NASA lost communication with the Orion spacecraft; investigate the causes

NASA launched a moon-bound capsule called Orion. Photo: Pixabay The NASA unexpectedly lost the Contact with his Orion capsule bound for the Luna during the early hours of November 23, for reasons that are being investigated. After seven days of successful mission that led to Artemis I to lunar orbit, the controllers of the mission … Read more

Scientists discover mysterious ocean life forms that predate dinosaurs

Mysterious oceanic life forms existed on our planet before the appearance of the dinosaurs, approximately 460 million years ago, and they do not resemble any animal alive today. The creatures, which had no eyes and propelled themselves thanks to their rounded fins, could be an intermediate evolutionary link between two different types of organisms and … Read more

They reveal that volcanoes made life on Venus unfeasible

Massive volcanism would have caused Venus, with conditions similar to primitive Earth at the beginning of its history, to become a hellish and unviable planet for the development of life. Hundreds or thousands of centuries of volcanic activity profoundly changed Venus: from a temperate and humid world with conditions conducive to life, it began to … Read more

James Webb reveals atmospheric secrets of an exoplanet

The James Webb Space Telescope detected sulfur dioxide, as well as carbon monoxide and dioxide, water, sodium and potassium, in the gaseous layer of the exoplanet WASP-39 b, located 700 light years from Earth. A whole revelation to understand how these celestial bodies are formed. The James Webb Infrared Space Telescope has unequivocally detected sulfur … Read more

Ecobonus, late communication to Enea causes the deduction to be lost

23/11/2022 – Late communication to Enea causes the right to the Ecobonus to be lost. This was affirmed, at the end of a series of conflicting rulings, by the Cassation with the order 34151/2022. Ecobonus and communication to Enea, the case The case examined by the Court concerns a taxpayer who installed solar panels on … Read more

production for health and well-being

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“The World Cup is running… The theme coin is running” – ETNews

As the 2022 Qatar World Cup kicked off, soccer-themed coins such as the World Cup and soccer players appeared one after another. According to CoinMarketCap, a virtual asset analysis site, on the 22nd, Chiliz, a representative sports fan token, ranked 4th most visited virtual asset in the last 24 hours. Considering that 1st place Solana … Read more

in part RS, the communication for the reduction of the assessment terms

Art. 3, D.Lgs. not. 127/2015 announced the reduction of two years of the ordinary terms of investigation income tax referred to in art. 43, paragraph 1, Presidential Decree n. 600/1973 and the value added tax pursuant to art. 57, paragraph 1, Presidential Decree n. 633/1972 if some are respected conditions. It should be remembered that … Read more

Interactive galactic map takes you to know any part of the universe

A new map shows for the first time the extent of the entire previously known universe with pinpoint precision and ineffable beauty. Created by astronomers at Johns Hopkins University, using data extracted over 20 years by the Sloan Telescope Digital Sky Survey (SDSS), the map shows the current position and true colors of around 200,000 … Read more

Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba reaches its 23rd anniversary

This Tuesday, the Latin American School of Medicine in Cuba (ELAM) celebrates 23 years of being founded by the leader of the Revolution, Fidel Castro, who is considered a promoter of the training of human resources in that sector. ELAM has in its history 18 graduations in which 30 thousand 636 students from 120 countries … Read more