Very Sad, 114 Protected Sharks Mutilated on a Fishing Boat

Buenaventura – Authorities found 114 sharks protected inside a fishing boat at sea in Colombia. The sharks were mutilated. The discovery really presents a horror scene. It seems that the sharks have lost their precious limbs. Especially if it’s not the fins, which so far are known to have a very high selling value. collected … Read more

The businesses behind the millionaire Arab conglomerates that want to land in Colombia

It is a fact: the multimillion-dollar conglomerates of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) want to come stomping to Colombia and seek to do business in infrastructure, clean energy and the food industry, among others. The interest is so great that the Government opened the doors of the Casa de Nariño to listen to them and, … Read more

Multinational Emergia offers 600 jobs in Colombia: salaries and how to apply

The multinational Spanish founded in 2005 opened a new job call with which it seeks to complete its work teams in the main cities of Colombia. The only requirement is to be a bachelor, since people without experience can apply. (Also read: Canada opens exclusive call for Colombians to go to work starting 2023) “We … Read more

Qatar 2022: what is it and why does latency occur during internet broadcasts? | World Cup Qatar | World Cup | Spain | Mexico | Colombia | Argentinian | TECHNOLOGY

Watching broadcasts through web page services is a common thing these days. From Twitch or YouTube streams to the Qatar 2022 World Cup, almost any content can be viewed over the internet. However, despite the development of the technologythere is still a problem: latency. It has happened to all of us that we hear the … Read more

With humor and irreverence, the most popular SUV in Colombia arrived 10 years ago

The successful Renault Duster was born in Colombia with a campaign that mocked the national absurdity, with two transgressive characters enthroned by the youthful public. PUBLIC CHRONICLE No. 75.By Camilo Ernesto Hernández Rincón, automotive historian.Special for THE COLOMBIAN CAR. Part of the current success of Renault in Colombia falls on an SUV that has been … Read more

Price of the dollar in Colombia today, November 27: exchange rate and value in Colombian pesos

The price of the dollar in Colombia for today, Sunday, November 27, 2022, is: $ 4,881.41 pesos. The TRM remained unchanged. The TRM increased by 21.79% (873.28 pesos) in reference to the same day of the previous year, but decreased by 0.28% (13.88 pesos) compared to the same day of the previous month. The representative … Read more

Manizales Lottery – last draw: results, numbers and dry for Wednesday, November 23 | dry | Colombian Lotteries | lb posting | revtli | tdex | CO | ANSWERS

What prizes does the Manizales Lottery award? Nearly 5 billion pesos in prizes are distributed every week. The jackpot is 1,300 million pesos for the four numbers plus the series. But in addition several dry ones of different amounts are raffled: • 1 dry of 60 million • 8 dry of 45 million • 8 … Read more

Colombia: far from a decent health system – Health

The mission of the national government is to promote and achieve full health care for all people, regardless of their race, religion, gender, political ideology, or economic and social condition. (You may be interested in: Colombian health system, with scores above the world average) Access to health is a human right that preserves global security … Read more

A female judge in Colombia ruled half-naked in bed. He no longer judges

The retrial took place last week via video conference, during which Judge Vivian Polanía was expected to decide on the continuation of the detention of the man accused of placing the bomb in the barracks. It was clear from the very beginning that the judge was not concentrating very well. She answered confusedly and after … Read more

The series that Luke Evans recorded in Colombia is finally released, it is called Echo 3

The remembered actor Luke Evans (Gaston in Beauty and the Beast or John Moore in The Alienist series) He was last year sharing experiences in Colombia on his social networks. She was seen on the beach, in the jungle, in Cartagena, in Bogotá and other places. From this Wednesday on television it will be possible … Read more