Magaly Medina on Giuliana Rengifo’s accusation against Tomás Angulo: “It was collateral damage from an attack against me” | celebrity NNDC | SHOWS

Updated on 11/26/2021 07:53 am Magaly medina He referred again to the serious accusation that Giuliana Rengifo He launched against Tomás Angulo, and invited the well-known therapist to his program to explain why he decided not to continue with the lawsuit of the cumbia singer, who hinted that she felt harassed when she went to … Read more

BRI Bank Distributes Rp 50 Million Loans Without Collateral, Free Administration Fees, What Are the Requirements?

Bank BRI Shares Loans Rp 50 Million Without Guarantee, Free Administration Fee, What Are the Conditions? BANGKAPOS.COM – Apply now for BRI bank to distribute a loan of IDR 50 million without collateral. For culinary business owners or workshops who lack capital, they can immediately apply to BRI. Prepare the requirements and if you pass … Read more

Procedures for submitting KUR BNI via Online, Loans of up to IDR 100 million without collateral, prepare the following documents

SHARE NEWS – Technology is growing and being used for convenience in every way. One of them, used by banks in serving their customers. Like PT Bank Tabungan Negara (Persero) Tbk or BNI which provides a website for people’s business credit applications (WHEN). The community of micro, small and medium enterprises (UMKM) no longer need … Read more

Getting a Rp50 million loan without collateral from BRI is really easy, prepare your cellphone, ID card and business like this

BANGKAPOS.COM – Rp50 million unsecured loan facility from BRI The following can be your additional capital. The method is also very easy. Prepare a cellphone, ID card, and business legality like this. Yes, do you want additional business capital, just apply for a loan of IDR 50 million without collateral from BRI. The good thing … Read more

Loans of Rp. 25 million without collateral, specifically for women, there is only PNM Mekaar Plus, hurry up and register, here are the conditions

SHARE NEWS – PNM Builds a Prosperous Family Economy (PNM Mekaar) Plus is a group-based capital service intended for woman underprivileged are appointed by the government to foster MSMEs, one of the interesting programs is loans venture capital up to IDR 25 million without there is collateral whatever. Hurry up Register, this is the condition. … Read more

Rp 100 million without collateral BRI loaned to business owners, here’s how to apply via cellphone

Pontianak Tribune BRI bank illustration. Rp 100 million without collateral BRI loaned to business owners, here’s how to apply via cellphone MOTOR – Rp 100 million without collateral was lent by BRI bank to business owners, here’s how to apply. Business owners who are affected by the pandemic and need additional business capital can … Read more

Coordinating Minister Airlangga to MSMEs: KUR Without Collateral, 3% Interest : Okezone Economy

JAKARTA – Coordinating Minister (Menko) for Economic Affairs Airlangga Hartarto asking business actors to take advantage of credit cheap from the government. It is hoped that entrepreneurs will recover soon after the slump due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “Today I am reviewing small and medium-sized businesses in Solo. We just stopped by, there were activities … Read more

Sensi, distraction to the medial collateral ligament: will be re-evaluated. Sticks ok

Stefano Senses underwent magnetic resonance imaging today, at the Humanitas Clinical Institute in Rozzano, after a sprained trauma to his right knee reported in yesterday’s match against Sampdoria: the exam – Inter let us know – highlighted a distraction to the medial collateral ligament. The player will be re-evaluated next week. Negative clinical-instrumental evaluations, on … Read more

How does the “Ninja” missile that hits the enemy but cuts the “collateral damage”. It is the US weapon against Isis-K

It seems the cruelest weapon: a missile with six large blades, which literally “slice” everything they encounter, people or things. The US drones also used it in yesterday’s raid against Isis-K in Afghanistan: the only video shows a small jeep torn to pieces, with the roof of the passenger compartment reduced to strips of sheet … Read more