Osorno hospital collapses: no longer has beds available to receive more covid patients | National

Lake region Saturday 23 January 2021 | 11:41 Osorno hospital collapses: it no longer has beds available to receive more covid patients by Christian Leal The information is from Eduardo Palacios Osorno Hospital | Agency One visits The director of the Osorno Health Service, Daniel Núñez, confirmed this morning that the city’s base hospital It … Read more

Astic warns about new border collapses due to Brexit due to the lack of coordination of bureaucratic procedures between countries

There are new risks in transport derived from Brexit according to Astic. The International Road Transport Association, Astic, has warned its associates in a note of the risk of new kilometer lines of trucks and of the possible inattention of drivers professionals as has already happened in Calais and Dover. For Astic, the ports of … Read more

The snow storm collapses the streets of the center of Madrid

ATLAS SPAIN Updated:01/09/2021 09:57h save The snowstorm has collapsed the streets of the center of Madrid. Filomena has left a snowfall like never before in the capital and caused trees to fall. The authorities recommend not leaving the house. Forecasts suggest that it will continue to snow until tonight. Of course, the storm has left … Read more

Brexit customs collapses Foronda with delays of more than 8 hours

The new procedures to bring goods to the United Kingdom trap several dozen trucks at the entrance of the airport’s cargo facilities The long queue of trucks that got stuck reached the access road to the Vitoria airport. / JESUS ​​ANDRADE SESSION ECHEAZARRA Tuesday, 5 January 2021, 04:12 “This is a collapse.” “There has been … Read more

Credit demand from SMEs collapses in the second half of the year

The Bank of Spain has advanced in its last quarterly report on the Spanish economy that the Gross Domestic Product could contract again in the last three months of the year, as a result of the “tightening of the measures to contain the pandemic” launched by the central government and regional governments. The main concern … Read more

Barcelona collapses at the Camp Nou against Juventus

Barcelona lost a Champions League game again at the Camp Nou after seven and a half years. The last time, on May 1, 2013, it meant his elimination in the semifinals against Bayern, who crushed the team he was managing at the time. Tito vilanova for the same 0-3 with which Juventus swept Koeman’s men … Read more

British business anxiety over Brexit collapses cross-border delivery system

British companies are rushing to stockpile with only five weeks to go before post-Brexit customs controls take effect on January 1, raising the cost of cross-border deliveries and reducing capacity, according to industry sources. Several logistics companies told Reuters that they had seen an increase in demand to bring goods into the UK ahead of … Read more

Vehicle loan delivery collapses, but dealers expect to sell more cars in 2020?

The automotive sector expects this year to end with a recovery in its vehicle sales, despite the fact that the numbers of the Superintendency of Banks and Other Financial Institutions (Siboif) and fuel imports, closely linked to the evolution of this sector, point to a reality adverse to the optimism of automotive dealers. In addition, … Read more

Hangar collapses: USD 3 million damage to aircraft destroyed

Luque: Dinac Civil Aviation Director Douglas Cubilla pointed out that losses to damaged aircraft caused by the storm in a collapsed hangar would amount to millions of dollars. “At least it would be at least $ 3 million,” Cubilla said when assessing the destruction and damage caused by the storm last Saturday. The officer said … Read more

Gas explosion collapses neighborhood walls in the Morelos neighborhood; report people trapped

A explosion in a neighborhood in the Morelos neighborhoodDue to the alleged accumulation of gas, it maintains a strong mobilization of the emergency forces, where at least five injuries are preliminarily reported. The events occurred in the streets of Carpintería y Peluqueros, in Venustiano CarranzaAccording to witnesses the explosion was heard several meters away. The … Read more