Banjar City Government Permits Local Community Homecoming, This is the Condition!

Mayor of Banjar, Hj Ade Uu Suakesih. Photo: Password / HR Banjar News, (, – The Municipal Government of Banjar allows people to do local homecoming in the East Priangan area. Even so, you have to meet a number of conditions when passing through the blocking post. Mayor of Banjar, Hj Ade Uu Sukaesih, said … Read more

Civil Society Watch regrets the attitude of the community coalition against the KKB as a terrorist

Two houses in Beoga District, Puncak Regency, which are on fire. The incident was carried out by KKB who had been at the location since April 8, 2021, Papua, Tuesday (13/4/2021). (Source: Papua Police Public Relations Doc) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Director of Civil Society Watch (SCW) Ade Armando regretted the statement of the Civil Society … Read more

Pokémon GO: Niantic Announces Gible’s Long-awaited Community Day

Gible shiny, which can already be captured in Pokémon GO, is one of the most difficult to achieve. Because of this, fans have spent several months asking Niantic to perform the Community Day de Gible and the study, finally, heeded them. Niantic used the Twitter account of Pokémon GO to share the first details of … Read more

Loss in the sports community: the legendary Lithuanian rower died

A.Čikotas was born in 1951. June 2 Veiveriai, Prienai district. 1974 graduated from the Institute of Physical Education. He started rowing while studying. In his native Veiveri he rode a bicycle, completed the first division, became the district champion. But he won the most beautiful victories by rowing. A. Chikotas was particularly distinguished by his … Read more

This is how the covid vaccine advances in the Valencian Community

The vaccination campaign against coronavirus in the Valencian Community he continues unstoppable. More than 31% of the 4.26 million Valencians called to be vaccinated have already received at least one dose of the serum. In total, 1,353,296 Valencians have already been vaccinated with at least one of the two doses scheduled to achieve immunity greater … Read more

From LOL to Valorant: Every Riot game will support the LGBTI + community

Within the framework of the presentation of the sports by 2021, Riot gave a very special announcement that we must not lose sight of. As of May 17 and throughout June, the publisher behind League of Legends, Valuing, Teamfight Tactics and other featured games, will celebrate the month of Pride. During this presentation it was … Read more

Three new deaths in the community in Estrie | News | The gallery

Che four deaths over the weekend are unrelated. The spokesperson for the CIUSSS de l’Estrie CHUS, Annie-Andrée Émond, emphasizes that this increase in deaths in the community is not of particular concern to Public Health since they are not linked to a particular outbreak. Remember that before this weekend, 56 deaths in the community had … Read more

Controversy over Pio and Amedeo. Jewish community Rome: ‘They give them too much superficiality’ – Tv

“I think simply who wanted to tackle an important issue with excessive superficiality, saying that it is enough to laugh in the face of those who insult you“. This is one of the passages with which the president of the Jewish community of Rome, Ruth Dureghello, commented on Facebook the controversy that arose after the … Read more

Registration for PPPK and CPNS in 2021 will be opened soon, the community is asked to prepare for this, Jakarta Reception CASN 2021 or Candidates for the State Civil Apparatus have been opened since April. There are 3 categories of CASN 2021 recruitment, starting from official schools, then CPNS (Candidates for Civil Servants, and Government Officials with Employment Agreements (PPPK). The quota for CASN 2021 acceptance within Ministries, Institutions and Local Governments is … Read more

“Community development” intensifies support for needy families on Zayed Day for Humanitarian Work

Dubai:“Gulf”The Ministry of Community Development celebrates the “Zayed Day for Humanitarian Action” this year, which falls annually on the 19th of Ramadan, by intensifying community initiatives that support and support various groups of society, by delivering aid to deserving groups of needy families at the state level under the umbrella of the “Our Good for … Read more