Now they are afraid of the collapse of a German bank

Bank stocks fell again in European stock trading on Friday after renewed fears that more banks could be in bad shape. The biggest minus, 15 percent a Deutsche Bank case, which is understandable in that the financial institution recently suffered for a relatively long time, and it took a long time to put it in … Read more

A shock for the Budivelnik players: financial problems caused the club to collapse in a flash

The Kyiv Budivelnik team played in the quarter-finals of the Northern European League (ENBL) less than a week ago and were one step away from the final four, where Alytus Wolves eventually won the place. However, the situation changed in a flash. A couple of days ago, Budivelnik itself submitted a request to withdraw from … Read more

Credit Suisse collapse, which are the largest funds damaged by bonds

Inside Ubs there is a happy atmosphere: the Swiss company has skyrocketed on the stock market thanks to the revelation of Swiss credit, closing trading on Tuesday 21 March at +12.1%, with a capitalization that increased by more than 8 billion francs in two sessions. The same cannot be said for the investors who had … Read more

The Collapse of SVB, and Our Economy

It was September 29, 2008. I had just finished holding a meeting in the Midtown area of ​​Manhattan, when television reported that Congress had rejected the Bush administration’s proposed $700 billion bailout package to save the financial sector. I decided to go to Wall Street. That day the capital markets in New York were crushed: … Read more

The president behind entertainment “Sister-in-law’s goosebumps counterattack… Park Soo-hong, the reason why the billions collapse.” Who is the third person?

Sports Chosun = Reporter Park Ah-ram yunhap news Circumstances in which Park Soo-hong and his brother-in-law, who are in legal dispute, started a counterattack were captured. On the 20th, a video titled ‘Sister-in-law’s creepy counterattack… the reason Park Soo-hong collapsed’ was uploaded on the YouTube channel ‘President Lee Jin-ho behind entertainment’. In the video, Lee … Read more

Silicon Valley and Signature: After the collapse of the two American banks, are we facing a banking crisis?

Natalie Sherman Economics Editor – New York March 18, 2023 image copyright Reuters photo comment, Federal authorities in the United States announced control of the “Silicon Valley” bank, in what was considered the largest financial collapse of a bank in the United States since 2008. When the US President himself tells people that their money … Read more

The aftershock of the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank and the impact of Credit Suisse on the European banking industry?An analysis of BNP Paribas | TechNews Technology News

Alain Gérard, MSc, MBA, Senior Investment Strategist (Stock Market) of BNP Paribas Wealth Management and BNP Paribas Wealth Managing Global Chief Investment Officer Edmund Shing put forward relevant analysis insights. What the hell happened to Silicon Valley Bank? Alain Gérard, MSc, MBA said that Silicon Valley Bank specializes in financing startups and young technology companies, … Read more

Sharon Stone reveals that she lost half of her money due to the collapse of the Silicon Valley Bank? – The financial

Sharon Stone took the stage to give a speech at a gala organized by the Women’s Cancer Research Fund to fundraisingfor which the 65-year-old actress surprised by revealing that she lost part of her fortune. After he was presented with the Award of Valor, he wept as he asked attendees for an effort to donate … Read more