A heinous crime that shook the artistic community… the story of the killing of the Egyptian comedy queen with 35 stab wounds… and the shocking surprise in the identity of the perpetrator.!

Painful details inflicted on the most prominent art stars in Egypt and the Arab world. Rather, it is a heinous crime that can only be described as incest. In detail, on March 26, 1994. The Arab world was subjected to a great shock with the death of one of the most important signs of smile … Read more

Actor Ahmed Makki .. “Delivery Comedy” is the fastest to the heart of the viewer

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" Makki gave his art unlimited devotion, and his works gave him unprecedented fame, love and acceptance, from Oran, Algeria, where he was born, to Hollywood East in Egypt, where he became one of the stars of the first row. A distinguished artistic activity that Makki started in 2001 after graduating … Read more

The roughest comedy of the year in the disgusting first trailer. Will Hárder Party beat the cult number one?

Director Marty Pohl, known as the controversial rapper Řezník or the author of Márty frků, filmed a sequel to his extremely incorrect comedy Párty Hárd, which gained cult status over three years and was seen by over a million people on YouTube. The film Party Hárder: Summer Massacre will enter Czech cinemas on June 23, … Read more

Index – Culture – Impossibility to watch Sandra Bullock and Channing Tatum’s treasure hunt without laughter

Paramount Pictures took a pretty big risk by saying that The Lost City has made a treasure hunt, as it is not about many parts of a world-successful franchise, possibly a comic book or video game processing. Let’s face it, Hollywood is forcing all of the latter to nosebleeds, and there could easily be some … Read more

The fantasy comedy “You Who Saved 10,000 Times” is scheduled for a hilarious loop vacation jqknews

<!–enpproperty 356817062022-04-23 11:53:31.0奇幻喜剧《救了一万次的你》定档 爆笑循环 假期预定嫌疑人,爆笑,白客,喜剧风格,救了一万次的你2110454资讯/enpproperty–> Co-produced by iQiyi and Qingmei Pictures, directed by Deng Anning, Zhou Zhan is the chief screenwriter, Yuan Yumei, Zhao Badou, Zhizunyu are the screenwriters, Bai Ke is the leading actor, Zhang Yaqin, Liu Xuwei, Geng Yeting, Cao Zheng, Xu Xinwen, Kong Lianshun, Zhao Xin , Sun Yining, Zhou Hengyu starring, … Read more

It is filmed in Morocco: The comedy “The imaginary doctor” on April 27 in theaters

Clotilde Courau does not have an easy role. She embodies the Parisian in a hurry, the Western world in all its aberration and she had to play that in just a few scenes. She succeeded. Good news ! The French comedy “The imaginary doctor” directed by Ahmed Hamidi and shot in Morocco will be screened … Read more

Cult comedy star Gilbert Gottfried dies: actor fights disease Names

The sad news of Gilbert Gottfried’s loss was announced on Twitter by his family, who also shared a photo of the actor. The man is said to be ill. “We are announcing with a sore heart that our beloved Gilbert Gottfried has died after a long illness. Gilbert was not only the most famous voice … Read more

Discovering an artist who dreams of conquering the international scene

Ablaye Mbaye, Comedian His image has toured the Senegalese capital, with billboards installed in each street displaying the photo of Ablaye Mbaye and his partner in a staging that offers a refined decor on Orange Money advertising. Ablaye Mbaye has now become a real reality in the theater movement in Senegal. He is very courted … Read more

“Granizo”, why does Guillermo Francella’s new comedy disappoint? | REVIEW | Argentine films | Argentinian | | SKIP-INTRO

From its starting point, the plot of “Granizo”, the new film by William Francella, it is unlikely. A meteorologist is so successful with his “predictions” about the weather in an Argentine TV news program that he jumps to his own program. This new show, with a band of musicians and a set that is as … Read more

Fylm is the central song of the film by Vojtaan

Two weeks before the premiere of Vyšehrad: Fylm, its creator comes with a clip for the central song Nobody. The song, which is essential in the film, is backed by a musician who also took part in an internet series a few years ago. “We agreed with the creators right at the beginning that the … Read more