Seven people involved in the irregular construction of collapsed buildings during the earthquake in Turkey arrested

Authorities in the Turkish city of Izmir on Thursday arrested seven people involved in the construction of buildings that collapsed during the 6.9-magnitude earthquake that struck the Eurasian country on October 30, leaving a balance of at least 114 dead. According pick up the Anadolu agency, the results of an investigation conducted by a group … Read more

VIDEO: A rescue dog saves a cat from the rubble of a building collapsed by the earthquake in Turkey

The feline remained buried for about 30 hours before being located by the dog. Days after the strong earthquake that struck the Turkish province of Izmir on October 30, each new story of a rescue alive is regarded as a miracle. Rescuers pull out of the rubble not only humans, but also animals that managed … Read more

They rescue a girl who stayed 90 hours under a collapsed building in Turkey – Radio TGW

TGW Digital – Through tears and shouts of joy, a girl between the ages of 4 and 5 was rescued in Izmir, Turkey. The minor spent more than 90 hours under the rubble of a building collapsed by the earthquake that struck the area on October 30. In a video that circulates on social networks, … Read more

Two children rescued alive in Turkey three days after the 7.0 magnitude earthquake that collapsed hundreds of buildings

When firefighter Muammer Celik caught up with a 3-year-old girl trapped for three days under the rubble of a deadly earthquake in a coastal city in Turkey, her heart sank. She lay motionless, covered in dust and asked a colleague for a body bag. But when Celik reached out to wipe her face, the girl … Read more

Quiros Slyly Indicated That The City Is With The Collapsed Health System.

Quirós indicated that “50% of the outpatient system cares for Buenos Aires citizens” hitting Axel directly and starting the media war by looking at the half-time elections. While Horacio Rodriguez Larreta in his phenomenal madness prefers to fill the pockets of those who sell beer in Palermo, old partners who contributed to his electoral campaigns, … Read more

One year after 18-O: the Friday of fury that collapsed the Piñera oasis and unleashed a constituent process without turning back

“Without a doubt, this is a weekend that can be complex, but we have already been going through and we have seen how the vast majority of Chileans want peace and tranquility, and I think that this should be the central element that they interpret, that marks the attitude, activity and life of Chileans, particularly … Read more

Collapsed wall of the church of the La América neighborhood in Medellín

This Saturday a wall of the Nuestra Señora de los Dolores church collapsed, located in the La América neighborhood, in the west of Medellin. According to the parish priest Juan Manuel Bustamante Valencia told, there were no injuries, but the parish should be closed and the Eucharist suspended. “The church was built 123 years … Read more

Health in emergency: the team of itinerant professionals that travels to the provinces collapsed by COVID-19

Doctors and nurses sent by the Nation to Jujuy last monthThey arrive amid despair and chaos. They live in permanent emergency and have become a kind of salvation army for those provinces that today are overwhelmed by the increase in COVID-19 infections. The team of itinerant health professionals that began to send the Nation to … Read more

The generals to whom the Police collapsed

On July 2, 2008, fifteen hostages, among them the former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and three North Americans, were rescued from the FARC captivity in the famous Operation Jaque. That day, Colombians felt great appreciation for the Military Forces and the Police. Never, in the last 25 years, had the image of the institution been … Read more

Part of the quay wall in Utrecht also collapsed, the situation is safe

A quay wall on the Minstroom has subsided in Utrecht, a councilor reports to RTV Utrecht. The municipality has stabilized the wall and the situation is safe, says the councilor. However, the water in the vicinity of the subsidence is closed to all traffic. The municipality and other parties involved are investigating who owns the … Read more