NASA rover is ready to collect rock samples to be sent to Earth : Okezone techno

NASA’s ROVER Perseverance is getting ready to collect its first rock samples at Mars. These rocks will later be brought back to Earth for research. Perseverance traveled south, right at the starting point of the NASA rover’s landing in February. The sampling process will last for 11 days. The rock, which is described as a … Read more

Putin did not collect words during Sunday’s parade: he threatened “deadly” blows

The Russian leader boasted so a few days after defense officials announced tests of advanced new weapons, some of which Putin called “invincible.” “Russia’s navy today has everything it needs to guarantee the protection of our country and our national interests,” he said. “We can detect underwater, ground or air enemies and, if necessary, strike … Read more

Kaunas cameras, which have sifted almost a million euros, collect only dust

A year ago, a video surveillance system had to be put into operation in Kaunas, which has attracted almost 1 million. euros. It has been in place for a long time, but is still not working, as data protection aspects are still being addressed. Waiting a long time “After receiving a proposal from the police … Read more

In Israel, DNA will identify hosts who do not collect behind their dog during a walk – Abroad – News

Almost every 11th resident in Tel Aviv has a dog. In order to identify hosts who do not collect behind their dog, a DNA sample of the animal will need to be provided when registering their pet in the future. 98% of owners obey the law and gather behind their dog during a walk. The … Read more

Sicily, Musumeci: “We will go to schools to vaccinate teachers. Those who refuse to be reassigned to a new role”. Stop the Guarantor, executives can not collect data

In front of the Sicilian schools there will be a mobile unit, a garrison to vaccinate that 30% not yet covered. This while the Region will start a survey of public employees on their vaccination situation, with the aim of achieving 80% coverage among the nearly five million Sicilians. Headmasters in front of Sicilian schools … Read more

These stocks are interesting to collect after the stock price is corrected in

KONTAN.CO.ID – JAKARTA. A number of stocks recorded their deepest price declines in trading in the past week. Based on RTI, the shares of PT Bank Allo Indonesia Tbk (BBHI) led the decline by 37.57%, then shares of PT Gudang Garam Tbk ( GGRM) rose 12.91%, and PT Sky Energy Indonesia Tbk (JSKY) down 12.87%. … Read more

Watch.. A surprising question for the Egyptian Minister of Education: What did you collect “milk”?

Today, Saturday, the Arabic language exam for high school in Egypt sparked angry reactions to the questions it contained, which students considered outside the curriculum. In turn, the Egyptian Minister of Education, Tarek Shawky, commented on these reactions, saying that students used to memorize questions in exams and feel illusory superiority. During a telephone interview … Read more

Audio editing program wants to collect data and share it with governments

Trouble with the popular audio editing program Audacity. After the Muse Group company bought the open source software, it changed that Privacy policy. After their introduction, criticism of the company’s data collection practice has increased. Die Muse Group wants to collect personal data via the well-known audio editing program and share it with third parties … Read more

Tax reform: How much would a new government proposal collect?

The President of the Republic, Iván Duque reported that the Social Investment project (tax reform) which will be filed in Congress on July 20, it will generate around $ 15 trillion. The president explained that “the project aims to, extend social programs such as Ingreso Solidario, which constitutes the most important unconditional transfer plan in … Read more

Former paramedic stole vaccine to collect

It was determined that the person who stole the coronavirus vaccine after entering a family health center in Kocaeli’s Izmit district was a former health worker. It turned out that the detained person stole the vaccine to collect it. In the incident that took place in a family health center in Izmit on 28 June, … Read more