Why can South Korea be ‘submerged’ if the dam on the North Korean border collapses?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — South Korea can be ‘submerged’ if the dams belong to the two countries on the border North Korea broken-down. Pyongyang previously called South Korean officials secretly opened the dam’s floodgates “send flooding” to South Korea because it was hit by heavy rains. ADVERTISEMENT SCROLL TO RESUME CONTENT The northern region of … Read more

JakPro Replaces JIS Tribune Guardrail Construction Collapses Using Full Concrete

Jakarta – PT Jakarta Propertindo (JakPro) explained regarding the repair of the grandstand guardrail in the Jakarta International Stadium (JIS) which had collapsed some time ago. JakPro has dismantled and strengthened the construction with concrete materials. “What has been a lesson for us in the field, we have done reinforcements, so all the railings below … Read more

Bus Stop Collapses Opposite Monas, PT Transjakarta Confirms Contractors’ Obligations Still

Report from TribunJakarta.com journalist, Nur Indah Farrah Audina TRIBUNJAKARTA.COM, GAMBIR – Head of the Corporate Secretary Division of PT Transjakarta, Anang Rizkani Noor, said that the Transjakarta bus stop is right across the street GET OFF Monas, Central Jakarta has not been transferred to them. This was revealed after the bus stop which was directly … Read more

Transjakarta Bus Stop Roof Collapses, DPRD: We Correct Tender Winners

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Chairman of the DKI Jakarta DPRD, Prasetyo Edi Marsudi, mentioned the roof Transjakarta bus stop in the City Hall area, Central Jakarta collapsed. The bus stop is one of the places where passengers get up and down which is being revitalized. “We are correcting who, anyway, the winner of the tender there,” … Read more

JIS East Tribune Border Fence Collapses During Inauguration

Jakarta – The audience barrier in the north tribune collapsed during the grand launching of the Jakarta International Stadium on Sunday, July 24, 2022 yesterday. This incident occurred during the performance of the musical group Kotak, at around 17.00 West Indonesia Time. The cause of the guardrail collapsing was because a number of spectators initially … Read more

Summits in jail in Switzerland, lastminute.com collapses

ServiceHypothesis of scam Precautionary measures also for the ad Cannavale. Lighthouse on the use of Covid funds by Lino Terlizzi July 23, 2022 Listen to the audio version of the article Lastminute.com collapses on the Swiss Stock Exchange, a group active in the travel sector in 40 countries, with main offices in Amsterdam and Chiasso, … Read more

Brussels’ emergency gas plan collapses, Spain rejects it

“I deeply regret to announce that Spain does not support this proposal,” said Riber. “We believe that the proposal was drawn up without a prior general debate in the European Council. The economic consequences of the plan are very serious. Nobody can claim victims without first discussing everything and those concerned being able to express … Read more

Tour de France: when Jakobsen returns within the time limits for 15 small seconds… and collapses after the finish line (VIDEO)

It is perhaps his second best sprint of this Tour de France: Fabio Jakobsen had to give everything, in the last ascent of Peyragudes, to return to the deadline in extremis. Fifteen seconds is the meager safety mattress he still had when crossing the finish line, wildly encouraged by the public present and by his … Read more

After two years of pandemic, air traffic collapses

Text: Cuba News 360 Newsroom After two years with practically zero international flights, air traffic has collapsed in an unprecedented way in recent days. More than 10,000 delayed flights and 1,700 cancellations were recorded at airports around the world this week, according to tracking data from the specialized site FlightAware. According to specialists, the number … Read more