The hostage rescue operation, which is still considered a standard of combat: this country, smaller than Lithuania, is afraid of millions of enemies

On June 27, 1976, an Air France Airbus A300 flying from Tel Aviv to Paris was hijacked by terrorists after an intermediate landing in Athens. 248 passengers and 12 crew members were taken hostage by four people – two Arab members of the “Palestine People’s Liberation Front” and two German members of the radical leftist … Read more

International Defense Analyst Explodes Putin’s Lies: Russia Dreams Of Defeating US F-35 – Superiority F-35 AS it has been heard all over the world. Success AS in developing F-35 make the superpower even more powerful. Military AS which is known to be the strongest in the world, is more formidable with its presence F-35. F-35 strengthen national security, enhance global partnerships, and support economic growth. Read … Read more

The border of Belarus is being rapidly armed – Ukraine announces the deployment of new combat systems there

“The Armed Forces of the Republic of Belarus are additionally deploying electronic combat systems in the directions of Voluina and Polesie, in the territories bordering Ukraine,” the summary of the General Staff reads, UNIAN reports. Electronic combat support tools search for and detect electromagnetic radiation, determine its sources in order to assess the enemy’s threat, … Read more

Alondra García Miró: what did you study and what are your companies? | This is War | reality guys | Paolo Guerrero | entertainment

Lark Garcia Miro it’s found enjoying a vacation in Europe while her friend Lorena Cárdenas, wife of ‘Coyote Rivera’ confirmed the end of her affair with Paolo Guerrero. In addition to her participation in programs such as “This is war” and “Combat”, the model is dedicated to exercising her career and implementing this knowledge in … Read more

Day to Combat Viral Hepatitis ends the Yellow July campaign in Ipiaú

Photo: Disclosure Throughout this month, the Health Department of Ipiaú, through the Epidemiological Surveillance, in partnership with the Nova Vida Group and the Municipal Health Council, was engaged in the “Yellow July” campaign whose purpose is to reinforce surveillance, prevention and control of viral hepatitis. Conversation circles, lectures, rapid tests to detect the disease, vaccination … Read more

“Dubai for Women and Children” organizes a campaign to combat human trafficking

Dubai: «The Gulf» The Dubai Foundation for Women and Children organized an awareness campaign to shed light on this problem, raise awareness of the suffering of victims, and promote and protect their rights. This campaign comes as a continuation of a series of campaigns launched by the Foundation during its rich journey in the field … Read more

Iran Increases Production and Ready to Export Combat Drones

loading… Iran Increases Production and Ready to Export Combat Drones. PHOTO/Reuters TEHERAN – Iran has increased production drone military capable. Iran has also been accused of providing its technology to militant groups in the Middle East, as well as to countries such as Venezuela and Sudan. The New York Times report cites Iranian media outlets, … Read more

High Performance Color Aesthetics IWC Top Gun Naval Air Combat Forces | stylemaster

IWC’s annual male protagonist is handsomely debuted by the Top Gun Naval Air Force. Not only is it more complete in size, but also launched a patented material of ceramic titanium and a variety of new color ceramics, and joined hands with PANTONE to name an exclusive color number, showing both military watches. A creative … Read more

Monkeypox: what vaccines and treatments are being used to combat it

wording BBC News World 26 julio 2022 image source, Getty Images Since May 2022, monkeypox outbreaks have appeared in several countries where the infection had not previously been seen. This is why the World Health Organization (WHO) declared monkeypox a global health emergency. According to the WHO, until July 23 more than 16,0000 cases have … Read more