The Budapest Operetta Theater issued an extraordinary statement about the ballerina injured in the house collapse

The Budapest Operettszínház issued a statement about the condition of the dancer who was seriously injured in the house collapse in Pest. As it is Origin also reported on it, on June 27 the roof structure of a house in downtown Budapest collapsed. Several cars were under the wreckage, many panicked. At least four people … Read more

Deputy Chairperson of the DPR Banggar collapses after giving the manuscript to Puan Maharani

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Deputy Chairperson of the Budget Agency (Banggar) DPR Muhidin Mohamad Said collapsed in the middle of the DPR Plenary Session which was held Thursday (30/6) today. Muhidin collapsed after handing over the manuscript of the DPR Banggar report to the Chairperson of the DPR, Puan Maharani. After shaking hands, Muhidin who … Read more

Deputy Chairperson of Banggar Reveals Conditions Before the Collapse at the DPR Plenary Session

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Deputy Chairperson of the DPR’s Budget Agency (Banggar) Muhidin Mohamad Said raise your voice about his health condition after collapsing in front of the chairman DPR Puan Maharani in the Plenary Meeting, Thursday (30/6) today. Muhidin admitted that he lost his concentration after reading the DPR Budget Agency report and handed … Read more

Al-Aqsa Mosque Threatened to Collapse, Sporadic Excavations, Grand Mufti of Jerusalem & Palestine: Stop it

The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem and Palestine, Mohammad Hussein, warned the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) and settlement group Elad. Those who are digging under the foundations of the Al-Aqsa Mosque to stop their activities. The excavations were carried out adjacent to the south wall of the mosque. And opening a road beneath it, will cause … Read more

The ball feeder was on the verge of collapse, and the tennis player saved him at Wimbledon with candy with a pig

Home player Jodie Burrage showed in the first round of Wimbledon that tennis still includes humanity. When she saw the collapsing ball feeder, she hurried with a cold drink and a bag of candy to replenish her energy. Monday’s match of the first round of the Wimbledon singles between the home team of Jodie Burrage … Read more

Sri Lanka is about to collapse. Soon, several other countries may end up with the same problems.

Photo: Kristoffer Rønneberg COLOMBO / OSLO (Aftenposten): Sri Lanka will be partially locked down from Tuesday. If you ask people in Colombo who is to blame, you will get a very clear answer. 27. June 2022 21:28 Last updated just now Newsletter Get the overview with our newsletter about Ukraine sign me in Biloshan Rienza … Read more

The collapse of the metals market is the worst since the Great Recession

This is a dramatic turnaround compared to the last two years, when the metals market, affected by a wave of optimistic sentiment in the post-quarantine period, inflation forecasts and supply disruptions, has grown rapidly. Inflation is now as it is, and supply is still limited. But prices are falling sharply as concerns about a slowdown … Read more

Germany against energy collapse – this is how Swedish companies are affected

THE ACUTE ELECTRIC CRISIS Photo: Adam Ihse / TT, Mostphotos, Private German Minister of Trade and Industry Robert Habeck warns of a collapse in the energy system. “Energy prices are rising to unimaginable heights,” says energy analyst Staffan Reveman and flags that the crisis is also affecting Swedish companies. “Whatever you do in Sweden – … Read more

How much is Di Maio’s party worth after the split, accelerates the collapse of the M5s: the Winpoll-Sole poll

The most evident change in the political scenario with the birth of “Together for the future”the new political entity of Luigi Di Maioaccording to the Winpoll survey for The sun 24 hours inevitably involves the M5s of Giuseppe Conte, which would be particularly damaged by the split also from an electoral point of view. Already … Read more

Israeli Zionists Dig a Tunnel Under Jerusalem, Al-Aqsa Mosque Threatened To Collapse : Okezone News

JERUSALEM – Israel continues to expel residents Palestine from hometown. They even destroyed mosques and historical Islamic sites. Activities at the Al Aqsa Mosque are also very limited. (Also read: The Story of Palestinian Muslims Protecting Al Aqsa Mosque from Israeli Army Tear Gas Attacks) In addition, large-scale excavations continue under the ground of the … Read more