Already Galbay Pinjol, Here Are 3 Tips to Prevent Debt Collectors from Coming to Your Home – Loan debt collectors are often a frightening specter for debtors. The reason is, most reports from loan debt collectors often bill harshly. In addition, often debt collectors also use violence when collecting. This can also be seen from some of the news that is often circulated. Even though the OJK has issued special … Read more

This is the Debt Collector’s fee for each car that is in arrears on credit

Martyasari RizkyCNBC Indonesia Market Sunday, 19/03/2023 20:15 WIB Photo: Rain showers in Jakarta in the morning (CNBC Indonesia/Muhammad Sabki) Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Just like other workers, a Debt Collector or debt collector is required to get paid or wages for his work, including the collector who was recently policed ​​for yelling at the authorities … Read more

This is the Very Rare Old Coin Most Wanted by Collectors, Owners of Auto Rich Raya

Reporter: Timo| Editor: Timo| Thursday 09-03-2023, 10:53 WIB Rows of extremely rare ancient coins most sought after by collectors. The price can be up to IDR 100 million per piece. — PALEMBANG, PALPRES.COM – Old or old coins, aka coins, have a strong appeal to many collectors. No wonder they are willing to pay dearly … Read more

No Need to Be Afraid of Neighbors Talking! Loan debt collectors won’t come to your house if you use this trick – This is a trick so that debt collectors don’t come to the house. You certainly don’t want debt collectors to come to your house, do you? As is well known, many loan providers have field debt collectors. The field debt collector himself has the duty to collect bills at home. This will happen … Read more

Inspector General Fadil will be reported to Propam if he rejects the debt collector’s report

Friday, 24 February 2023 – 11:23 WIB LIVE Subway – Kapolda Metro Jaya Inspector General of Police Fadil Imran emphasized that his party would not receive reports from debt collector which is related to celebgram Clara Shinta. Lawyer from debt collector, Firdaus Oiwobo said Inspector General Fadil did not have the authority to reject public … Read more

In Lisbon’s sewage network, there are kilometers of collectors with centuries of history | Lisbon

The December floods got the city talking about sewers, water drainage, an old system, a drainage plan. The theme is still in our heads, but it has been thought of by the inhabitants of the city that became Lisbon for several centuries. And not only by Marquês de Pombal. “It is wrong to say that … Read more

Customs vandalizes a valuable collector’s copy of Pokemon

Picture: Stephen Kick/Nintendo/Kotaku The US Customs and Border Protection just screwed up an original copy sealed of pokemon yellow. the game had worth nearly $4,000 on the collector’s market. Customs inspectors broke the seal, the box and even cracked the cover of the object of collection. The game owner calls itself The_Master_Of_Unlocking. In an email … Read more

Actions by garbage collectors will be expanded in the coming weeks | Economy

The strikes at the garbage collection services in our country will be expanded considerably in the coming weeks. According to FNV director Marieke Manschot, more actions are on the way, “both in the Randstad and in other parts of the country”. For example, the garbage collectors in Utrecht will stop working for a week from … Read more

Director Ieva Ozoliņa is making a documentary about debt collectors / Article

The center of the film is the core of the company “Arvik”, which is already known in the media, the creators explained: “The events are based on the story of former prisoners who, at the end of the stormy nineties, decided to establish a debt collection company, allowing us to guess why their work efficiency … Read more