Reuters learned about possible easing of US sanctions against Venezuela :: Politics :: RBC

According to the source, Biden is ready to adhere to the current restrictive measures, including against the country’s oil sector. At the same time, the American president seeks to move away from the “maximum pressure” approach on Caracas, which was used by the previous American leader Donald Trump. The Biden administration has made it clear … Read more

Ski Jumping. Oberstdorf. Kamil Stoch smashed, “it’s hard to collect your thoughts”

The trial series has already sowed anxiety. Stoch was 21. And it turned out that it was a preview of a weaker performance. After the first competition series, the 33-year-old was 23rd and he ceased to count in the fight for medals. In the second, he achieved the 15th result, which allowed him to advance … Read more

Granny ran away with her son-in-law while her daughter gave birth to a baby

Their love flares up after they gather under one roof because of the pandemic Because of the coronavirus, many people have been forced to live with their loved ones. Some chose to move in with parents to help them raise their children. Others, such as actor Bruce Willis, have brought together current and ex-wives, young … Read more

Benito Juárez Welfare Scholarships: how to collect the payment of the last two semesters of 2020

(Foto: Twitter/JovConFuturo)On February 28, the deadline for High Secondary Education students to charge the payment of the last two months of 2020, ie September-October, and November-December. However, there is a minority of students who have not received those deposits yet. And through Twitter, some expressed their concern. “If the scholarship for September-December has not yet … Read more

OvejeroNoticias “Let’s share letters”, campaign to collect books from the Government through its provincial OPD

In view of the commemoration of the International Children’s and Youth Book Day. International Children’s and Young People’s Book Day is celebrated on April 2, coinciding with the birthday of Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen and it is that date that has motivated the Office for the Protection of the Rights of children and adolescents … Read more

OFFICIAL LINK of the Second Universal Family Bonus of 760 soles February 2021 check and Consult on the www BFU Gob Pe Platform to see if you collect the last Bonus from the Government of Peru

The Universal Family Bonus of 760 soles is still in the payment process in our country. As we recall, this benefit has been granted since last year to the most vulnerable families in the country; For this reason, in this note we will leave you all the data so that you can know whether or … Read more

Subject is accused of throwing his wife off a cliff after taking photos: he wanted to collect insurance | Society

Last Thursday the trial began in Turkey against a man named Hakan Aysal (40) who is accused of the murder of his wife Semra Aysal (32) and the child they both expected. The subject would have thrown the pregnant woman off a cliff, after taking selfies on the spot. Although the incident occurred in July … Read more

Azpeitia | They collect photos taken in the last ten years in Sanagustin for an exhibition

Azpeitia – The commission created to mark the tenth anniversary of Sanagustin kulturgunea has started the commemorative program. And he has done so with an appeal to all the people “from Azpeitia or anywhere else” who have passed through the cultural facility “to send a photograph of their stay” in Sanagustin over the last decade. … Read more

Check with your RUT if it corresponds to you to collect any of the 16 Pending Bonds in BancoEstado

In the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting economic crisis, the BancoEstado reported that there are about 73,000 beneficiaries who have not collected their pending bonds. That is why the platform “You didn’t charge it”, in which only with your RUT you can see if you have any of the 16 contributions that … Read more

Mortgage credit: an increasingly heavy personal contribution to collect

Young people, without external financial assistance, have more difficulty in borrowing for bricks, according to a study by Immotheker Finotheker. The average personal contribution climbed 34% to 114,000 euros. SIf you are looking to buy a first property, you have undoubtedly analyzed the measure in all directions: since January 1, 2020, the National Bank of … Read more