“What Men Talk About. Simple Pleasures: A boring new comedy from the I Quartet

In the summer of 2019, Lesha (Leonid Barats), Sasha (Alexander Demidov), Slava (Rostislav Khait) and Kamil (Kamil Larin) are walking around Moscow. They drink alcohol, but they don’t seem to get drunk. They are constantly eating something, but they do not seem to be full. Sometimes in between times they joke a little, but also … Read more

Comedy skit of “Chinese red and white”, who looked back and got chills on his back Behind the Chinese Communist Party’s intentions, a premonition of the purge of “sprawled bureaucrats”? (1/7) | JBpress

Behind the scenes, the Chinese Communist Party’s intentions, a premonition of the purge of “sprawling bureaucrats”? Tourists visit the Forbidden City in Beijing during the Chinese New Year holidays (January 25, 2023, photo: AP/Aflo) Go to gallery page (Kaori Fukushima: Journalist) The Chinese New Year holiday began on January 21st. This is the first Lunar … Read more

The Daugavpils theater is staging a Latgalian crime comedy ‘Divejis vyrtuvė, naskaitūt nabašnīku’

This season, Daugavpils theater is preparing the second production in Latgale, this time – an almost criminal comedy “Divejis vyrtuvė, naskaitūt nabašnīku” (“Two in the kitchen, not counting the corpse”) directed by Oleg Shaposhnikov. Content will continue after the ad Advertising According to Janina Ivanova, representative of the theater “Delfi”, the premiere of the new … Read more

My brother’s movie is above the tree.. How do you spend a comedy evening on Thursday night?

issued My Brother Up the Tree movie The Google search engine, amid many searching for a hearty comedy evening on Thursday night, as cinema lovers were keen to know the details of my brother’s movie Above the Tree, after the start of the mid-year film season, starring many prominent stars in the history of Egyptian … Read more

The comedy “You people” tackles the clash of cultures in the USA

The new comedy “You people” with Eddie Murphy and Jonah Hill has a taste for risk. The Netflix film depicts the explosive encounter between two American families of different faiths, one white and Jewish, the other African American and Muslim due to the romantic relationship between their children. A clash of cultures already addressed in … Read more

The snowdrop festivities were not allowed to be shown due to a brief shot of the American flag. Bohumil Hrabal himself played in the comedy

A film that entertains, makes you laugh and cry, and even after years it still entertains the audience and keeps them glued to their screens. Almost 40 years have passed since the premiere of the Czechoslovak bittersweet comedy Snowdrop festivities filmed based on the book by the legendary Bohumil Hrabal. Directed by Jiří Menzel, who … Read more

How stage comedy breaks the circle is worth pondering-Entertainment-中工网

Original Title: The Great World of Performing Arts · 2022 The 8th Shanghai International Comedy Festival Finale (Quotation) How stage comedy breaks the circle is worth pondering (theme) Liberation Daily News (Reporter Zhuge Yi) Yesterday, with the performance of the word-of-mouth drama “Miscellaneous, Zheluo, or Salad” in the Lyceum Theater, the 8th Shanghai International Comedy … Read more

With “This summer”, Eric Lartigau plunges back into the family comedy drama – rts.ch

Adapted from the graphic novel by Jillian Tamaki and Mariko Tamaki, Eric Lartigau’s new film (“La famille Bélier”) depicts pre-adolescence, friendship and family through an initiatory and resilience story set in Les Landes. Since always, every summer, Dune (Rose Pou Pellicer) crosses France with her parents to spend the holidays in their old house in … Read more

“I love you Italian… Algerian style”, the beautiful comedy of the 8th edition of the Théâtrales

After the success of the plays Le Cas Martin Piche » and the « Addition », the 8th edition of the Théâtrales offers Casablancans a 100% delirious evening with comedy ” I like you italian style… the Algerian way”. A play written and directed by the duo Hugues Duquesne and Kader Nemer which is screened … Read more