Trendy and easy to use? SpaceX launches a new slim-fit space suit-INSIDE

(Note: The filming date of the film is March 2020.) Since the first case of new crown virus pneumonia was diagnosed in early December 2019, the topic of the epidemic has been burning until now. Taiwan has had the honor to have a fairly peaceful time, but just in the spring and summer of this … Read more

Passerby breaks driver’s windshield for macho comment

Precisely, it was not only that the motorcyclist told him “move my ass, mommy … they don’t give you the little legs”, but according to the woman, cited by ABC Diario, the man continued throwing words demeaning of his condition of woman. The media points out that the woman was identified as María and was … Read more

Tim Coronel through the dust after clumsy comment | Entertainment

Sylvana had posted a candid message on the social media with a photo of her holding a baby. She also wrote that she herself has been very ill. Tim seemed to have not read the message completely and his reaction went wrong with several followers of Sylvana. In fact, in the candid message, Sylvana wrote: … Read more

Salserín singer justifies her acid comment about Daniella Álvarez

René Velazco, who became famous for his participation as the lead singer of the band Salserín, apologized for the comment he made about the presenter, Daniella Alvarez. The man, who gained great fame in the 1990s, had no qualms about commenting on the image of the Barranquilla who underwent the amputation of her left leg … Read more

After several days of silence, Mediņš will comment on the Brukna case

On Tuesday, August 25, at 1 pm in Brukna manor in Dāviņi parish, the bishop of Jelgava diocese Edvards Pavlovskis, the Catholic priest Andrejs Mediņš and the director of Bārbele Boys ‘Primary School Ilona Blūma after several days of avoiding journalists’ questions in the association “Mountain Blessings Community”. The live broadcast of the press conference … Read more

“No comment. I am focused on returning to the field, “reports Kokorin about” Roma “- Football

Forward “Spartak” Alexander Kokorin commented on rumors about a possible transfer to Roma. “Roma’s interest?” Let’s go here without comment. I am focused on getting back to the field, ”Kokorin said. Kokorin was offered “Roma”. Club is not interested yet (Metaratings) “What happened next?” – a game about the legendary moments of the Champions League

RVD: no comment on royal couple’s holiday photos

The Government Information Service does not want to say whether steps are being taken against media that this weekend published photos of King Willem-Alexander and Queen Máxima celebrating holidays on the Mediterranean Sea. That has been the policy of the RVD for several years. The recordings are in violation of the media code that the … Read more

Lionel Messi is rumored to move to Real Madrid, this is Luis Figo’s comment

TWITTER.COM/ELLARGUERO Barcelona captain, Lionel Messi. BOLASPORT.COM – Former player Real Madrid, Luis Figo, commenting on rumors that call a megastar Barcelona, Lionel Messi, will move to Los Blancos. Dilapidated results achieved Barcelona in the 2019-2020 season make the future Lionel Messi at the Camp Nou it is not clear. Messi has several times been involved … Read more

Comment: It was not a coup. Nečas is innocent, but he deserves to fall

It is really better to save with some terms. You know it for sure from social networks. Once the word “Hitler” appears in the debate, further discussion is completely useless. On Thursday, the District Court for Prague 1 acquitted former Prime Minister Petr Nečas, his wife Jana Nečasová and former Deputy Minister of Agriculture Roman … Read more