Talpa responds to commotion around Claire in Chateau Meiland

Erica, Claire’s grandmother, told me this week Veronica Magazine that her granddaughter is ‘only allowed on TV five times a year’. This has everything to do with an inspection by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. As a result, Claire will not often pass by Chateau Meiland. A disappointment, says their employer Talpa. “In … Read more

Megan Markle harshly humiliated Kate Middleton, there was a loud commotion in the royal palace: “This was not asked …”

Meghan Markle distinguished herself by another scandalous act The edition writes about it The Sun. As you know, the other day the Duchess of Sussex changed the birth certificate of her heir Archie. Prince William’s wife removed her name from the document and retained only the title “Her Royal Highness the Duchess of Sussex”. Popular … Read more

Commotion about new Antwerp police combination because the police force introduced yellow areas without consultation

Wouter Bruyns of the Antwerp police does not see the problem. “We started from a standard model as described in the federal regulations. We have indeed added the Battenburg pattern, but the combi remains very recognizable as a police vehicle. For example, the hood remains white, and the word” police “is clearly stated at the … Read more

Commotion in Ecuador over the murder of a well-known television host

At 36 years of age, the Ecuadorian television host was murdered, Efraín Ruales. The young man was attacked by unknown persons when he was traveling in his vehicle through the Juan Tanca Marengo avenue sector, in the north of Guayaquil. Agents of the National Directorate of Crimes against Life, Violent Deaths and Disappearances (Dinased) specified … Read more

Florida commotion: children’s book author arrested for brutal physical abuse against her three children

Jennifer Wolfthal, 41, was a children’s book writer. With his partner Joseph Wolfthal, 39, they are being accused of physically and mentally abusing their three children.The author of children’s books Jennifer Wolfthal She faces criminal charges after being accused of beating and brutally abusing several children, including her adopted children. The woman repeatedly whipped the … Read more

Commotion among world leaders calling for an orderly transition in the US

International Writing, Jan 7 (EFE) .- After the stupor and concern with which the assault on the Capitol by followers of the US President, Donald Trump, has followed, leaders from all over the world have appealed for calm and a transition of ordained power in America. The condemnation of the riots, just two weeks before … Read more

Turkey commotion: Elabdellaoui could lose sight after fireworks accident

The footballer trained in the lower categories of Manchester City and current Galatarasaray player Omar Elabdellaoui is admitted to a hospital in Turkey after suffering a fireworks accident. The Turkish entity itself reported what happened through an official statement: the player suffered severe burns to the hands and eyes and in the club they begin … Read more

Commotion in the Middle East: now there is a fire of magnitude in the United Arab Emirates

Embed Firefighters, the police and four civil defense teams tried to extinguish the flames, visible from blocks around, but must have required the support of teams from other kingdoms of the United Arab Emirates. After hours of work, the fire was controlled with the help of civil defense teams from Dubai, Sharjah Y Umm Al … Read more

Andre Rosiade asks Ahok to be removed after dismantling Pertamina’s disgrace: causing a commotion!

Jakarta – Member of Commission VI DPR RI Andre Rosiade ask President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) take off Basuki Tjahaja Purnama (BTP) or Ahok from the position of Chief Commissioner (Komut) PT Pertamina (Persero). Andre assessed that Ahok had made Pertamina noisy. “In my opinion, as a member of the House of Representatives Commission VI, the … Read more

Grapperhaus wants to ‘talk to the police and boas’ after a commotion about the wedding

Grapperhaus said after the Security Council in Utrecht that he will answer. The minister was discredited last week after photos appeared of his wedding, where guests did not keep their distance. He went through the dust several times for it donated 780 euros to the Red Cross to reinforce his apology. Support base “The measures … Read more