Genk’s residential care center director addresses colleagues: “Immediately relax visiting arrangements, social well-being is affected”

Read the open letter from Jos Aben, director of Care Company Elderly Care in Genk here: Heavenly days in a residential care center? Yes, that’s possible. If you read the stories of residents who are not allowed to leave their room for days, weeks, months, that is right. If you are only allowed to visit … Read more

Dalibor Janda charged to colleagues and the public! Then burst into the music industry!

Singer Dalibor Janda, like other artists, was also hit by a pandemic of a new type of coronavirus. Thanks to her, he lost his business and could not perform. Even so, he thinks that applying for subsidies is out of place. Due to the covid, Janda was unable to start a forty-year tour on the … Read more

Thiago Alcantara leaves Bayern! He will sign a 4-year contract. Colleagues already know Football

Thiago Alcantara was to extend his contract with Bayern Munich, but the footballer suddenly changed his mind in May. He decided he wanted to change the club, thus seizing the opportunity for the last big transfer of his career. The Spanish international chose Liverpool some time ago and reached an agreement with the English champion, … Read more

Fire brigade commemorates colleagues one year after deadly inferno B … (Beringen)

Beringen – Sometimes silence says more than a thousand words. This became clear yesterday during the commemoration ceremonies for firefighters Chris and Benni. One year ago, they lost their lives while extinguishing an abandoned building on Koolmijnlaan in Beringen. The meetings took place in Beringen and Heusden-Zolder. Because of the corona crisis, it was decided … Read more

Technical service colleagues test negative for corona but b … (Zelzate)

Zelzate – The nine colleagues of the corona-infected employee of the municipal technical service tested negative but remain in quarantine for a while. After an employee of the municipal technical service tested positive for corona last Thursday, all colleagues and staff members were sent home and tested. The local contact search …

‘Soldier shows genitals to female colleagues’ | Inland

It was previously reported that several male military personnel at the base misbehaved by showing their genitals to the group of female military personnel. The Marechaussee then started an investigation, which showed that it concerned one soldier. The results of the investigation are being sent to the Public Prosecution Service, the military police say. The … Read more

Carabinieri arrested in Piacenza, Montella’s mother: “They talk about Gomorrah because we are Neapolitans. He and his colleagues? Good guys”

Ore 19 – subscribe to the newsletter and receive the latest updates in your inbox. “My son is a good boy. Also Salvatore, Giacomo, Daniele, the others carabinieri who were at home here, they are all good guys … “. In an interview with The print outside the cottage of Gragnano Trebbiense, near Piacenza, the … Read more

Fame: [VIDEO VIRAL] Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston encourage people to wear

Updated on 07/21/2020 at 07:00 Courteney Cox and Jennifer Aniston urged the population to take the pandemic seriously. COVID-19 with a sensational viral video starring them and their beloved pets, where at the end they all appear wearing masks. The last Saturday, The actresses of the remembered series ‘Friends’ wore matching masks huddled with the … Read more