A 4-year-old child attacked in the face by an Amstaff: the dog’s master receives 75 hours of community service

A young man in his twenties, from Hal in Flemish Brabant, was sentenced Monday by the Brussels Criminal Court to 75 hours of community service. His dog had attacked a four-year-old child in the face last year. The facts occurred on June 14, 2021, in Elisabeth Park in Hal, in Flemish Brabant. The four-year-old boy … Read more

Clouds discovered on Saturn’s largest moon

On the largest moon of the planet Saturn, Titan, a bright cloud was detected in the northern hemisphere and, shortly after, a second cloud was detected in the atmosphere. The James Webb Space Telescope captured the largest cloud over the satellite’s north polar region, near the Kraken Mare, the largest known liquid sea of ​​methane … Read more

Catholic marches in the DRC against violence in the East: the international community criticized

Published on : 04/12/2022 – 04:58Modified : 04/12/2022 – 18:18 The Catholic Church in the DRC called on the Congolese to march, this Sunday, December 4, 2022, to alert to the security situation in the east of the country and to denounce the presence of the M23. In the capital Kinshasa, access to the city … Read more

Bluetti EB70 and PV200: tried out solar panels and battery pack

The surprising trending products in the fourth quarter of this year include portable power stations and solar panels. Technology that is usually considered in the spring for the upcoming camping trip should now be on the shopping list in the face of possible power outages. Now you can discuss whether such a scenario is likely … Read more

New study suggests origin of the oxygen we breathe

One of the most important elements for life to develop on our planet is oxygen; however, in the Neoarchean era, between 2.8 and 2.5 billion years ago, it was almost non-existent. Currently, it is known that this gas makes up about 21% of the atmosphere, but the geophysical processes that underlie the oxygenation of the … Read more

Don’t miss your chance to play four games for free

If you don’t have big plans for the weekend and the game doesn’t take several days to download, you can play four titles on your computer for a limited time and get more for good. The first possibility is related to Steam, where until the end of the weekend there are games to try Battlefield … Read more

Venezuela seeks the practice of scientific methods to build well-being and good living

The Vice President of Science, Technology, Education and Health, Gabriela Jiménez, assured that Venezuela seeks in the daily practice of the scientific method and popular knowledge the appropriate answers to build well-being and good living. «We talk about well-being and good living because the concept of development, which they gave us, has shown us, in … Read more

addresses of points of issue became known

The Kharkiv City Hall has published the addresses where, from December 1, they will give out free hot food to everyone. Such points will work in these schools daily from 11:00 to 14:00. Anyone who needs it will be able to receive hot meals. To do this, you need to take dishes with you, writes … Read more

They engineer new construction technologies to build lunar bases

As NASA plans for long-term human exploration of the Moon under the Artemis program, new technologies are required to meet the challenges of living and working on another world. One of those challenges is to build habitable enclosures and other infrastructure on lunar soil. NASA has formalized a contract with the ICON company, based in … Read more

Hubble telescope captures remnant of a supernova

The Hubble Space Telescope captured the supernova remnant DEM L 190, the brightest ever found in a neighboring galaxy. The formation is located 160 thousand light years from Earth, in the satellite galaxy of the Milky Way, the Large Magellanic Cloud. The long, thin filaments of incandescent gas are the remains of a supernova explosion, … Read more