what should be put weights on, according to experts

In a few weeks, free dollars escalated and generated more returns than a fixed term, but the balance of the last 12 months is different. What will happen Inflation at high levels and an official exchange rate that is still very far from the value of the free dollar, ignite different questions among small Argentine … Read more

New Argentine stablecoin tied to the peso: nuARS is born

It is brand new, fresh out of the oven, and can already be outlined as something that the AFIP or the Central Bank may not like. The token with one-to-one parity with the weight in question is called nuARS, and was released this week by In a Finance, with a strong communicational imprint on the … Read more

These 0Km cars are going to increase in price due to a change in a tax

Starting December 1, some models will be able to jump the $ 3,100,000 barrier. Thus, inflation in the 0km will exceed 70% in the year The minimum taxable base of the internal tax that affects different 0Km models will undergo a new update as of December 1, which will be in force until the end … Read more

The mistake that led Warren Buffett to lose $ 200 billion

The investor, considered by experts as one of the smartest in the world, throughout his successful career also made dangerous mistakes Warren Buffett is considered by many experts as one of the smartest investors in the world. His word, for his colleagues, is “Law”. But this American businessman also made mistakes throughout his career. And … Read more

This will charge a programmer in Argentina in 2022

The salary of programmers in Argentina had a 107% increase in the last year and a half, according to CESSI. How will 2021 end The median of salary of a programmer in Argentina -taking into account all languages, levels and seniorities- will exceed the 198.000 pesos monthly at the end of the year. It is … Read more

What is “The Sandbox”, and why it could surpass Axie Infinity

The game has already skyrocketed 6,000% and it promises to be bigger as Axie Infinity will start paying in cryptocurrencies in November One of the style games play-to-earn most anticipated of the year, The Sandbox, whose token nativo SAND has risen more than 6,000% since its launch, it has announced that it will open its … Read more

Eugenia Tobal wrote a message about Javier Milei and deleted it

While watching the libertarian act, the actress made a comment on Twitter that did not go down well and generated controversy in the networks. What did he say next Eugenia Tobal (45) wrote this Sunday an unexpected tweet about Javier Milei (51) that earned him dozens of criticisms. And although she deleted it, the grievances … Read more

new platform to operate cryptocurrencies

Tienda Dollar, the company accelerated by Y Combinator, announced the launch of TiendaCrypto.com, an exchange that allows interaction with the BSC network Tienda Dollar, the Argentine company accelerated by Y Combinator, announced the throwing of Crypto Store, your exclusive platform for trading cryptocurrencies. “When the users of the Dollar Store began to demand the possibility … Read more

how to win without having a single bitcoin

The CNV is studying a Matba-Rofex project to offer futures markets, which would open the door for trading instruments based on cryptocurrencies After six months of uncertainty, in which it fell 50% with its peak in April, Bitcoin hit a new all-time high in October and floats back to the $ 60,000 range. According to … Read more