Retired Colonel: To deter Russia, combat readiness must be maintained as during the Cold War

The retired Colonel Rajevs expressed his conviction that Latvia should better coordinate its activities with its partners and organize its own training more. The combat and combat readiness of the units should also be raised, as well as sufficient ammunition and fuel reserves. As long as Russia’s policy towards the Baltics does not change, “we … Read more

Sheyla Rojas and Israel Dreyfus, how they met and why they separated: love story | Combat | TV | Sheyla nnda nnlt | FAME

Sheyla Rojas He is one of the most media figures on Peruvian television. Loved and criticized by many, the beautiful model has earned an important place within the national show business and her life is always in the public interest. Throughout her career, in which she has gone through different programs as a participant and … Read more

Ukraine has passed a law to combat the influence of the oligarchs

The law was passed the day after unknown assailants fired a car carrying President Volodymyr Zelensky’s chief adviser, Serhiy Sheffir. Officials believe the attack could have been revenge for plans to pass the latter law. This legislation empowers the National Security and Defense Council (NSGT) to decide on the recognition of a person as an … Read more

Sheyla Rojas: who are the parents of the Peruvian model | Maruja Rivadeneyra | Victor Rojas | FAME

Sheyla Rojas He is one of the most popular and controversial figures on Peruvian television. Since its inception in “Combat“Until her departure from” You are in all “due to the scandal with soccer player Luis Advíncula, the beautiful model has been successful and made one mistake or another, although she has always had the unconditional … Read more

Intranasal vaccines, a new line of combat against covid

A new line of battle against covid appears on the horizon: vaccines intranasally, a promising method, although to be confirmed among humans. Clinical trials on animals in France are giving results, to the point that two public bodies, Inrae and the University of Tours, have filed a patent application for a model. According to Isabelle … Read more

The EU will increase funding to combat climate change and protect biodiversity

The European Union will increase its financial support to help poorer countries fight climate change and adapt to its impact, European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen said in a speech on the state of the EU in the European Parliament’s plenary on Wednesday. Strasbourg. “We will now propose an additional € 4 billion to … Read more

God of War Ragnarok will feature more combat options and show more from Atreus’s perspective

God of War Ragnarok continues to detail more information on the additions that will be introduced in this sequel. The dev team has talked about combat, Atreus, the 9 kingdoms, and more. As the days go by, more and more data is reaching fans of God of War Ragnarok. Title was seen less than a … Read more

God of War Ragnarok reveals new details of the combat and its scenarios

In Norse mythology, the Fimbulwinter It is the prelude to Ragnark, the end of the Nordic world. And in God of War: Ragnarok we will have to deal with the effects and consequences of this brutal winter wherever we go. In addition, we will have even greater freedom when approaching the fighting thanks to the … Read more

Afghanistan: Tajikistan, we will only support inclusive government – Last Hour

(ANSA) – MOSCOW, 09 SEPT – Tajikistan will only support an inclusive government in Afghanistan that involves all ethnic groups, a government in which the Afghan Tajiks will have their rightful place. This was stated by the Foreign Minister of Tajikistan Sirojiddin Muhriddin at the online summit on Afghanistan. “The international community has been unable … Read more

“Special Combat Heroes” cooperated with well-known singer Zedd to develop the first sound effect model “Light Dazzling Sound Spectrum”, unveiling the design concept “VALORANT”-Bahamut

  《Special warfare hero》Today (8) announced the design concept of the new model “Light Dazzling Sound Spectrum” developed in cooperation with the well-known singer Zedd. At the same time, the development team was released to visit and organize to share the development process.   《Special warfare hero》The new model “Light Hyun Sound Spectrum” is the first model … Read more