Competition Municipality of Naples and Metropolitan City, the announcement: how to apply

The highly anticipated call for the maxi public competition to the Municipality of Naples and the Metropolitan City of Naples was published today Tuesday 9 August. The public competition for exams will have to recruit 719 units of category C personnel – different professional profiles – full-time and permanent and 43 full-time and fixed-term personnel … Read more

Chengdu 8-year-old won the gold medal on the first day of the gymnastics competition at the Provincial Games_Zhang Junyu_Coach_Goal

Original title: Chengdu 8-year-old teenager won the gold medal on the first day of the provincial gymnastics competition Zhang Junyu in the game “My goal is to win the Olympic championship!” Sitting on the mat on the sidelines, Chengdu 8-year-old Zhang Junyu told reporters with a smile. Maybe Xiao Junyu at this time doesn’t know … Read more

History of the Provincial Games | The 1978 Provincial Games, the first mode of sharing the competition in the whole province

Editor’s note Race against the times and fly towards the dream. From September 8 to September 18, 2022, Beijing time, the 14th Hunan Provincial Games will be held in Yueyang City. As the four-yearly Hunan Sports Festival is approaching, Hongwang Sports integrates authoritative materials such as “Hunan Provincial Chronicle Sports Chronicle”, “Hunan Sports Historical Materials”, … Read more

Competition with iMessage.. Three features on WhatsApp to be added now

7 – August – 2022 Last update: August 7, 2022 6:02 PM WhatsApp and iMessage apps WhatsApp seeks to be the preferred messaging platform for users, by adding many updates and features that make the user experience better and more enjoyable. In this context, the British Sun newspaper talked about three new features that WhatsApp … Read more

Big Brother contestants in Jerusalem in the rocket bunker from Gaza – Politics

Rockets launched this morning by Islamic Jihad from Gaza to the Jerusalem metropolitan area also forced local Big Brother competitors to run into the shelter. Unaware – as the contest rule dictates – of the situation outside the house and the start of the “Breaking dawn” operation by the army, the competitors, the media said, … Read more

Italian Banyana ignites competition in MotoGP races and French disappointment

Banaya scored his fourth win of the season (Kroos Garcia/Getty) Italian cyclist Francesco BanayaThe Ducati Team driver, Sunday, at the British Grand Prix, the 12th stage of the World ChampionshipFor Motogi B‘, to ignite the competition in the fight for the world title, advancing to third place in the overall standings. The Italian achieved the … Read more

Chuhe Hanjie show competition, Lijiang chess players compete

  Original title: Chuhe Hanjie show competition, Lijiang chess players compete On August 7, the Lijiang 2022 “Bole Glasses and Aesthetic L&D Ceramic Cup” Xiangqi Invitational Tournament organized by the Lijiang Xiangqi Association was held. More than 40 chess masters from all walks of life in Lijiang played chess at Wenlin School in Lijiang City. A … Read more

A week in the economy: record electricity prices, the upcoming heating season and airport competition

Taking into account the current events and trends in the Latvian economy and business environment, “Delfi Bizness” has compiled the most important information that everyone should know. Content will continue after the ad Advertising On July 21 of this year, the price of electricity in Latvia reached a new record within one hour – 2100 … Read more

2022 Hunan Youth Chess Competition kicks off with 1,268 players facing off_Wangcheng District_Participation_Changsha

Original title: 1,268 players will face off in the 2022 Hunan Youth Chess Competition The competition was held at the second small town of Changjun Moon Island, Wangcheng District, Changsha City.Photography of this article / Fu Huanyu Red Net Moment News August 6(Reporter Fu Huanyu) On the morning of August 6th, the opening ceremony of … Read more

Losing the competition, Manchester United ‘throw away’ Alex Telles to Sevilla

The arrival of Malacia from Feyenoord has increasingly made the Brazilian left-back lose his place in the Red Devils squad this season. Manchester United have officially loaned Alex Telles to Sevilla after the left-back was left out of the squad this season under new manager Erik ten Hag. The Brazilian left-back served as cover for … Read more