The miracle of Trudie, the cat who survived a collision with a bus

“Trudie is the result of a miracle, so we gave her a very special name, that of Saint Gertrude, the patroness of cats.” Speaking is Amy Hearne, an animal care assistant at the RSPCA, who cared for this female tortoiseshell cat who survived after being hit by a bus in Luton, Bedfordshire, UK. And to … Read more

One dead and two seriously injured in a collision in Leffe (Dinant)

The biker died instantly. Éda Around noon on Friday, a violent collision occurred between a motorcycle and a car. The facts happened on avenue Père Pire in Leffe. The car was leaving the parking lot of a store on the avenue when a motorbike arrived, coming from Dinant and heading towards Yvoir. It collided with … Read more

car-scooter collision in Piazza Balsamo Crivelli

It literally flew off the scooter he was driving and hit the windshield of a car. A 21-year-old Egyptian boy was injured and was then forced to hospital treatment. The road accident occurred on Wednesday evening in Casal Bruciato and involved a car, a Chevrolet Orlando, and the electric vehicle. The left in piazza Balsamo … Read more

The collision of Jupiter with an unknown object was recorded – Rossiyskaya Gazeta

Astronomers around the world have witnessed the collision of an unknown object with Jupiter. Several of the most successful photographers managed to capture this event, the apotheosis of which was a bright flash on the surface of the giant planet. How informs Earth Sky, a truly striking event happened on September 13, 2021. At night, … Read more

About the collision between Hamilton and Verstappen. When a halo over life saves life in F1

“Thank God for the Halo system. I think he saved me and saved my neck. It was a big blow, but the only thing I thought about even after the accident was whether I could continue the race, “he said Hamilton in Monza. The Halo system (halo in Czech) was introduced in F1 three years … Read more

Two vehicles roll over after collision on E17, heavy traffic nuisance | Kruibeke

KruibekeTwo vehicles overturned in a serious traffic accident on the E17 motorway in Kruibeke on Sunday evening around 7.30 pm. Four people were injured as a result. The accident happened near the parking lot in the direction of Antwerp. The driver of a Fiat 500 slowed down after suddenly changing the speed limit to 50 … Read more

Collision between three vehicles in Barcelos makes one dead

An 87-year-old woman died this Sunday morning following a road collision involving three light vehicles, on Estrada Nacional 205, in Gilmonde, municipality of Barcelos, sources from the CDOS and firefighters told O MINHO. The circumstances in which the accident occurred are still unknown. The Firefighters of Barcelinhos, VMER and GNR helped out. The accident also … Read more

L. Beliauskas was the best in the collision of the three Lithuanians

The third place in the friendly four-team tournament was taken by the Obradoiro CAB team from Santiago de Compostela, represented by two Lithuanians. In the small final 99:80 (26:19, 20:18, 25:16, 28:27) defeated Lugo’s Rio Breogan team with Mindaugas Kačinu. Obradoiro CAB simply closed their opponents with three points – 19/36 (53 percent). Laurynas Beliauskas … Read more

two teenagers injured, one of whom was seriously injured in a collision (Jemeppe-sur-Sambre)

The two teenagers on the scooter fell to the ground, debris covering the intersection of the streets for several tens of meters. – Samuel godart A collision between a car and a scooter left two injured on Saturday evening, including one seriously, Chemin de Velaine in Jemeppe-sur-Sambre. On Saturday, around 11:10 p.m., a Yamaha scooter … Read more

Three injuries remained after the collision of a motorcycle with a car in Opava

The accident happened shortly before 5 p.m. Paramedics treated three injured on the spot, rescue service spokesman Lukáš Humpl said on Saturday. “A collision between a motorcycle and a car was announced. Two ground crews and a helicopter from Ostrava were sent to the scene, “the spokesman specified. According to Humpl, one of the patients … Read more