Due to climate change, complaints from people with dementia, MS and Parkinson’s are increasing

The number of strokes is also expected to increase as the earth continues to warm up. Researchers write that in the magazine Neurology®. For their study, they looked at studies published between 1990 and 2022 that deal with the impact of climate change (and air pollution) on neurological diseases (such as dementia, MS and Parkinson’s), … Read more

Neither the flu nor Covid-19, the cause of your complaints may be a super infection! How to avoid super infection?

“How should the treatment be in a child and adult with a super-infection” Stating that this disease is less risky in children, Şevket Özkaya said, “Fever, vomiting and weakness last for 3 days. If it goes into his lungs, he starts coughing and wheezing. Of course, these complaints in children are sad, but they do … Read more

Long-term complaints from omikron: five questions about post-covid

Risk remains Due to the omikron variant of corona, people generally get milder complaints than with previous variants. But what about post-covid? People still appear to be able to suffer long-term fatigue complaints from an infection with omikron, say experts. This pulmonologist will update you in five questions. 20 november 2022 14:16

Covid-19 complaints that have been going on for 1.5 years have emerged

received by the Ministry of Health.Post-Covid-19 Follow-up Polyclinics’ Ankara University Faculty of Medicine Cebeci Research and Application Hospital, Department of Chest Diseases, with the decision to establishCovid-19 Long-Term Follow-up Polyclinic’ was established. As a result of the examinations performed in the polyclinic, which was established for the detection and monitoring of the ongoing complaints after … Read more

complaints about accredited network triple. Know your rights

There is a growing dissatisfaction of health plan users com changes in networks accredited by operators🇧🇷 In addition to the feeling that the list of providers is shrinking, there is a frequent complaint of a lack of clear and ostensible information about the changes. At the National Supplementary Health Agency (ANS), the complaints about the … Read more

YZR-M1 Still Slow, Yamaha Hasn’t Found a Solution to Quartararo’s Complaints

YAMAHA MOTOR RACING SRL Monster Energy Yamaha Team Director, Massimo Meregalli (center), with his two racers, Fabio Quartararo and Franco Morbidelli at the team launch for MotoGP 2022. BOLASPORT.COM – Anger Fabio Quartararo the director of the Monster Energy team immediately responded to the speed of the YZR-M1 Yamaha, Massimo Meregalli. Fabio Quartararo previously seemed … Read more

One in six employees suffers from burnout complaints

NOS NOS News•yesterday, 03:30 In 2021, nearly 1.3 million Dutch employees struggled with burnout complaints. That equates to 17 percent, which is the same as in 2019. This is apparent from the National Working Conditions Survey of TNO and Statistics Netherlands. In the corona year 2020, when a lot of people worked from home, the … Read more

When complaints exploded in internet shopping, a warning came: Stay away! ‘I have neither my money nor my cargo’ – The correct address for financial news

With the discount period, online shopping has increased. Complaints of online shoppers reached their peak in October. The product they ordered was not delivered to some and could not find a contact person when they wanted to return it. MORE THAN 350 THOUSAND COMPLAINTS HAVE RETURNED More than 350 thousand complaints were made to complaint … Read more

Respiratory complaints in pigs higher in the winter months

Compared to the summer period, the number of reported respiratory complaints in pig farming in the Royal GD Online Monitor is higher in the winter period. In recent years it appeared that from November to March the number of reports of respiratory complaints is approximately 10% higher than in the summer period. On average, one … Read more