successful demarcations in the transfer market for FIFA 21 is the … Read more

The trial between Apple and Epic Games will be for 2021

SPECIAL. – Due to the problems that Epic Games had with Apple that arose several months ago, because Epic Games introduced a purchasing system within the Fornite game, so Apple decided to withdraw the game from the Apple Store, something such that both They were sued and there will be a trial for May 3, … Read more

PARSIQ Team Helps Crypto Hack Victims Recover Stolen Coins Through Coordinated Developments

Everything you need to know about Ledger Nano X before buying it The PARSIQ team used their innovative technology to take a “snapshot” of the status of their token holders before the KuCoin hack. As the cryptocurrency industry grows immensely on a global scale, the risk factors associated with black hat hackers are eyeing unsuspecting … Read more

FIFA 21 Web App: tips and tricks to get the most out of the application and start earning FIFA coins

We give you all the keys so you can start using and winning with the FIFA 21 web application, ideal for having contact with our team and the transfer market at any time. How it has happened during the last deliveries, we will have at our disposal for free the web application for FIFA 21 … Read more

Bitcoin’s bullish days are coming soon: stack more coins on the dive

More users with huge bitcoin addresses According to research conducted by the University of Cambridge, Bitcoin has passed a milestone of 100 million in terms of users. The study, initially started in 2017, conducts research every year on a topic related to digital assets. The main points recorded in the research highlighted that 90 percent … Read more

Trading method to earn coins in Fifa21

Today we are going to talk a little about my favorite vice, the trade of FIFA 21 (at the moment with the webapp) since the physical game does not come out until the 9th, unless you have bought a special version which in that case you have access to the game three days before. Well … Read more