Lawyer / Abogado: Injury & Accident – Worker Compensation

QR Code Link to This Post FREE CONSULTATION: 415-625-6369 Anderson Franco represents people who have been seriously injured due to another’s fault. Our cases include car accidents, slip & falls, and injuries caused by security guards. We provide free initial consultations and can accept cases on a contingency fee — which means we do not … Read more

Thermal window on VW T6 – LG Hagen awards compensation in the exhaust gas scandal

The buyer of a VW T6 can return his “Bulli” in the emissions scandal and receives the purchase price back minus a compensation for the use of the kilometers driven. This was decided by the Hagen Regional Court with its judgment of August 11, 2020 (Az .: 3 O 134/19). The court came to the … Read more

Compensation for a brutal football foul

A footballer who treats his opponent in accordance with the rules of German Football Association (DFB) deliberately brutally fouls, must be liable for the injuries caused by it. These decision met the 7th civil senate of the Schleswig-Holstein Higher Regional Court. In the present case, the plaintiff was fouled in the eighth minute of the … Read more

Despite insurance: Allianz does not see full compensation from restaurants | message

Shares in this article That said the Allianz Germany boss Klaus-Peter Rhler of the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung. The conditions of the business closure insurance would have always changed in the past due to the risk situation, the legal environment and customer requests. But it was always about the individual closure of a company by a … Read more

No compensation for possible damages against COVID-19 vaccines?

Manufacturers will not accept procurement contracts or ship vaccines without liability protectionThe pandemic has triggered a global vaccine race. There are more than 200 candidates in preclinical and clinical development, including 11 in Phase III. Wealthy governments that have invested in candidate vaccines have struck bilateral deals with developers that could result in doses of … Read more

Fireman receives high compensation after swimming accident in Hörste | Haller Kreisblatt

An Austrian firefighter broke four cervical vertebrae in 2015 and became a nursing case. Now there is a judgment. Uwe Pollmeier on November 21, 2020 at 11:00 a.m. Icon image (© CC0 Pixabay) Halle/Kleblach-Lind. The firefighter driver, Peter Goldbecker, remembers the day more than five years ago: “It was a warm summer day and we … Read more

Essen – Hattingen – Sprockhövel: fine for the accused – compensation for pain and suffering for a lawyer

A 76-year-old businessman from Hattingen had appealed against a ruling by the district court to the regional court. He had been sentenced in the first instance for defamation of lawyers to a fine of 90 daily rates of 20 euros each, a total of 1,800 fine. The three judges of the appeal chamber at the … Read more

DRC: IGF welcomes the inclusion of its denunciations on exemptions and compensation in the 2021 finance law

The General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF) welcomes the inclusion, in the 2021 finance law, of its denunciations on exemptions and compensation. It was Jules Alingete, Inspector General of Finance who said so during a press conference this Wednesday, October 18. “The IGF does not make exemptions a major problem. We raised the issue of compensation … Read more

Seguros La Unión paid $ 12.5 million to the Comptroller’s Office as compensation for the fire during the protests in October 2019 | Politics | News

Quito – The Unión Compañía Nacional de Seguros (Seguros La Unión) paid $ 12,525,680.26 in compensation to the State Comptroller General for the execution of the three policies, after the fire that occurred during the protests in October 2019, according to the agency of control, this Saturday, November 14. The Comptroller’s Office added that this … Read more

Chemin des Chalets aux Îles: financial compensation requested

For now, no legal action has been filed in court, but the possibility of bringing a class action or a lawsuit for damages is being considered, says the lawyer for the owners. We hoped, and we still hope, perhaps in a less optimistic way, to be able to settle the file with the Municipality without … Read more