Brussels and Bulgaria angry about Rutte’s comment: ‘He has to be careful’ | Abroad

Met videoBrussels and Bulgaria have reacted extremely indignantly to Prime Minister Rutte’s suggestion that Bulgarian border guards can be bribed with a 50 euro note. Hans Nyenhuis 5 dec. 2022 Latest update: 05-12-22, 16:44 “As far as we know, there is absolutely no question of that,” said responsible European Commissioner Yiva Johansson this morning at … Read more

Followers Mascha Feoktistova angry after ‘aggressive’ comment: ‘Really not okay’

Mascha says that a passerby saw that her daughter Mila was sleeping. “She’s not sleeping, is she? That’s a shame, then she can’t see anything,” Mascha repeats the woman’s words. Then her husband Gregor says: “Shut your mouth.” Mascha then wonders with a smile on her face what the woman is doing. The viewers of … Read more

Comment: Is it possible to stop Mbappé?

STAR DUEL: Teenage talent Jude Bellingham (left) from England and France’s phenomenon Kylian Mbappé meet in the World Cup quarter-finals. Photo: Reuters DOHA (VG) England look good, Kylian Mbappé looks best. Published: Yesterday 07:09 Updated yesterday 09:11 This is a comment. The comment expresses the writer’s position Now they will meet in the World Cup … Read more

Grace performs a hot Britney Spears song! Found a comment “too beautiful” (clip)

Nowadays, fans can see Grace-Karnklao With Si Klao, a famous actor turned to work in the industrysongmore and recently came with a hot show that swept many comments from fellow artist stars when visiting the House of HEALS, Pangina Heals’ club or Pan Pan Nak Prasert Grace has posted a clip of “Oops!…I Did … Read more

Seagate Seagate Black Panther Special Edition FireCuda external hard drive-handsome black panther debut, large-capacity 2TB data for you to store- Page 1- Computer e-sports related discussion area

Handsome Black Panther debuts, large-capacity 2TB data storage for you Seagate Seagate’s FireCuda external hard drive has launched a number of limited edition products, from Star Wars to the previously introduced Spider-Man, and this time it has launched a limited edition product “Black Panther Special Edition FireCuda”, Black Panther (Black Panther) in the Marvel series … Read more

Tak Bongkot posted a picture of the marriage certificate. Tell old photos, Facebook pops up, fans flock to comment

and latest Tak Bongkot posted a picture of the marriage certificate which was registered on June 19, 2013 at the Lak Si District Registration Office Bangkok Along with writing a caption that says “Oops, old pictures on Facebook pop up #Good memories on the day of the marriage registration”, it’s really a coincidence. because in … Read more

Furious for comment

South Korea – Portugal 2-1 DOHA (Dagbladet): Cristiano Ronaldo did not stop to talk to the newspapers after the 2-1 loss to South Korea this afternoon. He gave a TV interview. There he explained the pictures in which he appeared angry and cursed when he was taken off after 65 minutes. – He admits that … Read more

Coordinating PMK Minister Should Not Comment on “No Work No Pay”

JAKARTA, – Coordinating Minister for Human Development and Culture (Coordinating PMK Minister), Muhadjir Effendy agreed to the employer’s proposal to reduce working hours or no work no pay to prevent layoffs. Knowing this, workerslaborer regretted the statement from the Coordinating Minister for PMK. Party President Laborer who is also the President of KSPI Said … Read more

Comment: The VAR noise in the World Cup: Only one thing helps

This situation is a nightmare. Therefore, absolutely everything should be done to get the facts clearly on the table. This is a comment. The comment expresses the writer’s position In more and more contexts, technology is a gift to justice in football. Even if some shout loudly that everything was more charming before, the risk … Read more

COMMENT: You’re in trouble – Alex Švamberk

The death of ten people in isolation in Urumqi was the trigger for the demonstrations that turned against the government. They burned in the tower block. Although they were not under the strictest quarantine preventing them from leaving the house, the exits were closed. The area has been in quarantine for three months. However, lockdowns … Read more