Celtic treasure, coins minted on Czech territory, were stolen from a museum in Bavaria

Thieves broke into the museum on Tuesday night and took all of the approximately 450 coins that archaeologists discovered near Manching in 1999. It was the largest hoard of Celtic currency found in the 20th century. The DPA agency states that approx 2000 year old treasure was the biggest attraction of the museum. According to … Read more

Rare 2 euro coins worth up to 2,000 euros: here’s what they are

8/10 Martin Lamberts THE CELEBRATORY COINS OF 2022 – Like every year, some rare coins were also minted in 2022 which, in the coming years, could be exchanged for much higher prices to collectors. In Italiafor example, 3 million 2 euro coins resemble i 30 years since the death of the magistrates Giovanni Falcone and … Read more

there is a scam involving 2 euro coins that can make you lose a lot of money

The Spanish Civil Guard warned: there is a scam that can make you lose a lot of money, if you ‘fall’ repeatedly. The procedure is simple and involves 2 euro coins against ‘doubles’ whose value is much lower. Eye!!These are turkish liraThey go for 2 euros for their resemblance and they are really worth €0.32#Quenotelacuelen … Read more

Fighting Special Attack 2 players found that a certain virtual item in the game is more expensive than the real world peripheral goods

In “Overwatch 2”, which was officially launched in early October, the Blizzard Entertainment team officially changed the buyout system of the original “Overwatch” to completely free for this team competitive shooting game, but at the same time, the team also The “loot box” system that has caused various controversies in recent years has been completely … Read more

Gold closes at its highest level since August, posting strong weekly gains

Gold prices rose at the close of trading today, Friday, November 11, amid the dollar’s ​​decline against most of the major currencies, as the precious metal recorded strong weekly gains. ‏The precious metal recorded its best weekly performance since at least July 2020 after signs of slowing inflation in the United States reinforced speculation that … Read more

The face value of 100,000 coins is coming. The 2023 Chinese Year of the Rabbit Gold and Silver Commemorative Coins will be issued: a total of 13 coins

The People’s Bank of China is scheduled to issue a set of gold and silver commemorative coins for the 2023 Chinese Guimao (Rabbit) Year on November 18, 2022. There are 13 gold and silver commemorative coins in this set, including 8 gold commemorative coins and 5 silver commemorative coins, all of which are the legal … Read more

Scientists have discovered a huge tunnel under the Egyptian temple, where they found coins and the remains of statues of deities

reads: 990409.11.2022 04:07 In a tunnel dating back to the Ptolemaic period, archaeologists have found coins and the remains of statues of Egyptian deities. The publication writes about it Live Science . Archaeologists in Egypt have discovered a large tunnel under a temple in the ancient city of Taposiris Magna. It is located west of … Read more

Let’s collect coins together!ASRock Releases Z790 PG SONIC Joint Motherboard | NOVA Information Plaza

ASRock Inc., the world’s leading motherboard manufacturer, is honored to cooperate with Japan’s SEGA to launch the Z790 PG SONIC co-branded motherboard, which evokes childhood memories of you and me, running together at high speed and collecting gold coins under the blue sky, white clouds and palm trees. . Z790 PG SONIC with Intel® Z790 … Read more